with blades.
Ruan Xian’s brain was sore from the pain, and he only felt that he had been put on a red-hot iron plate.

The touch was too real, not like a dream, let alone an illusion.

Ruan Xian gritted his teeth and took in a breath.
Whether it was still some scorching traces of explosion or corpses belong to unknown creatures, it seemed like this wasn’t a peaceful area.

It wasn’t safe here.

Although the confusion of waking up at the beginning was still there, this definitely wasn’t a good time to lie down and recall life.
He had to find a place to hide himself first.
Resisting the perception and pain that pressed down from all sides, Ruan Xian concentrated his energy and quickly judge the situation in front of him…

He was lying on the edge of a pit enlarged by an explosion.
Not far from it was a semi-collapsed underground corridor.
There were a number of fresh corpses and weird carapace fragments was scattered everywhere.
Judging from the damage, this creature was likely to be the target of the explosion.

The explosion itself should have occurred not long ago as the charred land still emanated heat.
The scale wasn’t small, but it was concentrated so the scope of the spread wasn’t large.

Ruan Xian took a breath and tried to contract his muscles.
He jerked around trying to find a way to control his limbs.
Perhaps it was because he hadn’t moved in so long, not to mention his legs that he hadn’t used for so many years, Ruan Xian spent a lot of effort just to regain control of his arms.

The feeling of his arms moving was like pulling a box of iron blocks with a string.
The pain caused by the friction made him sweat almost immediately.

Ryan Xian knew his physical condition.
His skin itself was fragile.
If the wounds on his arm touched anything in this hellhole, the risk of infection was enough for him to roll over.

Unfortunately, he had no choice.

Ruan Xian subconsciously looked at the arm that had moved into his field of vision, but what caught his eye wasn’t the familiar dark red lesion, but a normal smooth skin.

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This time, he became completely awake.

Living to this age, Ruan Xian had never seen such healthy skin grew on his body.

Unfortunately, in the face of the pie falling from the sky, Mr.
Ruan didn’t have the opportunity to savor it.
Not far away, something was whistling, sliding on the ground, and moving quickly in his direction.

The sound of friction pierced his skull through his overly keen hearing causing him to tremble.

Those who were coming were swaying through the grass.
No matter what hellish kind of strange situation he was in right now, it was better survive first.
There was a sense of desolation everywhere.
It didn’t look like a place where people would pass by, so it wasn’t a good idea to shout for help blindly when an unknown party was approaching.

Regardless of the pain, Ruan Xian propped up his arms, gritted his teeth and crawled towards the half-collapsed underground corridor.

On his way while moving awkwardly, Ruan Xian tried to raise his head and his gaze swept roughly to the destination.
A few falling concrete slabs propped up a half-person-high entrance, which looked stable.
Unless a tap-dancing elephant suddenly fell from the sky, the structure should be enough to survive another small explosion.

As long as he didn’t venture too deep and just hid at the entrance of the cave for a while, it shouldn’t be a problem.

There was a small cracking sound from deep in the ground, which wasn’t normal, but considering his weight, range of motion, and the size of the cracking sound, it should still be okay.

The body that hadn’t exercised for a long time felt abnormally heavy.
His muscles seemed to be stuffed with charcoal and sweat oozed out.
After staying in a wheelchair for so long, he had long forgotten how to manipulate his legs and only his arms could barely exert a little strength, which made his pace not much faster than a snail.

What was approaching was obviously much faster.

A hoarse and unpleasant howl exploded not far away.
Ruan Xian, who was still panting for breath, made a quick decision.
He held his breath and stopped moving.
The entrance of the cave used for refuge was still more than 20 meters away from him, so it was too late.
For now, he could only lower his sense of existence first, then pray that the thing not far away didn’t have an ability to locate by temperature.

The monster that he had never seen before was wandering more than a hundred meters away, looking close to a giant queen ant that was dragging its monstrous abdomen.
However, in front of the translucent abdomen that was more than one meter high was embedded with hermit crab like feet that resembled nothing like an “ant”.
He couldn’t even find where the mouth of this alien was.

From this angle, he surmised that it was looking for corpses on the other side of the pit.
The creepy chewing sound was regular and came from tangled steps.
It ate slowly, as if it had no interest in Ruan Xian, who was pretending to be dead not far away.

Ruan Xian laid obediently on the spot.
The edge of the broken tiles under him hurt his chest, but he didn’t dare move it.

His heart was beating frantically under his ribs and sweat kept sliding down his skin.
Fear was like a barbed tongue, licking down his spine, leaving a string of ominous tingles.
Not to mention his body was still unable to move normally, there wasn’t even a branch around him that could be used as a weapon.

Now he could only hope that uncle monster nearby could eat and drink enough as soon as possible, so it would be turned off from having itself a meal of fresh human flesh.

Unfortunately, things in the world never went according to plans.
Uncle monster finished gnawing on the corpses around it and turned around a few times in the same place.
Ruan Xian was just about to change his breath secretly, when without warning, the monster turned its head, drew back its strange feet, and jumped directly to him.

However, the expected pain came later.

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As soon as the monster landed, a dull crash sounded immediately.
Ruan Xian realized that he was falling, so he threw himself on his back into a deeper part of the ruins.

Another wave of severe pain hit, like a hammer had bashed into his brain, or his nerves was directly soaked in sulfuric acid.
A small steel bar had pierced his side abdomen causing blood to gush out of the wound.
Ruan Xian finally couldn’t hold back anymore and groaned lowly, making a few soft moans.

The opening of the collapsed hole wasn’t small.
Sunlight poured down and the dust slowly floated from the beams of light.

Human bones were mixed with charred metal parts.
Scattered on the ground were many weapons similar to guns.
Pieces of rotting clothing were glued to mechanical stumps, piled up in piles, mostly covered with dust.
There was metal poles that were tangled with wires that were rusted and slanted in rubbish heaps.

It was like a broken tombstone in a cemetery.

Ruan Xian tightened his body subconsciously and this action caused the steel bar to add more pressure to his abdomen.
He was panting wildly, sweating in pain.
Fortunately, the monster landed on its back.
It was obviously overprotective of its soft belly and was waving its feet trying to get back up.

This was his chance.

He hurriedly stood up, taking a full two minutes to dislodge the steel bar.
After getting rid of it, the tormenting pain was immediately replaced by a tingling, like a nest of ants that was having a carnival in his wound.

The monster was still writhing in place.

With a sigh of relief, Ruan Xian leaned on the nearest slate and tried to check the condition of the wound.
The location the steel bar pierced was thankfully biased, and his important internal organs didn’t seem to be damage, but blood loss and infection would be a problem, so it was best to deal with it as soon as possible.

However, the wound that had just formed had disappeared at this moment.

The author has something to say:

Start of a new novel–·*·:≡(ε:)

Thank you all for your support! Super touched!!!

…I think my characters seems to have the tendency to be unlucky at the beginning…

Kinky Thoughts:

I really like this author ever since I started translating Stray, so I decided to pick up another work by her.
This is a sci-fi/fantasy that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world.
Hopefully you will like this novel as much as Stray, and for those who haven’t read Stray, I would strongly recommend you do.

You can read the summary and see if it piques your interest.

Updates will be every Friday for this series until I finish Stray.

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