8. Steve And His Siblings

Steve sat quietly, clasping his hands together. He waited for Sam and Amber to speak. After Edward left, Amber worked up the courage to speak again.

”Okay, Mr. Steve Davidson. We will give you what you want. But I beg you, treat our daughter well. She is a charming and obedient child. Please take good care of her, ” said Amber.

Sam glanced at Amber. It seems he doesn really agree with Ambers desire to give up their daughter just to be able to pay off the debt. Sam still has the morality to it. There was no way he could be so mean to his daughter.

Steve smiled at Ambers words. He snapped his fingers twice, and soon an adult man wearing formal and polite clothes entered. As if prepared for this, the man brought the necessary files.

”Let me introduce him. He is my confidant. You can think of him as my secretary or my assistant. He takes care of everything about my legality and finances. His name is Rowan Smith. He will give you a letter of agreement. That way, you won be able to run away after getting the money, ” said Steve.

”R-run away? ” Amber laughed at Steves words. ”How could we run away? We are delighted when you want to be with my daughter. Even without this contract sheet, I will come to this house with my son. You need not worry, Mr. Steve Davidson. I am not a swindler. Although we are not royalty, we are pretty honorable. We will not break our promise, ”said Amber.

Rowan smiled while showing his respect for Steves guests. He then put the file he had brought on the table.

Again Steve smiled. His smile was bewildering. Nothing needs to get her smile. What a mysterious man.

”Okay, Ill sign it, ” Amber said as she leaned forward. He was about to pick up the quill on the table. But Steve immediately restrained Amber.

”Not you, Mrs. Johansson, ” Steve said.

”Y-yeah? ” Amber felt awkward when Steve forbade her to sign the file.

”Please, Mr. Johansson. You must be responsible because you are the head of the family, ” said Steve.

Sam sighed. This is not what you want. Steve is indeed rich and of noble descent. But Sam didn know Steve well. And Sam wasn ready to give up one of his daughters. He just stood there in doubt.

”Whats the matter, Mr. Johansson? Do I have any doubts? I can lend money without collateral. And Ive been generous to you for this. One of your daughters can stay here and enjoy my wealth. You don have to worry. Your daughters life in my castle, ” Steve said.

”Darling. ” Amber also urged Sam to accept Steve Davidsons offer.

Even though it was tough, Sam had to do it. He had to save his business, or it would end in misery. And finally, Sam came to a letter of agreement.

Flashback End.


Ana got off the carriage with Amber. Stella doesn want to be with Steve, so Ana can help but have to give herself up for her father. Her fathers condition was not well. A few days this week, the waiters were laid off. As a result, it was Ana who had to do maid work. Amber did not hesitate to order Ana like a maid. Usually, she will be assisted by another servant. But this time, not. No maid, no help. Only Ana is made a servant in her own parents house. Luckily, Aston is still loyal to this family. Even though Amber and Sam had asked him to stop, he didn want to go. He wanted to serve Sam and his family even without being paid.

”Keep smile. Don frown the next time you meet Steve Davidson, ” Amber warned.

Ana just nodded. She still couldn believe that he was used as a medium of exchange for money by his stepmother. She didn like Steve from the start. Somehow Steve looks annoying in Anas eyes.

They walked up the stairs to Steves front door. Ana heard the sound of an animal howling. The girl was surprised, even though the sun had not set on the eastern horizon, but there was the sound of a wolf howling. Could it be Steves pet wolf? Ana had not seen them anywhere since on the way to this place.

Ana and Amber were a little surprised to see several people at the entrance of Steves house. But Steve wasn there.

Ana tries to smile. And these people also have a smile for Ana and Amber.

”Welcome to the Davidson residence, ” said Edward, the butler. The man remained in his rigid style without the slightest smile. But this afternoon, he was wearing headgear. There is not a single part of his body that is not covered by clothes.

”Oh, hello. Thank you for the welcome, ” said Amber.

Ana also smiled. She noticed two foreign men and a woman in front of her. They really look friendly. Totally different from Steve. Are they servants in this house?

”Wheres Mr. Steve Davidson? ” Amber asked. She didn want to be small. She wanted to immediately exchange Ana for money from Steve.

”My brother is hunting, ” answered one of the blond-haired men. His face looks like Steves, but he looks smiley.

”Oh, I just discovered that Mr. Steve has a brother? ” Amber started with her bullshit. Ana glanced at her stepmother, who looked coquettish in front of these men.

Somehow Ana felt something strange. They all stared at Ana without blinking as if Anas arrival had been eagerly awaited.

”Forgive us, madam. We were ordered by Steve to welcome guests today. He said there was something special. So we took his place, ” replied the blond man. ”My name is Ken Davidson. Im Steves number two brother. Hes my young brother Travis Davidson. ” Ken pointed at the young man, who also almost looked like Steve. But her face looks much younger.

”Hi, Im the third child, Travis Davidson. ” Travis introduced himself.

”And this beautiful girl. ” Ken embraced the woman who had been watching Ana with great enthusiasm. ”She is Meghan Davidson. Our youngest sister, ” said Ken.

Amber looked so amazed by the existence of Steves family. For a moment in her heart, she was grateful that it wasn Stella who had to be brought here. She couldn imagine her daughter having to live with Steves brothers. She felt her daughter would be mistreated, just like he treated Ana.

Ken approached Ana. He held out his hand to the girl, still smiling.

”You must be Ana Johansson, ” Ken said.

Ana is amazed. How could he know? Wasn it Stellas original plan? Despite her doubts, Ana welcomed Kens outstretched hand. Ken filters. For a moment, Ana could see the same smile as Steve did.

Ken checked the back of Anas hand. And speak. ”Welcome to paradise. ”

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