9. Something to Remember

Ana sat on the plush sofa in the living room of Steve Davidsons residence. Steves siblings continued to stare at Ana from when they met in front of the house to inside the room. Ana was quite horrified and surprised by the stares of these people. Not to mention Edward, who suddenly appeared and disappeared while serving food or drinks at the table.

”Oops, sorry, ” Meghan said at once when she saw the dish on the table. Ana started to pay attention and saw that all the food was made from animals. ”Humans need vegetables or fruit. They doesn just eat meat, ” Meghan said. There was nothing strange about the girls words. It was precisely the reactions of her two brothers that looked like they were worried about Meghans words.

”Looks like Edward hasn gone grocery shopping yet. Can you forgive our impolite feet for serving food that doesn suit your taste buds? ” Ken asked. The man who spoke to Ana and Amber the most. The stepmother, of course, never objected to anything the owner of the house had to offer. Right now, she just wants to wait for your money from Steve.

”Excusme, how long do I have to wait, gentlemen? My husband is being treated at the hospital. I want to be with him immediately, ” said Amber. It seemed she wanted to leave Ana in this place immediately.

While Ana just gave up. She didn know what would happen next. Steve didn explain why he wanted one of Sams children. He just said he wanted to be with one of Ana or Stella. It seemed impossible for a wealthy noble like Steve to want to marry the daughter of an ordinary person like Ana.

”If you
e in such a hurry, Mrs. Johansson, you may leave first. We have your daughter here, ” Travis replied. The man was friendly but a little sloppy, much like the teenagers of this era.

”Leave? ” muttered Amber in surprise. ”Then what about the upset we agreed to? I need the money! ” Amber suddenly raised her voice. ”Are you guys tricking me? ”

Ana glanced at her stepmother. She didn know what kind of agreement his parents had with Steve. But there seems to be something odd here.

”You misunderstood, Mrs. Johansson! ” Steve suddenly came from outside the house. His voice was like a thunderbolt. So strong and so loud. Anas heart was almost released because the beat was too fast.

Ana turned. She saw the dashing Steve walk in. His steps are so firm. The way he walks is very charming. When Ana first saw Steve, she didn feel that Steve was this cool.

Steve looked at Ana with a surprised face. He then looked at Amber. ”Wheres Stella? ” asked Steve. ”Didn you mention the girls name when you signed the agreement? Then who did you say cheated? ”

Amber was surprised when Steve made a fuss about this. Didn Steve never mention the wrong names or any of them?

”You said you wanted my daughter. You didn even say who you wanted, ” Amber said.

Steve smiled. Again, the smile that Ana doesn like. The man really seemed strange to Ana.

”But you put the name Stella. Not this lady, ” Steve said. ”I was hoping for Stella. ”

Steve looks indifferent to Amber; of course, Amber is afraid that Steve will cancel their agreement. Right now, Amber is making more money than anything.

”Mr. Davidson, please. Stella has someone she likes. I can force her to come here on her own accord. I don want to force my son. But I really need the money. My husband is in the hospital. I don have the money. And… only Ana volunteered to do this for us. ”

Amber is really good at pretending. She could easily change the expression on his face to one of such concern.

Steve turned to Ana, who had not wanted to look at him. The girl didn say a word.

”Is that true, Young Lady? ” asked Steve.

Ana refuses. She accidentally looked into Steves eyes. Ana saw Steves eyes turn orange like the eyes of a wolf. A hot aura suddenly emanated from Steves body, so Edward, who was in the other room, looked very nervous.

”Steve! ” Ken immediately patted his brothers shoulder, but Steve was still looking at Ana with his scary expression.

Travis and Meghan also look distinctive with Steves changed expression. Meghan immediately grabbed Anas hand. She took Ana away from Steve. The girl doesn know why Meghan took her away. But she couldn take her eyes from Steve.

”Ill give you the money. After this, you have to get out of this house, ” Ken said to Amber. ”Travis! Bring Steve in! ”

Travis didn argue with his brother. He immediately embraced Steve, whose body was much more significant. With a little force, Travis could pull Steve out of the living room.

Amber, who was left with Ken, was surprised because Steve did not also give money. Even though Ana has been brought into this house. She looked at Ken with a smile full of greed.

”Wheres my money? ” Amber asked.


Steve was brought to the room by Travis. The burly man looked fierce, as if he wanted to pounce on his prey. Once in the room, Steve instantly transformed into a wolf. It was astonishing, but Travis didn look surprised because he was one of the same kind as his brother.

”You want to transform in front of Ana and her mother? ” shrieked Travis.

”Shes not her mother! Shes a criminal! ” Steve spoke. Yes, the wolf spoke. The wolf is pitch black. His big body is also the books that fill his whole body. Steve really was a wolf.

”You have to control your emotions, Steve! You can be reckless like this! We have to be careful or…. ”

”Or what? Are you afraid of humans? You
e afraid theyll punish you the way they punished our parents? ” shrieked Steve.

”Calm down! If that girl finds out youve turned like this, you won be able to get it! ”

Steve thought of the girl. Steve had something planned all along. Steves temper gradually subsided. Its hair doesn stand up. The look in his eyes is also not like a hungry wolf. He transformed back into the figure of a handsome and dashing Steve.

”You have to do it, Steve. I know it won be easy. If it works…. ”

”Im not sure this will work, ” Steve said.

”You haven even tried it yet. Theres no doubt, Steve. Youve got to try! ” said Travis.

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