le tired, so I’ll eat it right away.”

“Okay, you said it.
You have to eat in a while.” Qiu Yue sniffled.
“Old bastard, where’s your energy? Who promised Professor Ruan that he would ‘fight to the last second’? Look at you like this.”

“…I’m just a little tired.” Tian He repeated.

“I’ll massage your legs for you.”

“Xiao Yue…”


“Stop going out alone in the field, okay? At least make sure there is someone around.”

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“I know, my ears are going to get calloused.
Take care of yourself first, everyone is waiting for you to get better.”

“Zhang Yazhe can take over my shift.”

“…Tian He, what do you mean by that?”

“Fate determines life and death.” Tian He’s voice was as cold as ashes, without any semblance of life.
“I hope you didn’t do anything stupid, Xiao Yue.
When the time comes for people, ah, they have to go— Look at this window.
We just make it look bright and open, but everyone knows that we’re underground, and there’s only mud outside this window.”

Ruan Xian couldn’t listen anymore.

He didn’t go to dinner, so he went straight back to his new room— To be precise, back to Zhang Yazhe and their team dormitory.

The structure of the dormitory was simple.
There was a hall that connected to four small rooms that were about eight square meters.
Compared with the observation room where he lived before, the condition was much worse.
The toilets and bathrooms were shared, and they were all outside the dormitory.

Generally, there were three people in the team, and the empty room in the fourth room was usually used as a repair room.
Ruan Xian had joined temporarily, so it was only cleaned up today.
The machinery that was originally shelved in the room was put into the hall and piled up in a mess.
There was silence in the dormitory right now which probably meant Zhang Yazhe and the others should still be eating dinner.

Ruan Xian rushed into the empty room that still smelled of rust and mold.
He locked the door, turned off the light, and fell on the hard bed without even taking off his holster.

“What are you doing?” Seeing that there were no outsiders, Tang Yibu no longer stood upright.
He sat on the floor, folded his arms on the edge of the bed, and laid down comfortably.
In the darkness, his golden eyes flashed with a little light.

Ruan Xian turned around and turned his back to the beautiful face close at hand.

“You already knew that there was a problem with Zhang Yazhe and asked me for information.” Tang Yibu said it in an affirmative way.
“Now the top leader of the refuge has made his statement.
Tian He doesn’t plan to pursue this matter.
There’s no point in dwelling on this issue any longer.”

He stretched out a finger and poked Ruan Xian on the back.
“But I’m curious about your other sources of information.”

Ruan Xian faced the dark wall with a wry smile.
Yes, he had indeed spied on Tang Yibu.
Tang Yibu once made it clear that there was no obvious difference between the “current” Zhang Yazhe and the former.

He didn’t mind returning the favor and revealing a little bit of his thoughts.

“There is no other source of information.” Ruan Xian told the truth.
“It was only today that I was basically sure— Zhang Yazhe shouldn’t know that he has been manipulated.
If he’s self-conscious, making the excuse of losing the food cannister or losing the remainder after he had consumed a part of it; no one will pursue too much on this matter.”

Not only did he “opened the can”, but he also made special effort to bring the remainder back to the shelter.
If there was a problem with the canned food, everyone wouldn’t be fooled.
This kind of interference method was too inefficient.
At present, it seemed the most likely possibility was…

“The lie about the can isn’t for the refuge.
It only needs to fool ‘Zhang Yazhe’ himself.”

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Ruan Xian continued slowly, “According to Ding Zepeng’s statement today, unless he’s seriously injured, Zhang Yazhe wouldn’t do such a thing as losing a food cannister casually, and to ensure that Zhang Yazhe could return to the refuge alone, his injures couldn’t be too serious.”

“On the other hand, the faker shouldn’t be able to perfectly reproduce the details of the food cannister, and with Zhang Yazhe’s experience, he would find something is fishy.
Thus, in order to resolve these contradiction, Zhang Yazhe thought that he had ‘eaten the canned food’ as that was the most suitable choice.
That food cannister can provide far more than one day’s rations and bringing the part that can’t be eaten back to the shelter is most consistent with Zhang Yazhe’s own logic.”

Tang Yibu drew circles on Ruan Xian’s back with his finger.
“So you left this matter to the judgement of the leader of the humans.”

My information is insufficient after all.
At least I still can’t figure out what the purpose of this ‘Zhang Yazhe’ coming here is, and whether he was replaced by someone else, or simply just his memories… Tian He is more capable of making this judgement than me.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Tang Yibu paused.
“As I said, I’m confident I can ensure your safety.”

Ruan Xian rolled over and looked directly at the face that made it difficult to get angry.
“It matters to me.
Tian He’s first reaction was to destroy the evidence and he knew exactly what happened.
There’s a problem with this shelter.”

“I don’t understand.”

Tang Yibu retracted his fingers and poked Ruan Xian’s earlobes instead.

“You gave up your information advantage and jump out to negotiate with me directly.
And when there was a way out, you insisted on accepting this potentially deadly earring.
Now you’re anxious to know the truth.
Whether there’s a problem with the human refuge clearly has nothing to do with you— I could have arranged everything for you, from a safe environment to a good life and you just need to cooperate with me without any unnecessary worries.”

“As a price, information must be obtained through you, the rescue must be approved by you, and actions must be monitored by you.” Ruan Xian sighed.
“This is called being raised, not cooperation.”

Tang Yibu let out a sigh and moved his fingertips along Ruan Xian’s earlobes to the center of his eyebrows.
Instead of diminishing the confusion on his face, it became a bit thicker.

“…I thought Ruan Xian would only give you the most basic survival functions, and then initiate the destruction process.
Unexpectedly, he imbued you with human memories and even higher than human intelligence.
Are you so enthusiastic about humans because he has given you the mission to ‘save mankind’?”

“Maybe.” Ruan Xian tightened his body.
“Do you know Ruan Xian well?”

“We have been in contact.”

“…What kind of person is he?”

Tang Yibu retracted his fingers.
This time he was silent for a long time.

“Based on my evaluation of mankind, he’s a cruel person,” the android spoke slowly.
“And I agree with this view.”

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