A young girl, perhaps in her twenties, was seen entering the kitchen of her rather large house. The girl is beautiful despite no visible makeup on her face. The girl was busy stirring soup for dinner.

”Ana! Ana! ” A womans screams could be heard from another room in the house. Ana stirred the soup faster. But stirring won make the soup cook any faster. It will interfere with the concentration of the temperature of the stove.

”Miss, you prepare the bowl first. Ill stir it. ” A woman in maid clothes approached Ana, and the girl nodded. Ana immediately looked for a bowl in the cupboard. She took four bowls and set them on a table not far from the stove.

The sound of footsteps could be heard so clearly closer to the kitchen. An old woman in super thick makeup stood in front of the entrance to the kitchen.

”Anastasia Johansson! Ive called you several times! Why aren you answering me! ” The woman screamed loud enough that Ana had to calm herself in fear.

”Y-yes, Mrs. Johansson, ” answered Ana in a choked voice. Theres almost no sound at all.

”Get changed quickly! Your father is home! ” cried the woman.

”Daddy? ” The figure that Ana always awaited her return. The girl immediately took off the apron she was wearing. She immediately came out of the kitchen. The pace is fast and so unorganized. The old woman followed Ana, who moved to the second floor through the stairs made of solid teak wood.

Ana goes into her room which is more like a warehouse. She immediately changed her clothes from the old clothes. Now wearing clothes like a princess.

The old woman saw Ana, who looked beautiful, only wearing a cheap dress. He deliberately bought cheap dress materials for Ana. Because she had to buy Stella, her biological daughters dress material was more expensive. Fortunately, men don know about dresses, so they don suspect the material is cheap.

This old woman is Amber, Anas stepmother. She married Anas father, a reasonably successful ruler in the city of Winzy. Their current residence. The capital city of Surran. Anas mother died in an accident while riding a carriage with her father. when Ana was fifteen years old. Her family had experienced a bleak period after the death of Ester Thompson, Anas mother. Her father married Amber three years ago. Its been the year since Esther died. Amber has a child named Stella Bauran. And Stella became Anas half-sister.

Amber gripped Anas chin quite firmly. This woman is no kind. Shes a really annoying stepmother.

”Listen, don say anything to your dad when you
e sleeping in the barn! ” Amber warns Ana. ”Especially until he finds out you do all the work in this house. If you tell your dad. I won hesitate to do more cruel things to you! ” Amber threatens Ana.

Ana nodded. Her stepmother is really scary. The look in her eyes is like an evil witch ready to suck Anas power.

”Come out now! Show your smile! Until your dad is out of town again, you will sleep in the room with Stella. Remember! You can sleep in bed! Do you understand? ”

Ana sighed. The girl already knows the trick of the stepmothers lies. Every time the father went out of town. She will treat Ana like a slave. Forbid Ana to sleep in the room used by Stella. She had asked her father to make a new room. But her father argued that Ana should be close to Stella as a brother. After all, Stella was the same. The girl was no different from her mother. Even though Ana is the biological child of the owner of this house.

Ana goes to the first floor. Then out to the front of the house, she saw her father, who had just gotten off the horse-drawn carriage. Lots of souvenirs were brought from out of town.

”Dad! ” called Ana while running to her father.

Sam Johansson, the man, called dad by the beautiful girl, turned his head. He seemed to spread a smile when he saw his beautiful daughter. ”Anastasia! ”

Sam opened his arms wide, and Ana slid into her fathers arms.

”Dad, I miss you, ” said Ana. These words were heartfelt coming out of Anas lips. The arrival of the father is salvation. When the father is at home. Amber and Stella will pretend to be nice to Ana. Even if its just pretending. Ana will be pleased.

”Im only gone for a week, My Darling. Why do you feel like Im staying a year? Was your mother being nice to you? ” asked Sam.

Sam always asked that question. Sam knew living with another family in the house wasn easy. But in Sams eyes, Amber always seems to care about Ana. Thats what makes Sam want to marry Amber.

”Yes, they are so kind, ” replied Ana. She had to answer like that. Amber was in the doorway watching the two of them.

”Okay, lets go in. Im already starving. Ive been dreaming of dinner since the carriage, ” said Sam.


Ana gulps lemonade in front of her while her stepmother is busy seducing her father. She haven eaten like this in a week. Usually, she eats with the leftover some food waiter in the kitchen. Ana put a lot of food into her mouth to satisfy her stomach. If the father wasn home, she wouldn be able to eat this delicious food.

e disgusting! ” whispered Stella sitting in front of Ana. Ana doesn care about her stepsisters unfriendly gaze. For her, survival is more important.

”Ana, eat slowly. No one will steal your food, ” Amber said with a friendly smile at Ana. Of course, a fake smile. But Ana had to respond to her stepmothers words.

”I am sorry. Im hormones in my body fluctuating. Im starving, Mom, ” said Ana.

Mom? Ambers most hated call from Ana. Usually, she is called Mrs. Johansson by Ana. It should.

Sam loved seeing his two daughters together. They seemed to get along in Sams eyes. Thats not really the case, though.

”Ana, Stella. Tomorrow I will take you to a place. Wear the best dress. I brought you some souvenirs. Aston will take you to your room. Please, you both don fight, ” said Sam to his two daughters. He considered Stella as his own biological child.

Amber didn know about Sams sudden plan. ”Where do you want to take them? ” Amber asked. Unfortunately, Sam didn answer. He actually smiled meaningfully.

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