5. The Problem in Family

Ana stood frozen as she watched Stella walk out of Steves room while he was the only one who came into the room. Strange. How could Anas parents not leave the room? It was almost impossible that they didn hear Stellas screams.

”Stella, ” called Ana. The girl immediately approached her stepsister. Ana saw Stella looking so annoyed after leaving Steves room. ”What is it? ” asked Ana.

”Do not bother me! How rude, even though Ana meant good to Stella.

”You shouted from Mr. Davidsons room, didn you? ” asked Ana. And Stella immediately stopped her steps. She turned to Ana with an intimidating look.

Stella looked around. She didn see anyone. She gripped the nightgown Ana was wearing right at the neck. She then sighed Ana against the marble walls of the luxurious building.

”Listen to me! If anyone finds out that I came into Steves room. You
e the first person I accuse. No one will know! And you can embarrass me! You understand! ” Stella looks so afraid that Ana will reveal her behavior, who is willing to be taken to the room by a man she meets for the first time. It would damage Stellas reputation as a virgin.

Ana nodded. The girl was afraid of Stella because Stella would definitely complain to her mother. If Amber punishes Ana, Ana can do anything and makes the girl suffer.

”And one more! Don talk to dad too much! You
e too spoiled for him. Youve been living with him since you were little. You should have shared him with me. You can be selfish and make me feel like a fatherless son! ” Once again, Stella threatens Ana.

Ana doesn know why she must keep her distance from her father. If she doesn pamper her father. So what will Ana do? Her life has suffered since the arrival of two new women in her house. They weren like that when they had just met Sam and Ana. Everything changed after Amber married Sam. Her good nature is just pretending.

Stella let go of Ana and just went to her room. Ana still feels weird. She could clearly hear Stellas screams from Steve Davidsons garden. But why is it so quiet in this house? There was no way the voice could be heard from outside. While the people in the house did not hear it.

”Miss Anastasia Johansson. ” Suddenly from the direction of Steves room door, the mans voice was heard. Quite distinctive with his voice so heavy and hoarse. ”What are you doing here at night? Shouldn you be sleeping? ”

Ana immediately turned around. She saw Steve standing right in the middle of his bedroom door. The man wore a black robe but had no clothes on his upper body. Ana could clearly see the nobles muscular muscles. And, something quite intrigued Ana. Steves body has quite a lot of hair. Not strange because men often have it in several parts of their bodies. But Ana felt Steves hair was quite long.

Steve seemed to notice that Emma was watching his body. He smiled at Ana. ”Its because of the full moon, ” said Steve.

”Full moon? ” Ana doesn understand. She also did not really expect that Steve would explain anything to her.

”What did you do to my sister? ” asked Ana curtly. She chose not to answer Steves question. Instead, she intimidated Steve with her questions about Stella.

Steve was amused by this woman. He decided to walk up to Ana. Meanwhile, Ana took a few steps back. But her steps had to be stopped because it was blocked by a wall. She was cornered because Steve kept walking toward her.

”What do you want? ” cried Ana.

”Just scream. No one will hear you, ” Steve said with a triumphant smile.

Ana realized that this man was not as gentle as she thought. This man was genuinely impudent and had no manners. Wait a minute. Isn he noble? Why is he being so rude to Ana? Is it because Ana is not noble?

”What do you want from me? Are you going to do the same to me as you did to my sister? ” cried Ana.

”Your sister? ” Steve starts teasing Ana. ”Hmm, so ridiculous. I see you
e in the same corner as you are right now. I saw how that woman was gripping your dress, and you couldn do anything about it. Why are you like that? ”

”What do you mean? ” Ana squealed. The girl looked at Steve with a look of hatred. She didn even know anything about this man.

e so afraid of your stepsister. But you
e so brave of me. Aren you afraid of me, Miss Ana? Oops, I called you Miss Ana. Do I mind? ” The smile appeared again on Steves lips. Ana is really fed up. Whats the problem with this man?

”I asked what you did to my sister! Im not asking you to judge my life! I heard my sister screaming from your room! ” cried Ana.

”What? ” Steves face suddenly changed to one of surprise. ”You heard it? ” asked Steve.

”I heard it very clearly from your garden! ” cried Ana fearlessly.

Steve was suddenly acting strange. The man backed away from Ana. He looked like a confused person. Whats really wrong with this guy?

”Edward! ” Steves voice was so fierce, like a howling beast. But why? Why is Steve suddenly angry like that?

It wasn long before Edward arrived. Ana did not hear footsteps walking at all. Edward suddenly appeared and was near Ana.

”Oh, my God! ” The girl was surprised. And again, Edward took her by surprise. ”You! When were you here? ” cried Ana.

”Take Miss Ana to her room! And make sure the Johanssons leave tomorrow after breakfast. Tell them that Im not coming for breakfast, ” said Steve. The man then walked with steps that looked like a confused and angry person.

Ana looked at Edward. But the man didn give any expression.


Stella was chattering in the living room when her father was reading the newspaper. Ana was sitting contemplating by the window, thinking about last nights events with Steve.

”Hes weird, ” Ana muttered. ”Why does he look like someone who is scared when he knows I can hear Stellas screams? And . . . ” Ana turned to Stella. ”Whats wrong with that girl? What did Steve do to her that made Stellas feelings change? Stella no longer wants Steve even though hes royalty.

”Just let Ana be with Steve. I won ! ” screamed Stella.

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