Two weeks before Sam passed out.

Sam came home in such a worrying condition that night. The daughters are asleep. While he was contemplating alone in the living room, staring at the fireplace. His face looks sad. He seemed to be thinking about a lot of things.

”Sam? ” Amber, who woke up because she wanted to go to the bathroom, saw her husband sitting quietly in front of the fireplace. ”Why don you go to our room? ” Amber asked.

Sam turned. He looked at his wifes face. Amber approached Sam and put his arm around the man. ”Are you drunk? Why did you come home drunk? We have two girls in this house. Don set a bad example for Sams kids! ”

”Darling… ” Sams voice was so low. The man seemed to have a million pains in his mind.

”What? ” Amber asked. She is sensitive enough to see that there is something different about her husband.

”I was conned, ” said Sam.

Amber frowned. She did not understand what her husband meant. ”You
e drunk, Sam. You better get some sleep, ” Amber said.

”I was scammed by my business partner. And now I have nothing left. Im broke, ” said Sam.

Amber was silent. Sams words made her unable to think straight now. ”What do you mean? You
e broke? You mean we
e going to be poor? ” shouted Amber.

Sam nodded. It seemed that the man had actually said the last thing. Amber is restless. She doesn want to live in poverty. How could she have to go back to being a poor woman and return to living on the streets? She married Sam because Sam was a reasonably wealthy businessman. Not as rich as conglomerates. But Amber can live well and have beautiful clothes.

”Sam, don kidding. I don want to be poor. What about Stella? She needs money. Shes twenty years old. If we
e poor, who will take her as a wife? ” Amber doesn accept it. She can come back to life in poverty. Should not!

”Ill talk to Steve Davidson tomorrow. I heard he used to help out with lending money. Id like to borrow one from him, ” said Sam.

When she heard Steves name, Amber seemed to get a breath of fresh air. She had just remembered that her husband had an acquaintance of a nobleman.

e right. Theres Steve Davidson, ” Amber said with her eyes looking so fiery.


Steve entered the living room of his house because of the arrival of Sam Johansson and Amber, his wife. Steve didn know why they had come because no one had invited them to this place.

”Mr. Johansson, ” said Steve.

Seeing Steve coming, Sam and Amber immediately got up. Sam held out his hand, and Steve took it right away. He smiled moderately. He knows about manners. But he doesn like to smile.

”May I know, what the hell are you two coming to my residence? ” asked Steve.

Sam glanced at Amber. They looked doubtful. But Sam had no choice but to ask Steve for help.

”Please explain to me. I don know what the problem is if you don want to talk, ” Steve said.

”We want your help, Mr. Davidson. I hear you can help, ” Amber said. She didn want to hide her shame. She has to talk if she wants to live in peace

Steve looked at Amber, who looked so eager to talk. Meanwhile, Sam is still holding on to his shame.

”Alright, tell me, ” Steve said.

”My husbands business is getting in the way. And I hear from people that you can help with financial matters. We want to borrow money from you. After our business runs smoothly, we will return the money to you, ” said Amber. She was willing to throw away her shame for money.

Steve listened intently to what Amber had to say. But he looked at Sam, who was still mute with shame. ”Are you all right, Mr. Johansson? ” asked Steve.

Sam cleared his throat. In all his life, he had never been so embarrassed. Sam was not a noble. But he was raised by a very affluent family. Hes never been in debt. He had never lowered himself like this to anyone else. But what can he do? He has no choice but to go into debt.

”Im fine, Mr. Davidson, ” Sam replied. His speech and gestures seemed out of sync. Steve knew that wanting to be in debt was not something he wanted. But that was all Sam could do.

”How about your two daughters, Mr. Johansson? ” Steve suddenly changed the subject. Sam was surprised by Sams manner.

e good, Sir. Very well, ” replied Sam. Sam felt Steves question was not just nonsense. There must be something behind that question.

”I can help you without you having to pay me back, ” Steve offered himself.

Amber is, of course, happy with this conversation. She was most happy with this kind of negotiation. ”How was that, Sir? ” Amber asked.

”I want to get a life partner. I just so happen to be interested in your daughter. Let her stay here. Then I will not ask you to replace the debt, ” said Steve.

The terms Steve bought really took Sam by surprise. Steve wants his daughter as collateral for a debt.

”Are you kidding, Mr. Davidson? You want me to make my daughter bail on the debt? ” Steve didn accept it. But Amber actually likes Steves terms.

The woman put her arm around Sams arm. She leaned forward as if interested in Sams condition. ”Oh, thats very kind of you, Mr. Davidson. Thats not a requirement. Its a great opportunity. You want my daughter, Stella? ” Amber said.

”Stella? ” mumbled Steve.

Ambers eyes flashed hope. Her daughter would become a woman belonging to a wealthy aristocrat like Steve. Of course, Amber did not want to waste this opportunity. ”Yes, Stella. Youve met. And it seems you two are very compatible, ” said Amber.

”Excuse me, Sir. ” Suddenly Edward appeared with drinks for Steves guests. No one knew the sound of Edwards footsteps. The maid with the pale face was already in the living room.

Sam was surprised. But he didn have any thoughts on the maid. Edward placed the drink he had brought on the table.

”Please, Mr. and Mrs. Johansson, ” said Edward. After saying that, Edward left.

Amber chuckled because Edwards attitude was so stiff. But also very fast. ”Your servant is very unique, Mr. Davidson. Where do you find someone like him? ”

”Someone? Hes not human, Mrs. Johansson, ” Steve said.

Sam glanced over as Steves words seemed odd. But suddenly, Steve laughed. ”I was just kidding, ” Steve said. Sam and Amber also laughed with Steve. Even though they didn understand why Steve was laughing at something that wasn funny.

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