Anger Management

”F__k ! ” Ian cussed loudly, slamming his hands on his steering wheel, its been two long frustrating goddamned hours in this messed up traffic jam and all he could do was to steam up, his meeting was canceled and he was surrounded by the crazy sounds of car horns and tells from drivers, his ears were tired of bleeding and his heart was palpitating at an extremely fast pace.

He closed his eyes and leaned on the headrest while listening to a weird relaxing song – recommended by his therapist, in a few seconds he got pissed by the lyrics and sat upright to turn it off but the sound of something colliding with his vehicle interrupted him, he took several deep breaths and slowly opened up the car, he walked outside to the back of the car to see a man about his age, grinning broadly even though the scratch his motorcycle made on the clean black car was very visible.

”Umm… sorry bro, it isn a big deal, just a spray or two and you
e good to go, ”

Ians grey eyes, did a visual scan of the man standing in front of him, he smiled at him, obviously, he was a college student or maybe a freshman, he suspected that the reason the punk was talking to him causally instead of apologizing was that they were about the same age, he admired the guts and was more amazed when the fool walked up to him and tapped his coat with a smile, what the hell was he thinking? He had confidence because a huge number of people from the high social class were nice to college students moreover this guy was about the same age as him.

”Cool coat bro, black suits y- ” before he could finish his compliment, Ian turned his arm around and he groaned loudly the second he heard the sound of a cracked bone.

”Let go of me! ” he yelled and Ian obeyed him with ease but his obedience cost him a punch, which resulted in bleeding, the boy fell to the floor, he could see horses and stars around his head, and his vision was blurry so he closed his eyes and clutched his nose.

A few people ran outside their vehicles, those were the group of people who didn understand the amount of fire they were about to play with, their eyes were on the almost unconscious boy and the person who inflicted the pain on him.

Ian turned to leave but halted the moment a middle-aged lady stepped out boldly and smacked him on his back, he turned around and absent-mindedly slapped her back on her cheek with extra force, she fell to the ground immediately and was automatically in a vegetative state. Ian regretted his actions…. a little but it wasn his fault that she couldn mind her business.

”Freeze! ” an officer yelled from the crowd whilst squeezing his way through. Ian didn object, he brought out his hands and accepted the handcuffs with a smile as followed the officer to his vehicle. The truck which caused the jam was towed out and the victims were taken to his hospital.


”As usual, Im speechless… what was it the last time again? oh… you threw Ciara Johnson in a pool and today, you almost murdered two individuals, you should have been charged a few months ago for vandalizing government property and abusing that boy today, hes kinda like a minor, ” an officer, supposedly t

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