After he was done with working he came to the ground floor to speak with the managing director. As he walked ladies of all shapes, sizes and colour admired his looks, he was like a demi god baptized in the ocean of raw beauty.

”OMG! I wish I could take a picture with him, ” a girl squealed and her friend shared her thoughts.

Ian knelt down to tie his shoe laces and the ladies went crazy because of his elegant pose. He stood up after finishing up his task and was about to leave when a girl dressed in a pink sweat shirt and blue ripped denim shorts bumped into him, she waved her hand in a sorry gesture.

He was so covered up by his anger because he didn get to see her face, she seemed to be in a haste as she hurriedly got into a black car parked outside the building.

Ian tried his best to calm down and whispers of the ladies who were diligently raining down insults on the girl helped him soothe his anger. He was about to leave when his eyes landed on a park paintbrush which supposedly fall from the girls bag, he smiled at it and suddenly had the urge to keep it after finding its appearance cute and funny.

Later that night during closing hours, Niel walked along with Ian to the parking lot since his driver was ill.

”Tania called, ” Niel said, breaking the awkward silence amongst them.

”When? ”

”When you were in a meeting, ”

”Hmm ” he muttered and got into the backseat of the black vehicle as usual he placed his head on the headrest and closed his eyes. Niel got to the drivers seat and started the car, within a few seconds they exited the parking lot.

”When are you telling your mom? ”

”About what, ” he mumbled.

” Your relationship, ” Niel said and Ian shifted a little bit continued with his meditation-like pose.

”Whenever shes ready, ” he replied almost in a whisper.

” Umm.. thats still impossible because shell never be ready, ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Your mom hates Tania, she sees her as a sassy, badass chic without brains.. she even said and I quote; she probably gets this job through the connections who the f××k hires a b××ch like that, ”

” Seriously? ”

”Yeah bro, your destiny doesn have in it, ”Niel said and noticed Ians clenched fists, he wasn trying to rest and Niel wasn helping.

”Can we please quit talking about Tania? ”

”No, this is your future an- ” Niel wasn able to finish his statement because Ian stood up and held his collar.

”Yes shes a b××ch, I need rest and all you care about is who Im dating! ” He growled.

Meanwhile, vehicles of different varieties were trying their best to avoid the car who seemed to have no driver.

e gonna get us into a f×××ing accident! ” Niel pointed out and Ian let him go, njek quickly fixed up the messed up situation before they got close to any security personnel.

Ian returned back to his sleeping position and Niel drove him home without saying a word regarding the issue, he knew fully well that Ian was extremely lazy and loved his sleep more than anything whenever he drifted away Niel raised another topic which was really annoying.


The security guard at the gate opened it and Niel drove inside and headed straight to the garage which was almost the size of a parking lot with tons of cars neatly arranged according to their colors.

”Take the car home,see you tomorrow, ” Ian said, shutting the car door. Niel nodded and drove out whilst Ian went into his home, he handed his coat to a maid at the door and went straight to bed, without taking a shower.

He noticed a slim figure which was half n×××d on the bed and was lying on the other side of the large bed.

”Tania, ”he called and she sat upright, she was wearing a black transparent long night dress without nothing underneath, she looked sexually appealing but he clearly wasn interested in any erotic activity that night. She came closer to him and slowly undid his buttons, when she got to his groin area he held her hand.

”Im not in the mood, ” he said and roughly tossed her hand aside.

She frowned and sat up, leaning her head on the headboard. She was trying to pleasure him but why wasn it working? He adjusted his position on the bed and continued with his sleeping process.

”Alright if you say so, I made dinner but you weren - ”

”Do you have anything else to say? ” He mumbled.

” No, bu- ”

”Goodnight, ”

”Yeah, goodnight. ” She replied, stroking his hair,she was fully disappointed that he didn give her what she wanted she became h×××y by merely looking at him but the fact she got rejected made her wonder if he found her attractive at all. She dropped her thoughts and slept beside him.


The next morning, Tania woke up and went straight to the dining room for breakfast,the maids had already cooked up a feast,she sat on the table and cleaned up her watering mouth. If she wasn here this would have been for Ian, even if he ate a spoon or two the same quantity would be served the next day although she usually ate a little to maintain her slim physique, the aroma of the food drove her crazy. She picked up a fork and was about to stuff her mouth with efficient quantity if this heavenly masterpiece when Ian walked in dressed in favourite colour – black.

Ever since she met him she had never seen him wear any other colour aside black, gray and obsidian, even his causal clothing was black which was really puzzling.

He sat on his usual seat and started eating without saying a word. The silence was depressing so Tania decided to play the role of the lively girlfriend.

”Umm..babe, ” she said and suddenly blushed when she realized that she no longer called him Mr. Kim but he didn find it special Niels words were the only thing on his mind. What did he mean by – you don know anything about love? the more he thought about it,he got pissed. To him, Niel was the person ignorant about love since his last relationship was at highschool.

He was so lost in his mental debate that he didn realize that Tania had been pouring her heart out in their supposed conversation.

”Alright, ” he said, trying to cover up. The maid from the previous day walked by and she quickly remembered the room.

”Babe ”

”Yes, ” he said, drinking a clean glass of water.

”About the room,can I see whats inside? ”

” What room? ”

The one close to your bedroom..the one with the passcode, ”

” Well… sorry, its private, ” he said, cleaning his lips with a napkin. She scoffed,she had been his therapist for over six months and was presently his girlfriend and he yet he had open secrets.

”I really can with you right now,six months Ian! Six months of falling hopelessly for you and finally we
e together and you
e treating me like trash! If you actually love me, youd trust me and quit acting like a complete jerk! ” She yelled, standing up and slamming the her hands on the table.

As a result of her outburst, a plate of tomato sauce spilled on Ians lap and stained his pants. He was totally enraged and Tania almost fainted, she could see the amount of anger in his grey eyes and he looked like he was ready to strangle her neck and send her to the place she could watch him whilst being invisible,she regretted her action and ran to hug him.

”Im sorry,Im really sorry, ”

Ian stared at her,he closed his eyes in attempt to calm down but her hold wasn helping. He didn want to give her a slap shell remember even in the afterlife so he simply took his hands off him and left without cleaning the stain. Tania cried for a while, ignorant of the maids laughing behind her. Her relationship was too young for heavy conflicts like this,see cleaned up her face and made plans on how to make it up to him.

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