”Oh, my gods! Azu, your ok! ”

Kate ran into the room as soon as the door opened. Elias practically did the same.

”Jesus Azu! Just because we met you, like only yesterday, we
e still your friends! ”

Kate hugged me. I think she almost cracked my ribs, honestly.

”Is it OK if I talk to Zane alone for just a few minutes? ”

”Sure. Kate, Elias, lets go. ”

Blaze, Elias and Kate left the room. Kate was giggling quietly. She was probably thinking that I liked him.

”What do you need? ”

”Um, you know how you said your part wolf? ”

”What about it? ”

”Well, what if I told you Im part mythical? ”

”Then I would believe it. Why do you guys hide thing like this? ”

”Momll kill me if I just show off my ears and tails. ”

”Then Ill do it with you. I do it a lot. ”

”You do? ”

”Yea. It doesn cause problems. But I mostly do it in Deco. ”

”Whats Deco? ”

”Its a town for Half-bloods like us. ”

”Theres an actual town for that? ”

”Yea. Im surprised you haven heard of it. ”

”So, I can just reveal freely? ”

”Not freely out here. But yea. If your in Deco, you can reveal freely. ”

”Ok. Thanks. How do I get there? ”

”Every Half-blood has the power to travel quickly. Just say aloud where you want to go and a portal will appear in front of you. ”

”You do this everyday? Don you? ”

”Its very obvious that I do. ”

”Thanks again. ”

”Whatever. You needed it. ”

After our conversation we allowed Elias, Kate and Blaze back in. Kate sat on the hospital bed with me.

”Sooo, whatd you guys talk about? ”

”Just about things and half-bloods. ”

”Hmm. Sus. ”

”Yea Zane whatd you guys talk about? ”

”God, Elias. You and Kate are so nagging. ”

”Cmon, Blaze. Don you wanna find out. Especially since you wanna have a girlfriend, someone in this room. ”

”Oh shaddup Elias! ”

”Azusas also a half-blood. ”

”….. ”

Oh gods! Zane, whyd you say that!? I didn want them to know!

”om…G! Azu your a, a, a half-blood? ”

”Yes I am. No can you please quiet down. ”

”Thats so awesome. Now we have two half-bloods. ”

”Kate, leave her alone. ”

”Oh you want some, Zaney-boy. Then come and get it! ”

Kate pulled Zanes hood down and grabbed a pair of headphone that he was wearing.

”Hey, Kate! Give those back, not cool! ”

”Forget it! You always look so gloomy anyway. Lighten up dude. ”

”Ugh, just give them back. ”

Kate gave the headphones back. That was the first time I had seen Zane without his hood up. He had black raven hair and violet eyes. He also had pale skin, like a vampire.

I wonder if werewolfs are like that to.

Zane put his hood back up. I stared at him, still admiring his fluffy hair that dangled in his face.

”What are you looking at Azusa? ”

I blushed and looked away.

”Why don you call me Azu? I like it better when Im called Azu. ”

”Beacuase I don want to. Its just respectful. ”

”Its not respectful if I don like it. ”

”Im still gonna call you Azusa. ”

”Just call me Azu. ”

”No. ”

”I…like… being…called…Azu. ”

Blaze jumped in the conversation.

”Ok, thats enough! Azus still recovering. Lets not argue. ”

”Whatever. ”

”Fine. ”

Zane and I looked away from eachother. Elias, Blaze and Zane talked on the opposite side of the room from me and Kate.

”Whyd you get so mad at Zane? Its just a nickname right? ”

”Its not just a nickname for me. My dad would call me his little Azu. He died when I seven. We had a really special bond. ”

”Oh, so thats why. Im sorry. Zane is just a natural knucklehead. ”

”I heard that. ”

”I wasn exactly whispering and I wanted you to here it! ”

”Its whatever. That was 9 years ago. ”

”9 years ago?! Thats so sad! ”

”Whats so sad? ” Elias asked.

”Huh? oh nothing. ”

”I don care if you tell them. It was a long time ago. ”

”What was a long time ago?

”Oh my god Elias. Whatever, Ill tell. Azu prefers to be called, well, Azu because her dad called her a his little Azu. He died when she was seven and Azu said that they had a really special bond. ”

*sniffle* sniffle*

”Oh my gods! Azu Im so sorry! ”

Kate hugged me.

”I-its Ok *sniffle* Im a-alright. ”

Zane walked over and sat on the bed, criss cross applesauce.

”Fine. Ill call you Azu from now on. ”

”Snf, you will? ”

I wiped my nose.

”Yea. I will. ”

”Thank you! ”

I hugged Zane. He had a surprised look on his face. He hugged me back.

”Yea, yea, I get it. Go to sleep now. You still look pale. ”

”Lets go yall. Azus gotta rest up. She should have one more day. ”

”Coming Blaze, lets head out Elias. ”

”Coming. ”

They left the room, and I was alone again. I unhid my ears and tails. I starred at my injured tail.

”Stupid weak spots. Your the only reason why Im in here right now. ”

Zane was listening to me from outside. He was leaning against the wall.

She doesn understand yet. Ill wait a little longer. Then Ill tell her a few things.

He walked to the car with everyone else and they all went home.

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