is boots, the medium-sized aircraft split in two and stretched out six pairs of guns that floated symmetrically behind him.
It looked like two open black shells.

Several mechanical police dogs stopped at his feet and squatted down obediently.
The crimson circle of light on their heads was still blinding.

It was a sturdy, tall man.
He wore a long black trench coat, slim style, and there wasn’t any intricate decoration on his clothes, like some kind of uniform.
The half-face gas mask covered his face, and he had a military like cap on that revealed a little pale skin that lacked sunlight and slightly too long black hair.

Those eyes were somewhat familiar, but they were full of indifference and numbness, plus a creepy playfulness.

Seeing that shooting was useless, Chi Lei slowly moved a few steps and blocked Ding Zepeng behind him.

The man discovered his little move and laughed unabashedly.
Chi Lei was not shaken by the laughter.
He still held his gun vigilantly with the muzzle pointing straight at his opponent’s heart.

He suddenly saw a little light in the bushes behind the man.
He didn’t know when they got there but Ruan Lijie and 231 were sitting in the bushes not far away, using the infrared camouflage metal boxes to reflect the light of the rising sun.
The mysterious Ruan Lijie was covered in blood, was pale, and made a gesture to delay time.

It seemed that they may still have some hope.
Chi Lei was just about to breathe a sigh of relief…

Oblivious to the two people behind him, the person in front of Chi Lei pulled down his gas mask.
The moment he saw his face, Chi Lei subconsciously stopped breathing, like he had fallen into an ice cave, while Ding Zepeng, who was behind him fell flat on his ass, and almost dropped the suitcase in his arms.

“Chi Ge, you’re still the same.” The man’s tone was smooth as he slowly pulled the gas mask to his chin.
“Seriously, your reaction is just as funny every time.”

What was revealed behind the mask was Ding Zepeng’s facial features.

The person looked a few years older than their Xiao Ding, and there was no trace of honesty on his face.
The temperament was like an open-edge military knife, gloomy and sharp.

The Ding Zepeng who was behind Chi Lei breathing became more raid.
He had a tendency to breathe excessively.
Chi Lei stepped back subconsciously, and his face changed from shock to blankness.

“Don’t be afraid Xiao Ding.
Don’t be afraid,” he said dreamily, not knowing whether he was trying to comfort the young man behind him or himself.
“This is… This is an android.
This must be an android.”

“Android? You mean the pile of garbage left over from the old world? A fragile human body plus an incomplete electronic brain is simply the worst combination.
Except for the few who were given shells by MUL-01, the others are nothing more than inferior machines.”

The older “Ding Zepeng” had a bit more sarcasm on his face.
He made a gesture, and a mechanical police dog passed by Chi Lei’s side and tore off his waist bag, plus a large piece of flesh on the side of his waist.

Chi Lei grunted bitterly as blood quickly stained his waist.

Dressed in black, “Ding Zepeng” quickly found the medicine box, opened the medicine that restrained androids in disgust, and swallowed it in front of the two of them.
The gestures was easy and casual, as if he was a cat holding down the tail of a mouse.

“Even if you don’t believe me, you should believe in Guan Haiming’s technology.” The man laughed again.
“Don’t escape reality, both of you.
It’s a pity but I’m a human being.”

He pretended to extend his hand to the air in front of him, posing as a handshake.
“Order Supervisor, Ding Zepeng.
For the sake of distinction, you can call me Major Ding.”

In the bushes a dozen steps away, Ruan Xian almost dropped the infrared camouflage in his hand.
He stared at the back figure in shock.
Unlike himself, the man swallowed the pill firmly, and his tone didn’t sound like a lie.

If the so-called Major Ding was telling the truth… there were real humans in MUL-01’s camp, and the number of people was large enough to form an organization with a “title”.


The scene in front of him began to make him uncomfortable all over his body.

“Tang Yibu, have you finished yet?” Ruan Xian mumbled and asked in a extremely low voice.

“He’s equipped with a strong armor, not a defenseless detection bird.
Once I block the transmission of information here, he will immediately notice it, and then take Chi Lei and Ding Zepeng as hostages.
Information blocking must be after the armor is turned off.”

Tang Yibu gestured quickly in the air, as if he was conducting an invisible orchestra.
“His armor is outside the network.
I have to break it through others means—”

“How much longer will it take?”

“Ten minutes.” Even though the situation was so tense, Tang Yibu still exuded a certain unhurried sense of being an outsider.

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“Too long.
Let me help you.
Give me an interface.” Ruan Xian quickly turned on the light screen of his electronic wristband.
Tang Yibu swiped in his direction and countless data instantly filled the small light screen.

“How long will it take you finish processing?”

“Four minutes at most.” Ruan Xian quickly scanned the screen for data.
As soon as the wet clothes on his body showed some signs of drying out, it was wet again from his cold sweat.

“So a total of four more minutes is needed.”

Ruan Xian took a deep breath, leaned out his body slightly, and conveyed the time information to Chi Lei with gestures.
Chi Lei’s gaze had already begun to drift, and Ruan Xian gestured three times before he pressed his cheeks tightly and nodded at a very slow speed.

“…Order Supervisor? I have heard that they were just a bunch of contraptions, but it seems you’re just the Mainbrain’s dogs, traitors to humanity.” Chi Lei’s voice was so hoarse that it didn’t sound like his own.
He began to consciously pick up Major Ding’s words and try to converse.

“Ruan Xian is the betrayer of humanity.
If he hadn’t insisted on going against MUL-01, the Resistance would’ve been all but wiped out a long time ago, and the observation of the rebels wouldn’t have lasted so long.
To be honest, you’re all paying for his caprice alone.”

Major Ding seemed to be a little interested.
Without looking at more than a dozen black guns behind him, just by listening to his tone, he sounded almost like he was talking to an old friend.

Ruan Xian, who was cracking the data, paused.

“In order to preserve the so-called ‘human tinder’… he suggested that you install a black box, throw down false hope, and then ‘foster’ you here under the Mainbrain.
He knew that the Mainbrain would be happy to swallow this bait and knew that you would die as a result.
For example, Zhang Yazhe had just experienced his 92nd death.”

Chi Lei’s face was pale as paper.

“This is the first time you know the truth here, right, Chi Lei? How does it feel to be played around by your most respected Ruan Xian?”


With three minutes left, Ruan Xian quickly broke open the encrypted data, his fingertips and toes were becoming paralyzed by tension.

“Because—Because we are humans.” Seeing Chi Lei fall into silence, Ding Zepeng swallowed his saliva and plucked up the courage to refute, but his voice was still shaking badly.
“If Professor Ruan hadn’t done this, we would be killed by MUL-01 in the first place.
Now at least many people are alive…”

“‘We’?” Turning his gaze to Ding Zepeng, Major Ding’s voice suddenly became indifferent.
“You are just a clone of me, and your memories are all fake, edited by me.
Do you really think you’re human?”

Ding Zepeng cowered for a moment, and he looked at Chi Lei helplessly.
However, Chi Lei just covered the wound and stared blankly at the void in front of him.

“Your life has only two uses.” Major Ding lowered his gaze and looked down at Ding Zepeng sitting on the ground.
The dozens of guns behind him turned their direction and headed straight towards Xiao Ding.
“First, when I deal with people in the shelter, this face can make them relax.
Second, you have made things more fun and help me pass the boring time.”

“My life is my own.

“Excessive worship of elders, lack of opinions, lack of self-confidence, and gullible.
It’s also worth mentioning worth mentioning I replaced your athletic talents from my past.
You see, if you implant such a boring life fabricated out of thin air, even ‘I’ can also become such a loser.”

Ding Zepeng pulled the suitcase behind him and shrank.

There were only two minutes left.
Sweat dripped down the tip of Ruan Xian’s nose.
They had already broken the armor device behind Major Ding.
As long as they stopped the energy system…

“This is the fifth time we have had such a conversation,” Major Ding continue cruelly.
“I also deliberately let you go back and clear your memories.
Although it’s unlikely… If you are lucky and run away this time, remember to say hello to Guan Haiming before your memories get wiped.”

Ding Zeping slowly raised his head in shock and looked at the “self” in front of him.
“You know Guan Haiming?”

“One-sided.” Major Ding took a few more steps closer and the gun behind him clicked softly as it entered the calibration stage.
Guan has always been the object of my admiration, and as a fellow informant, I can’t figure out why he insists on staying on Ruan Xian’s side.”

“Because Haiming is a kind person.
A kind person doesn’t treat human life like a toy.” Ding Zepeng took two steps back as he squeezed the sentence between his teeth.
He looked at “himself” directly in the eyes, with a bit more anger in his tone.

Chi Lei finally moved as he turned to the two of them.
His eyes were complicated and sad and looked as if his entire body had drastically aged.

One minute.

“You’re not qualified to call him ‘Haiming’, and also you’re not qualified to be angry at me either.” Major Ding glanced at Chi Lei and found that he had no intention of fighting.
He snorted coldly and continued to focus on Ding Zepeng.

“Why? This mouth belongs to me! If the Mainbrain doesn’t want it to be used, it can just kill us all and create a bunch of androids to observe.
That way, it can edit the memories at any time, saving you a lot of trouble.” Ding Zepeng was still trembling, but there was a little angry smile on his face.

Thirty seconds.

“It’s certainly better to observe creatures that are close to their original ecology.
Puppet shows are meaningless.” Major Ding glanced at the time on the screen and called out the operation interface of his weapon.
“Don’t think too highly of yourself.
You guys make this scene seem so pathetic, but to me, it’s just a daily data refresh.”

Ten seconds.

Major Ding thought for a while and instead of activating his weapon, he took out his own gun and put the muzzle between Ding Zepeng’s eyebrows.

“I don’t like the way you laugh,” he said softly.
“Never did.”

Ding Zepeng’s eyes were covered with mud stains and dust.
He dug his fingers into the turf and stared at himself.

At the same time, Tang Yibu cleared his throat from behind the bushes.
“The armor program is destroyed, and the exchange of information with MUL-01 is temporarily blocked.
If you need me to get rid of him—”

A gunshot sounded.

The floating machine fell to the ground with a loud bang.
The body that once belong to a human fell heavily to the ground.
His head was blown up by a bullet.
Blood and brain matter spilled all over the ground.
Memory, emotion, time, or the necessary parts that made up the “soul” slid down the grass and onto the soil.

Ruan Xian stood behind the bush with a gun in his hands.

Time seemed to be suspended.
The smell of human tissue was mixed with bloody gas.
He smelled the smoke from the muzzle of his gun, the heat of the rising sun seeping through the leaves, and the shock and fear emanating from his pores— Others, as well as his own.

The sun had already risen, and his eyes were shining brightly but his hands and feet were still cold.
Perhaps he should vomit, be afraid, and collapse hysterically.
This was normal.
Even the most capable detective had to undergo psychological intervention after killing.
There was no shame in this.

In an instant, he felt a lot of things, such as anxiety about the reality, sorrow for Zhang Yazhe, worry about Ding Zepeng and Chi Lei.

But there was no guilt.
He searched desperately for emotions, like rummaging through a drawer full of debris.

No guilt.

Ruan Xian lowered his gun.
It seemed that he had broken the old chain that entangled a box with a single shot.
The chain jingled to the ground as the demon floated out.
It had been lurking there for a long time, scratching his heart from the inside day and night, but now it finally broke free and stretched its claws to the outside world.

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“Tang Yibu, get ready to replace the intercepted data.
His armor failed because of malfunction and then he was attacked,” he heard himself whispering.
“Then we leave here right away.”

He found himself taking a step, stepping over the body that had his head blown up, with the most appropriate soothing smile on his face and walked towards Ding Zepeng, who was covered with blood.

“Good job, Xiao Ding.
You bought a lot of time.” His voice was steady.
“Chi Ge, you’d better leave quickly—”

“No,” Chi Lei said.

He raised his gun and fired wildly at the body of Major Ding on the ground.
His face was blank.
The gun was almost empty, and the body bounced uncontrollably on the ground as he fired.
After he stopped, Chi Lei rubbed his hand on the barrel of the gun and raised his eyes to look at Ding Zepeng, who was shaking into a ball beside him.

“Xiao Ding, go back,” Chi Lei said wearily.
“I can’t go.”

Ding Zepeng finally staggered up from the ground.
He hugged the suitcase tightly and tugged at Chi Lei’s coat.
His face was full of pleading.

Chi Lei took a step back.

“I have a bad temper and suspicious as hell, but there are three people I would never doubt,” Chi Lei said slowly.
The man was dyed in blood under the morning sun, looking exceptionally thin.
“Professor Ruan, Lao Zhang, and you.
You are my family.
The refuge is my home.”

“Chi Ge.” Ding Zepeng’s eyes flushed.

“But today, my home is no longer a home.
As far as my temper is concern, I don’t have the confidence to go back to the refuge and act properly.
In addition, like I said, I have a shitty problem of doubting this and that.
Now I know that Lao Zhang lied to me, Professor Ruan lied to me, and you are…”

Chi Lei didn’t continue.

Xiao Ding wiped his eyes with his sleeve.
Ruan Xian stood in silence as he stared at Chi Lei’s expression.

“This won’t work,” Chi Lei sighed.
“I can’t work together with everyone without any problems, but I don’t want to leave this team, and MUL-01 shouldn’t want this to happen either… I want to keep trusting you guys.
I have to keep trusting you guys.”

“Chi Ge, Chi Ge! Go back.
Go back with me to Guan Haiming and let him wipe your memory—” Realizing what the other party wanted to do, Ding Zepeng suddenly panicked.

“That will leave a record and I’ll become suspicious sooner or later.
All in all, this matter has come to this point, and I blame myself for being incapable when we were in the city— Don’t cry! I’ll see you again tomorrow.
Xiao Ding, you have to promise me that you’ll forget this when you go back.”

Then his eyes turned to Ruan Xian.

“Thank you for your help, Ruan Lijie.
Although I don’t think that’s your name.” Chi Lei’s voice sank.
“If you can do what you did just now… If you have the ability to interfere with the communication between that guy and the Mainbrain, replace me as the person who killed him in the replacement data.
This way, MUL-01 will not notice you on the scene.
I’ll pay you back for your little favor.”

He stuck the gun to his temple.

“But I still believe in my intuition, Ruan Lijie.” He grinned weakly, his eyebrows were gloomy, and his expression was a bit like when they first met.
“…You’re a dangerous guy.”

Chi Lei’s tone was still a little vulgar and mean, and it was difficult to tell whether he was joking or lamenting in earnest.

Then another gunshot rang out.

Ding Zepeng’s knees softened, and he knelt on the ground.
He covered his eyes and only saw dark red on his fingers.
Ruan Xian slowly squatted down and patted him on the back but couldn’t say anything.

Half an hour later, over the city of artificial intelligence, in the mechanical cavity of the blind spider.

Pale hands grabbed the metal armrest, and after a few waves of liquid agitation, a man stepped out of the liquid tank with one leg.
He casually pulled the bath towel on the shelf, dried his dripping hair, and put on a simple bathrobe.

“Good morning, Major Ding Zepeng.
Your breakfast is ready.” As soon as his wet feet stepped on the ground, the electronic sound reminded him just right.
Major Ding rolled his eyelids and skillfully coughed out a small amount of fluid remaining in his lungs.

A hot breakfast was being served a short distance away, no different from yesterday’s.
Major Ding glanced at it with a lack of interest and began to change his clothes.

First, in the early hours of yesterday morning, you once again violated Article 64 of the confidentiality regulations and implanted and activated a sensor device other than an auxiliary chip for the sample without authorization.
This behavior increases the risk of being discovered by the sample.
Your service time will be extended for 365 days.”

Major Ding hummed casually.

“Second, your communication time with the sample yesterday was 6 minutes and 23 seconds.
If you exceed the prescribed 3 minutes, your service time will be extended for 15 days.”

“Hmm.” Major Ding responded still absent-mindedly.

“Third, yesterday you made an inappropriate statement about the current management mechanism, and the relevant memories have been erased.”

“Inappropriate statement? Um… after meeting Chi Lei and the others, I guess I said something like how many times they had died.
That’s just to shake them up.
I have no complaints about the data refresh mechanism of the Mainbrain.”

“Reason rejected.
Please keep in mind the guidelines.
Data refresh does not equal death.
As an Order Supervisor, please be cautious.
Please remember that you are enjoying the best quality data refresh service.
During your service time, you’ll never be troubled by illness, aging, or death.” The machine pulled a tiresome long tone.


Major Ding looked out the window.
It was a sunny day today, and there was no cloud on the blue sky.
The empty city under his feet rumbled as usual, receiving countless memories, calculations, and editing huge memory data from all directions by auxiliary chips— As the real black box.

He manipulated the spider-shaped surveillance machine, turned the viewpoint, and casually opened the communication device.

“Sample No.
24 Zhang Yazhe, sample No.
29 Chi Lei, the detector has confirmed both corpses and the backup refresh is complete.
Two new human corpses were found under mountain peak No.
The deceased had taken an identity jammer, so unable to confirm identity, but no obvious effect.
Sample No.
897 Ding Zepeng has returned to the refuge, priority observation, data refresh aborted.
End of report.”

Having said that, he turned on the largest light screen in front of him.

A burst of soft music sounded, and the cold mechanical voice was replaced by a soothing and beautiful female voice.
“Today’s weather in petri dish No.
1036 is sunny to cloudy.
There will be light rain in local areas in the evening.
All 27 forest sanctuaries in the petri dish have started to operate.
Please pay attention, Order Supervision Personnel, and correct any wrong data in time.”

The man skillfully pressed his palm on the cold operation panel.

“Greetings, Major Ding.
Welcome back.
Your data refresh today has been completed and you are in good physical condition.
There is still 23 hours, 50 minutes, and 13 seconds until your next refresh.
Have a nice day.”

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