”Hey man, What are you doing? ”

The man looked about forty years old. He was also drooling.

”Little girl, Why don you come home with me? ”

A perverted old man. Just what I need. Of course Im being sarcastic though.

I didn need a perverted old man taking me places. To be honest, I have a terrible history with perverted and abusing men. I almost got sold off to one once.

”You want me? Come and get me! ”

I circled on the walls around him. He kept trying to throw his knife at me but failed each time.

”Maybe Ill just sell you off to a rich youngling. That ought to give me some fine dough. I need to pay off my inn anyway. Might as well check the goods first. ”

He whistled and a hammer went flying, barely missing my face. I looked towards where the hammer came from. There was a big group of men holding weapons.

”And your part mythical. So it ought to pay even more. Charge boys! ”

There were so many of them. I couldn dodge every single hammer, knife, even silverware. They even throwing butter knifes and spoons at me! Like, what the hell! Who does thats! I had cuts up and down my body. It felt terrible. My ear twitched. I could hear the steps of someone walking in.

”Hello? ”

Oh my god. I know that voice!

The boy turned the corner and saw me with the men. It was Blaze. His jaw dropped.

”Blaze, get outta here. Its dangerous for a human here. ”

”W-well I could say the same Azu. Your all cut and scratched from the face and down. ”

”Ho, boy oh boy! Another little brat to sell! ”

”Ay, yo! I ain gonna get sold off to nobody! ”

”I didn ask brat. ”

The man dashed to Blaze. As soon as I saw him run, I ran just as fast and right past him. I put my arms out and made a T like shape.

”Don touch him. ”

”Why not little girl? He could be worth something just like you. ”

”What are you doing? I can take care of my self Yknow. ”

”This isn the time or place for you to argue with me. Just do as I say. ”

”Ooook? ”

There were about half the group left but it was still a pretty large group. They all zoomed forward at the same time. Ready to lunge their knifes at me, I picked up Blaze and jumped. They konked heads. I could see the eggs forming on their heads.

”Put me down Azu. ”

”Oops. Sorry. ”

I set Blaze down.

”I don believe it. Your part mythical! Thats- ”

”Horrid? Unbelievable? Scary? ”

”I was gonna say amazing! ”

”You like it? ”

”Hell yeah! It looks great! ”

”Thanks I guess. ”

While we were talking, little did I know that there was one other person. The perverted old man. He ran quietly straight towards my weak spot. He didn know it was my weak spot. Only my family knew but somehow he knew. He aimed for my tails. He stabbed one of them. I shrieked. I fell down to my knees. Blaze held my forearms as I fell.

”Hey Azu! ”

I winced.

Damn it! Human weapons are so damaging! ”

I gripped blazes arms. I don handle pain very well. There was a bunch of blood streaming down my fur. Blaze threw down a smoke screen and picked me up. He ran out of the alley. He held me in a piggy back. He ran all the way to the hospital with his mom. I don know how they did it. He set me on a bed. His mom was a doctor so she examined the wound.

”Its a pretty deep wound. I think the knife was covered in poison. A powerful poison ment to kill Half-bloods. We need to remove it now. ”

”Who the hell carries poison around d these days? ”

”Who the hell….carries smoke screens…these days? ”

”Azu, shut up! Save it till after your treatment. Youll die if not. ”

”Not…true. Half-bloods…heal quicker then…most humans. ”

”Well that poison was made to kill people like you and Zane. ”

”Your cute when your angery…And I just met you. ”

Blaze blushed. There was sweat rolling down my skin. It was so hot yet so cold. I started shivering. Blaze threw a blanket over me and his mom removed the poisons. She put it into a small glass vial. I fell asleep right after. It hurt a lot. If you know what its like to have sharp needles piercing the inside of your skin and having small sucking tubes pushed into your body, then you know what Im talking about.

When I woke up I fell onto the floor. Blaze was sleeping on a couch chair. He heard me fall and immediately helped me up.

”Azu, you shouldn be walking around. Your still recovering and you look a little pale. ”

”Where are we? ”

e in a hospital. Elias, Kate and Zane are on there way. ”

”Oh. Wait! What about my mom? ”

”We already informed her. I found a number written down in your pocket and it said mom. ”

”Ok. ”

Damn it! How did I loose to a mere human? Are they getting stronger? Or am I just getting…..weaker?

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