That afternoon Amber came home with the money given by Ken. Her face was so happy. Amber is materialistic. Money and possessions are everything to him. She will do anything to be able to live well. Not just Ana. She could hand Stella over to Steve, a nobleman she didn know.

Meanwhile, Meghan took Ana to one of the rooms in this luxurious house. The girl didn understand why Meghan immediately took her away when Steves expression turned sinister. She is worried about Amber. She feared this agreement would be canceled, and her father could not be cured immediately.

”What about my mother? ” Ana asked Meghan. The girl was so innocent and kind. How can she think of her evil stepmother instead of her, who is not clear about her fate in this house?

Meghan looked at Ana. She looked really suspicious. So detailed as if she was interrogating every inch of Anas body. Ana was scared but also surprised. Meghans expression is very enthusiastic to Ana.

”Why are you looking at me like that? ” asked Ana. Meghan isn scary. This girl is gorgeous, and her body is also beautiful. Judging by her face and firm skin, she looked only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Meghan smiled at Ana. The girl was so enthusiastic and seemed to really like Ana. ”You really are the same, ” Meghan said.

”W-what? Same? What do you mean by same? ” I don understand. Meghan said something Ana didn understand.

Ana then noticed this room. A different room from the room used by Ana when she first came to this luxurious house.

”Don worry, Ana. You
e very safe with us. Steve won let anyone get close to you, ” Meghan said.

Ana increasingly does not understand why Meghan said that. ”What are you talking about? I don understand what you mean, ” said Ana.

Meghan didn answer. The girl chose to look for something in front of the dressing table in the room. What makes Ana strange is that this room is like a room that has been used before. Though Ana should have gotten a new room if she was wanted here.

”Whose room is this? ” asked Ana.

”Room, of course, ” Meghan replied.

Meghan picked up a silver comb with a moon-shaped decoration on the handle. She then walked over to Ana. Without asking permission, Meghan touched Anas hair which was tied up in an untidy manner. She immediately combed Anas hair which was disheveled.

e not shampooing? ” Meghan asked with a slightly disgusted expression.

”No, my sister doesn allow… ” Ana didn continue her sentence. She didn want to talk about the state of her house that made her suffer.

”Your stepmother is evil too. Youll be safer here, ” Meghan said.

Ana never told anyone about how Amber and Stella treated her. How did Meghan know that her stepmother was evil? Have they been stalking her family all this time?

”Excuse me, did you investigate my family? ” asked Ana. She bites her lower lip every now and then because Meghan is pulling her tousled hair.

”I can say anything. If you want to know everything, you just ask Steve. You
e his mine, ” Meghan said.

”His mine? Am I now his slave? ” asked Ana.

Suddenly Meghan laughed. The girl mocked the words that came out of Anas lips. And suddenly, she was embarrassed.

”Why are you laughing? ” Ana grumbled.

”There are no slaved people here. We have Edward the butler who can do everything except go out at sunrise, ” Meghan said.

”Why can he come out at sunrise? Is he some kind of vampire? ” Ana was joking, but Meghan just kept quiet.

Ana turned to Meghan, who was standing behind her. She saw Meghans serious face. ”He si not, right? ” asked Ana trying to convince herself that this was just a joke.

Meghan smiled ”of course not. You believe in such things like that? ”

”No, I didn believe it, ” said Ana.


Steve sat alone in his room. He is still emotionally unstable. He still refuses to talk to his younger siblings and chooses to remain silent.

”Steve, you didn see her? ” Ken asked from outside. ”The girl is confused. You have to explain everything to her. Remember, she is a human. You have to treat her as a human! ”

Steve didn want to heed his brothers words. He was annoyed because of Amber and also nervous at the same time.

Steve Davidson is the Alpha King of the Davidson werewolf clan. Hes the only Alpha who doesn have a mate because Luna is dead. He is a thousand years old. His luxurious residence couldn be noticed by humans unless he wanted humans to be able to enter this place. The agreement between him and Amber is a sign that Anas family will no longer be able to see Ana because they can no longer find Steves luxurious residence.

People will assume that Steve Davidson moved to another city. This place will look just like a forest to human eyes. And Ana will not be able to return to the human world unless the werewolves open the gates to the human and werewolf world.

Steve tried to get up. As Ken said, he had to meet Ana. This agreement was made by him, and he had to face Ana. The woman whose parents exchanged for some money.

Steve made sure there was no angry expression on him. He also ensured that no wolf hairs appeared so Ana wouldn suspect anything.

Steve came out of the room and saw Travis and Ken at the door.

e going to see her? ” asked Travis. ”Remember, don hurt her. You have to make sure its really her. ”

Ken shook his head. ”She is a human. Did you forget? ” said Ken.

”Don follow me. Shes a respectable girl. Treat her well. Keep Edward away when hes hungry. Ill kill anyone who hurts that girl. ” Steve warned his brothers. Though those words should have been for him alone.

Travis grumbled at Steves words. ”Isn he temperamental? He almost killed the human, ” Travis muttered.

Steve walked so gallantly towards the west hallway of his house. He deliberately reserved a room for Ana on the west side where no other creatures were in the house. The younger siblings like to be noisy on a whole moon night. Ana must not know that she is now at home with the wolves.

Steve was just standing in front of Anas room when he arrived. There was a feeling of hesitation within Steve to enter the room. Could it be that he really wanted Stella? Was he disappointed that it was Ana who came? But Steves siblings welcomed Anas arrival with joy. What made Steve hesitate?

”Okay, lets go in, ” Steve muttered. He was silent for a long time before the door suddenly opened.

”Steve? ”

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