changed all the newly acquire contribution points for salt bean cakes and sweet potatoes and wrapped them in a small package.

“It’s more chaotic outside.
We have to wait until the evening before crossing over.” Tang Yibu sat down in the shade of a tree and peeled a sweet potato intently as he spoke solemnly.
“You should take a break.”

“Nn.” Ruan Xian didn’t say much.

“I thought you would want to say goodbye to the people in the refuge.” Seeing Ruan Xian sitting down not far away, Tang Yibu stuffed the sweet potato into his mouth.

“I thought your purpose was to get me to leave with you voluntarily, not be reluctant to,” Ruan Xian said indifferently, unscrewing the lid of the water bottle and poured himself a glass of water.

“Now I don’t understand what Ruan Xian wants to do.” Tang Yibu’s voice sounded a bit vague and Ruan Xian stopped pouring water.

“Using an old-fashion android to destroy the S-Type Prototype, up to this point I can still understand.
There should be three possibilities on the next logical steps—One, have prearranged people completely destroy you.
Two, infuse you with a personality included for self-preservation and hide among the survivors to be used by the humans if necessary.
Three, arrange for you to actively help humans.”

“So you took me back to the shelter.”

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“Yes, I needed to determine your personality tendencies and formulate a cooperation plan, but my judgement was wrong.”


“I thought it was situation three.
Before, you meet all the characteristics— Approaching humans with gestures, making plans from the perspective of altruism rather than self-interest, and your mild personality fits best for human acceptance.” Tang Yibu finished eating his sweet potato and licked his fingertips.

Ruan Xian held his breath.

“But if it’s situation three, you would have strong negative emotions about killing humans.
However, after killing Major Ding, your reaction was too flat.
With the case of MUL-01 looming, it’s impossible for Ruan Xian to make such a low-level mistake.”

After a pause for a few seconds, Tang Yibu turned his head blankly.
Ruan Xian didn’t speak.
He just slowly raised his hand and touched the fatal earring on his ear.

“If you ask me, you don’t quite look like Ruan Xian’s work.” Tang Yibu leaned closer; his eyes remained unblinking.
“Chi Lei’s intuition may be correct.
He knows human habits and emotional tendencies well, and possess a very high degree of intelligence, which allows him to hide his dark side well.
For humans, you turn out to be the most dangerous opponent.”

A very familiar statement.

Ruan Xian’s nails dug into his palms and shrank cautiously, like a hedgehog trying to erect its thorns.
The vulture that’s condensed by pain swooped again as the memories of many years ago suddenly flooded him.

[I’m very sorry, Ms.
This genetic disease is very rare and cannot be cure with the current technology.
However, with appropriate drug treatment, we can slow down the rate of deterioration.
Along with the intelligence testing, we also came to the result… The patient has no intellectual defects.
On the contrary, the disease has affected his brain structure so that he has the intelligence far beyond an average person.]

[But there is one problem we must inform you— Due to brain lesions, he has a very poor ability to deal with emotions and the possibility of becoming a vicious criminal in the future is more than 99%.
Extraordinary intelligence will only make him more dangerous.
We have reported this situation to the Supervision Agency.
Please understand.]

[No, you have no right…]

[You did not conduct a comprehensive birth inspection at the beginning.
This situation could have been completely avoided.
Patients have already placed an additional burden on society and the potential danger is extremely high.
We must report truthfully and withdraw all medical subsidies.]

[Doctor, Ruan hasn’t spoken at this age and is slow to respond.
How can he be smart? Is there something wrong with the inspection result? My ex-husband and I are both ordinary people, and I have seen children who are smart and intelligent.
Ruan Xian is…]

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[Miss Ruan, you may have misunderstood what we said.
To be frank, I suggest you don’t look at him by the standards of human beings.
His intelligence is closer to another creature than us.
We have a similar record.
He’s too young and his lack of desire to communicate may be due to his inability to understand…]

[You just said he’s intelligent!]

[He can’t understand why the world is so “slow”, just like we can’t understand why children gets problems like 1 and 2 wrong.]


[I don’t think you have the ability to pay the full medical expenses.
Taking into account your situation, you can apply for social assistance, and we can take a more humane approach.
Of course, we understand your feelings and we suggest that you separate from the patient for a while…]

[He’s my son!]

[The intensive care unit is closed.
If you insist on bringing him back, we will not stop you, but please understand that he’s likely to not have normal emotional function and will not be able to understand your “love”.
Maybe living with him for a while can change your mind.
In short, before this child turns five years old, you still have the chance to go back, and we’ll choose the least painful—]


‘But in the end, she regretted it,’ Ruan Xian thought.

What would Tang Yibu do? The android was cautious and calm and there was no emotion between them.
Would Tang Yibu leave? Or simply destroy his brain and turn him into the literal sense of a blood bag? In front of the opponent’s agile skill, he had no chance of winning.

Ruan Xian stared at those golden eyes that were motionless like stones, quietly waiting for the other party’s conclusion.

Tang Yibu slowly stretched out a hand…

And then he poked Ruan Xian’s cheek.

“…That means you’re more human than I thought,” the android announced showing a smile.
“Very interesting.”

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