She came downstairs to see Anika giving orders to a few maids, the brown haired woman dismissed them the second she spotted Bea who went straight to the dining table which was already decorated with a luxurious breakfast. Anika joined her and a few servants added food to their plates.

Anika was ten years older than Bea, hence she still treated her like a baby, they were the only two offsprings their mother had for their father before disappearing into thin air after having Bea.

Unlike Bea, Anika wasn able to have a child of her own, she adopted a boy – Jacob (who was four years older than Ian) with the support of her husband – Alex. She didn bother breaking her back for the family company because she had other dreams and Bea was better in the administrative aspect.

But with the help of Alex and Bea she was able to establish one of the worlds most largest non profit organizations and enjoyed every single moment she went to work.

”I got here the second I heard the news…is he alright? ” Anika inquired.

” Im tired Nika… Im really fed up with that boy, I wanted to raise him and prove to the goddamned world that kids with single parents are as awesome as those with a complete family but I guess I failed. His therapist, whats her name again, Martha? ”

”Tania Roberts ” Martha replied.

” Yes, Tania she keeps giving dumb excuses, I pay her almost a million f×××ing dollars to treat that punk but its almost like its getting worse as seconds goes by, ”.

”Calm down, darling, ”she said, standing up from her seat to massage Beas shoulders.

”If only there was a way to fix this,Im scared he won even get to have kids if he keeps up with this, ”

”Ssh ,how about you come with me tomorrow?,the orphanages sponsors meeting is tomorrow, maybe you could see other kids and enjoy the feeling of having grandkids.. isn that what you live doing? ”

” I do, I still do, but Ill never have a grand child of my own - ”

” You will.. now eat. ”she said, adding a piece of bacon to Beas plate.


”The president of XO wants to speak to you privately concerning the swimsuit launch, ”Niel – Ians secretary said, trying to keep up with him, they got into an elevator and Ian parted his lips to speak.

”Tell him to come see me, tomorrow..and also send some flowers to mom ”

” The usual? ”

” Yes.. but make it white, ” he said.

The elevator halted and they both got out and headed for Ians office with Niel. Niel opened the door and they both walked into the room, the office was really glorious unlike the owners personality it was bright since a psychologist recommended the color white to help Ian with his issues.

Ians large desk was placed elegantly close to a large glass window which he used for sightseeing. There was a black leather couch with other arm chairs and a glass table used for meetings. In two huge shelves which was close to white colored walls laid all the awards and medals the company had earned under Ians management. A glass name plate with a bold text IAN KIM – president of move .c. inscribed on it was also placed on his desk.

Ian sat on his swivel chair and turned on his laptop.

”Aren you leaving? ” Ian inquired, without taking his eyes off his device. Niel walked towards the vacant seat on the other end of the desk and sat on it.

”Tania called me this morning,she said you guys are dating, ”

” Err… we had s×× so maybe we
e a couple, ”

”Ian.. you
e dating, Tania.. your therapist? ”

”Based on social rules, yes.. I guess, ”

” You gotta be kidding right now, ”

” Well, Im not, ”he replied, looking at Niel.

” Tania is five years older than you, ”

”Ciara was about three years older.. I think so, ”

” Gosh! Are you listening to yourself? Right now?… Okay are you going to dump her after a month or two weeks? ”

” It depends on her erotic capability, ”he answered, leaning his back on the chair.

Niel couldn even process what Ian was comfortably spilling out of his sexy lips. Niel stopped counting after Ians twenty-first relationship, He had tons of contracted girlfriends and girls he met at college or at a vacation spot. His relationships span were a minimum of two weeks and maximum of a month.

Ian didn like the idea of hurting women which was why he felt bad after hitting the lady at the traffic jam. He tried his best to suppress his anger whenever it came to women but when his beast did its job he apologized to the ladies via the ultimate compensation – money or he got them expensive dresses, jewelry or anything valuable. Which was why girls begged him after he broke up with them plus the fact that he was really good looking and they couldn afford to lose both factors.

”Ian listen to me… Ive been your friend since kindergarten until your brains skyrocketed you to another level and you wanna know what I think? ”

” What do you think? ” Ian asked, yawning.

” You don know what love is, ”

”Seriously?! ” Ian yelled,he was slowly getting pissed and Niel could see that but he continued talking.

”Over twenty-one relationships and you couldn keep it for a year, your lifes a movie bro wake up! ”

” Shut up! ”Ian hissed, slamming his hands on the table. ”Ill surprise you,get ready to receive my wedding invitation to Tania ”

” Pttf.. Ill see you with Rebecca in two weeks time. For the Ian Kim I know.. marriage would only occur in my nightmare, ”

” Well then,watch me scale through that day on the altar! ”

”Mission impossible! ”

”Get out! get out! ”Ian yelled, standing up and Niel left, he knew their fights would be long forgotten after Ian finish spilling out his rage.

Ian angrily threw somethings on his table and sat on his chair while loosening his black tie,he considered what Niel said. What if he didn know what love is and was literally living a dream?. But he hoped that Tania was different,he made a bet and he was never the loser in games like this.

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