Mission Impossible

Ian got out of the car and watched as it left atleast that was good news, shell no longer haunt him with those worthless tarot card readings and psychologist meetings. But he felt bad that she was still annoyed, he walked into the house the second the gates were opened.

It was already nine oclock so he guessed that all members of the domestic staff were asleep. He walked slowly to inhale the fresh scent of the flowers which were used to decorate the pathway to the door and stood there for a couple of minutes with his hand on the knob ,he opened it afterwards and was dumbstruck when he saw Tania – his therapist in the house.

She was sitting comfortably on the couch but looked worried,her brown shoulder length hair was messy and her brown eyes looked like she had cried,she was constantly checking her phone but halted when she heard the sound of the door.

”Wh- ” he couldn finish his statement because the lady ran to hug him and cried uncontrollably on his broad muscular chest. Surprisingly,he hugged her back and stroked her hair softly,while she expressed her pain via those liquid droplets, after a few minutes she finally spoke.

”I thought they were going to lock you up forever, Im really sorry for not doing my job properly, ” she said, still hugging him.

” Its okay,Im here now, ”

She pulled from him a little bit and stared at his captivating cold grey eyes,her demoness was asking her to let loose all her bottled up feelings but she wasn sure if he felt the same way.

Ever since he walked into her office she had always admired him but whenever she made him pissed the beast in him discouraged her but why the hell was she overthinking? this guy was so damn hot and wealthy, anger shouldn be a barrier to getting hold of her prince charming.

She held his collar, dragged his head down and forcefully pressed her lips against his. His eyes which were opened in shock slowly closed as he slid his tongue into her mouth, she kissed him back with extra passion and intertwined and interlocked her tongue with his. They staggered upstairs, taking of their piece of clothing and enjoying the taste of their mouths.


The next morning,Tani slowly opened her eyes and turned to other side of the bed. She tapped it continuously when she couldn feel any human body and frowned when Ian came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist.

Memories of the previous night resurfaced and she blushed in response to her hormones, she admired him as he got ready for work without noticing that she was awake, his well detailed and toned muscles and abs made her wish that everything that happened last night would repeat all over again.

She sat up and used the bedsheets to cover her body.

”Morning, ” he said,picking out a black shirt from his drawer and wearing it with speed.

”Do you have somewhere to go this early?, its just six in the morning, ” she complained but got no reply because he was wearing his shoes, she bit her lower lip in anger and tried her possible best to restrict her mouth from spilling out dreadful words that would eventually send her to a state of coma for about three months, she felt like a whore who got dumped after doing her job, wasn he supposed to wake her up with a kiss? Even her exes did that.

After a few minutes Ian was finally through with the necessary preparations,he crawled to the bed and kissed her forehead and lips.

”Feel free to leave whenever you want, ”, he whispered and finally left. Atleast he remembered the kiss part, his words have her a ray of hope that they could actually work.

She got out of bed and wore one of Ians shirt – to look like a girlfriend material, after that she headed downstairs and decided to explore the areas she never got to see whenever she came for his therapy sessions. While embarking on her little adventure her gaze landed on a room close to the artic, she tried to open it but it was locked.

”Im sorry Miss but no ones allowed in there, ” a maid who was taking a laundry basket upstairs explained and Tania glared at her in disgust.

”Excuse me..Im his - ”

”Therapist..I know but - ”

” Shut the f××k up! ” Tania yelled and the maid flinched a little bit. ” Im his girlfriend now and if you don take your time I could get you fired with just a word! ” She threatened and the maid gulped.

” I-Im really sorry madame but even his mom doesn have access to that room, maybe you could as him, ”

” Ugh!just get out of my sight! ” She snapped and the girl scurried away in fear for her own safety. She wondered why she always fell victim to the rage of almost all the women Ian had dated, she hoped within that he dumps her the same way he dumped the others after a month or two.

Tania on the other hand was a little angry that Ian never told her about that room which was so special that no one was allowed in it, she planned on asking him later about it since that was what the maid suggested. She went back upstairs to pack her things and head her back to her apartment to get ready for work.


Bea came down from the large soft bed in her room and wore a purple robe over her purple night dress, her emerald eyes were loaded with fatigue, as long as Ian was still the same a peaceful sleep was definitely impossible. She sat on her dressing table and examined her eyes, her personal maid – Martha walked into the room with a cup of jasmine tea.

”Madame, your sisters here to see you, ” Martha announced. Bea nodded her head and went to the living room with the tea in her hands to see Anika – Her sister.

Unlike most ladies, Bea had Ian when she was seventeen. She got married to the twenty year old college student who impregnated her at a party and raised her son with him until she was twenty-five, her husband was angry sand disgusted by the fact that Beas father chose to hand over MOVE corp to his daughter and not him. He felt like when positions of high value where given to women theyll become disrespectful and stop being loyal to their spouses.Bea didn need negative energy in her life so cutting him off was a favourable option.

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