Ana was surprised because her fathers voice was quite loud in her ears. ”Ah, yes, Daddy, ” said Ana while focusing her gaze on her father.

”Mr. Steve Davidson would like to greet you, ” said Sam.

”Oh, Im sorry. ” Ana immediately turned her attention to Steve. She tried to suppress a smile, but Steve just ignored it. Was it because Ana didn pay attention? Oh, no. It seems Steve is angry with Ana.

”I am so sorry, Mr. Davidson. I am really interested in this place. I saw some wolves in the park corner, ” said Ana. ”My attention is on the wolves. ”

Ana tries hard to get Steves forgiveness. At least it would save her fathers reputation. Ana was never like this before. She had never been so amazed. Steves house really wowed Ana.

”Wolf? ” mumbled Steve. His voice was very formal and cold. Even though Steve was able to smile a little at Stella. Only a few.

Hearing the word wolf, Stella looked scared. Either shes shameless, oorshe just wants to tease Steve. The girl deliberately put her hand around Steves strong arm.

”Steve, your pet scares me, ” Stella said. She was being spoiled in front of Steve. Ana really fed up. She wanted to laugh when she saw Stellas act. But she knew that Stella was a pretender.

”Are you all right, Miss? ” asked Steve. He purposely looked at Stella and saw how scared the girl was.

”No, Im not fine, ” Stella said.

Sam felt bad for Steve for Stella being so spoiled. But he couldn do anything. ”Forgive my daughter, Mr. Davidson. She is very feminine. She is almost afraid of all kinds of animals, ” said Sam.

”Animals? ” Steves eyes narrowed when he heard the word animal. ”They
e my brothers, ” Steve said.

Ana furrowed her brow. She thought Steve was overthinking his pet wolf as a brother. It doesn matter if Steve is an animal lover. But he shouldn have corrected her fathers words.

”I didn know your siblings didn attack humans. After all, they are predators! ” Suddenly Ana stroked the voice.

Steve turned to Ana. Anas words were too firm. And Amber thought it was rude.

”Ana, please take care of your attitude, ” said Amber.

Steve raises his hand to Amber, so Amber doesn stop Ana. ”No, Mrs. Johansson. Let this brave girl to speak. Please, continue, Miss Anastasia Johansson. ”

Ana glared at Steve disapprovingly. The man deliberately humiliated Ana in front of her family. ”I apologize, Mr. Davidson. Im done with my words, ” replied Ana. ”Now Im hungry. ”

Anas entire family glared when they heard Anas words who had no manners. Especially Stella. The girl had fallen in love with Steve for the first time. She didn want Ana to mess things up.

”Oh, Im sorry. I just kept you guys in front of the house like this. Come on in, ” said Steve.

The man then approached Ana and spoke loudly near the girl. ”Edward! ” call Steve. The pale-faced maid came over to Steve.

”Sir? ” said the waiter.

”Take them to the dining room. Don bite them, ” Steve said.

Everyone laughed because they thought Steves words were a joke. But not with Ana, who considers Steves words inappropriate words.


That evening dinner with Steve Davidson went very smoothly. Stella was really shameless. That girl really teased Steve.

After dinner, Steve asked Sam to stay because it was getting too dark. The forest road that they must pass is quite dangerous. Sam couldn have Melinda three women alone. As a result, Sam and his family stayed in this house.

Ana gets her own room. So does Stella. Emma sat pensively in a very luxuriously decorated room. Ana imagines that this place is hers. Sleep on a soft bed. Filled with aromatherapy that makes Ana feel at home sleeping. Not like in the warehouse where he sleeps with the rats and insects.

”That guy is bizarre. Why is he being so rude to me? What did I do to him? Ive never even met him before, ” Ana grumbled.

Because you don want to be alone in the room. Ana decides to get out of the room and go for a walk. Ana saw no one else in the house except Steve and his servants. The strangest one was Edward. Steves a very pale-skinned waiter. He never smiled either.

”This house is bizarre, ” Ana muttered as she walked around.

Ana stepped in and accidentally saw Stella holding hands with Steve in the darkness. Stella was taken by Steve into her room without their parents knowing.

”Stella, what the… ” Ana thought that the two would enjoy a hot night together. They had just met. Ana did not think that Steve was an immoral and insolent man. He wanted to sleep with Stella on the day they first met.

”What are you doing here, miss? ” Edward, Steves servant, suddenly appeared without Ana knowing it. His footsteps were not heard at all. Yet this place is so quiet.

”Oh, Im just walking, ” answered Ana carelessly. ”I can sleep. So I want to go for a walk in the park. ”

”Youd better go back to sleep, Miss. Its freezing, ” Edward said.

Suddenly Ana realized that the air around her was freezing. Ana looked at Edward, whose face was completely passive, with no expression. His lips were also very red, as if he had just drunk blood.

”Im still going for a walk. Don follow me. Im going for a walk alone! ” Ana insisted. The girl just walked out, leaving Edward.

Ana grumbled all the way out of this house. She wondered why this house was so strange. There were many rooms as if many people were living in this place. Even though there was only Steve. The servants don live in this house either.

Ana walks into the garden of this luxurious house. The girl enjoyed the natural scenery and the stars alone. She used to do it when he couldn sleep in the barn, traveling alone.

Ana stares into Steves room from outside the house. The glass window is enormous. Really big like it could be used to jump a human. All the rooms in this house are like that. Had a large room the size of a door.

”Do the residents of this house like to jump out of the window? ” Ana grumbled.

”Argh! ” A scream came from Steves room. It seemed to be Stellas voice.

Ana shuddered. The girl immediately ran into the house and into Steves room. She was afraid something would happen to her brother-in-law.

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