3. Dinner With Steve Davidson

Anastasia Johansson stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself, who looked so beautiful. This afternoon, her father took her to an undisclosed location. For some reason, Ana was pounding when she heard her fathers invitation. The girl felt that her father would definitely take her for a walk to a nice place after being out of town for too long.

”Hey, Ana! Hurry up! You
e keeping mom and dad waiting! ” Stella shouted from the doorway. The girl looked at Ana full of cynicism and anger, as if Ana was the most disgusting creature in the world.

”Alright. ” Ana knows shes not allowed to argue with her stepsisther. Stella would act if Ana hurt her, and Sam would act like a wise father by reprimanding Ana.

The girl immediately left the room. She descended the stairs and immediately left the house. Her dad and mom were already in the carriage. Ana wonders why Amber came along. Even though the father said that Stella and her were invited to go.

”Why are you surprised, Ana? ” asked Sam from the carriage to the daughter, who didn come in immediately.

”Do you mind if I come along, My Darling? ” Amber asked. Her attitude was as if Ana did not want her existence. Even though Ana knows that Amber is just pretending. She must have wanted to come along for fear that her daughter would be mistreated by Sam. Though Sam would never act like that.

”I don mind, ” said Ana as she come into the carriage. Followed by Stella behind her. The two young girls sat side by side opposite their parents. Stella and Amber had to pretend to be nice and friendly to Ana at a time like this.

”Go, Aston! ” said Sam to the fat carriage and Sams servant. The man was her fathers confidant.

Carriage walked out of Sam Johanssons house. They left after sunset through the streets of Winzy town. Ana doesn talk much. She wasn interested in saying anything when Amber and Stella were there. They don like it when Ana is spoiled by her father.

On the way, Aston drives the carriage through the forest, which will soon be dark enough. Amber and Stella wondered why they didn go through the main road. Stella was afraid of the atmosphere of the forest. Unlike Ana, who actually enjoys this calm and quiet atmosphere.

Suddenly the carriage driven by Aston stopped. Stella, who had been afraid of the start, suddenly panicked. ”Whats this, Aston? Why did the carriage stop? ” shrieked the girl.

”Theres a herd of wolves passing by, Mrs Johansson. We can pass them. Ill let them pass first, ” replied Aston from outside.

”W-wolf? ” Amber, who is basically a coward, is worried. She pulled Sams hand and tried to find an explanation from his husband. ”Why did you take the kids to a dangerous place like this!! ” shouted Amber. ”You want the children to be eaten by wolves? ”

Sam looks so calm. He didn seem too worried about the wolves. He looked at his biological daughter, and Ana was also not too panicked. The girl is not afraid of animals. She thinks wolves are similar to dogs.

”Aren they cute? ” muttered Ana.

Stellas eyes widened when she heard Anas babble. ”How can you call wolves cute? Haven you heard that recently there have been victims suspected to be wolves? ”

”Isn that unproven? As far as I know, wolves don moan unless humans have disturbed their habitat, ” answered Ana. The girl then turned to her father. ”Why did father invite us here? ”

Sam smiled, seeing that the princess was so calm. He knew that only his daughter would never misunderstand.

”A rich aristocrat wants to take me out to dinner. We met on business. I told him about the two of my daughter, and he was eager to see you two, ” replied Sam.

Ambers eyes lit up when she heard the word noble. ”Honey, what did you say? Aristocrat? We
e going to the manor? ” She looks so excited. And Ana began to understand the meaning of her enthusiastic attitude.

”Mr. Johansson, we
e on our way again. The wolves are gone, ” said Aston from outside.

”All right, Aston! ” replied Sam.


The Johansson family carriage stopped in front of a super-luxury house. The location is quite far from residential areas. But the building is really very luxurious. You could say it looks like a palace. But this house belongs to a noble, not a king.

The Johansson family got off the carriage. Some of the maids of this house welcomed their arrival. Ana is helped down by a man wearing a maid uniform. His face was ashen, and his hands were too cold.

”Is it winter soon? ” muttered Ana. Ana watched the maid for a long time, but a few moments later, she was embraced by her father.

”Ana, you have to meet someone, ” said Sam.

”Oh, yes, Dad. All right, ” said Ana.

A tall man walked out of the house. His body muscles look very masculine. His face is too handsome. His jaw was so firm. There is a beard that covers the chin to the cheeks. But he is handsome like a prince.

Ana couldn stop staring at the man. But when the man looked at her. Ana hastily averted her gaze in another direction. It was Stella who was too excited. The girl stood beside her father and prepared to be introduced.

”Mr. Steve Davidson, thank you for the invitation to this dinner. I am truly honored. So is my family, ” said Sam in a manner full of courtesy.

The man smiled. His smile was thin but really heartwarming. Ana blushed. The man didn smile at him.

”Ive been waiting for you, Mr. Johansson. Sorry if your trip was hampered because of my brothers, ” said Steve–the handsome man.

Ana glanced around the place. The girl was amazed by the whole place. She doesn know when this luxurious house was suddenly filled with decorative lights. It seems that when they came, Ana did not see them at all.

”Brothers? Who are the siblings? ” thought Ana.

As if knowing her heart. Steve immediately explained to Ana. ”A herd of wolves that just passed. I assume they are my brothers, ” said Steve.

Amber and Elena looked surprised by Steves answer. They didn understand why Steve had to think of me as a wolf like his brother.

e my pets, ” said Steve. Again as if to understand their hearts.

”We don need to talk about them. Now Im going to introduce you to my two daughters, Mr. Steve Davidson, ” said Sam. He took Stellas hand and showed the girl to Steve. ”Stella Bauran, she is my stepdaughter. But I really love this girl, ” said Sam.

Stella smiled very sweetly at Sam. That girl is indeed the smartest to pretend to be innocent. ”Stella, ” Stella said as she held out her hand.

Steve immediately grabbed Stellas hand. He kissed the back of her hand and smiled with such a mysterious look in his eyes.

”Steve Davidson. But you can just call Steve, ” Steve said.

”All right, Steve, ” Stella said coquettishly.

Now its Anas turn. The girl has not focused when the father introduces his daughter to Steve.

”And this is Anastasia Johansson. Shes my biological daughter. Shes very rebellious. But also very sweet, ” said Sam.

Ana did not extend her hand. The girl was busy looking around. Until Sam had to warn her.

”Ana, ” Sam called in a whisper but with enough emphasis.

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