laid slowly on the ground and calmly put on the coffin-style sleeping position that Ruan Xian was familiar with.

“Aren’t you going to struggle?” For a moment, Ruan Xian wanted to poke the android with the knife he was holding.
“For example, tear open this net and then find a better place to sleep.”

“This net is too strong.
If I tear it with my bare hands, it’ll arouse their vigilance.
This is good.
We have to deal with the pirates sooner or later.” Tang Yibu had let the net fall on his face as he spoke calmly.

Ruan Xian persistently use the knife to cut for a while, and finally determined that this thing was in every sense of the phrase yielding neither to soft nor hard*.
He moved to Tang Yibu’s side and sat down in a posture that was a bit subtly consistent with the crestfallen scavenger puppet not far away.
“Are you sure they won’t kill us?”

*(软硬不吃) Refers to being immune to cajolery or coercion.
|| Basically, it’s saying the net can’t be broken through forceful of soft means.

“Usually not.
We can pretend to be humans.
Humans at this age are useful labor and an important resource.” Tang Yibu stretched out his hand to hook Ruan Xian’s waist and fixed him tightly to his side.
“It’s not too late to run.
If something goes wrong, and you can still catch a ride.”

“What ride? “Ruan Xian grabbed the hooked arm and asked vigilantly.

What happened next was faster than Tang Yibu’s answer.

As fast as the net came, it pulled back just as quickly.
It passed through the wreckage of the ship like a phantom, leaving only the two humans and the machines with vital characteristics behind, and yanked straight towards the Sea of Ruins.

The net was pulled into the air, causing the spherical little machines and the scavenger puppet to squeeze tight like packed sardines.
The speed of the oncoming wind was extremely fast, causing the net to spin rapidly and made Ruan Xian nauseous that he almost vomited.
Tang Yibu, who had been lying straight, bent his body.
The two looked as if they were two shrimps caught in a fishing net.

After flying for a few minutes, they finally hit something soft.
Judging by the sense of shock under them, the thing that caught them was very close to an air cushion made of plastic cloth.

This time Ruan Xian decisively decided to play dead with Tang Yibu.

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“The harvest is good.
Those idiots in the west can still do us some good even if they die.” A hoarse male voice sounded in his ears.
“Let me see… Thirty-five iron beads.
Oh, a scavenger puppet.
This will make me a lot of money.”

An iron rod stretched out and poked Ruan Xian’s waist directly.

“Someone.” The thick voice immediately became vigilant.
The pole was pulled back and there was a click as if a weapon was being activated.
“Gang Zi, turn the net over and have a look.”


The net under him was drawn away, and the spherical machinery jingled and scattered.
Ruan Xian collapsed motionless on the air cushion like a dead fish, staring at Tang Yibu, who was also facing down, from the crevices of his eyes.

“Both of them are still breathing.” The hoarse voice seemed to be talking to someone.
“How to put this… It doesn’t look like they’re from the west.”

The air cushion sank under them, indicating someone was approaching.
One hand grabbed Ruan Xian’s hair and forced him to lift his face.
The visitor hissed a few breaths, let go of him, and grabbed Tang Yibu on the other side.

“Two little white faces.
There are no such people in the west.
Looking at their appearance, they’re either androids or were genetically modified.” He sounded a little confused.
“They have good physique and looks strong.
Captain, look at this— Okay, okay.
I’ll get them back first.
You said location? Just over the wall of petri dish 1306.”

Ruan Xian tried his best to listen, but he could only hear murmurs.
Most likely the other party wasn’t giving instructions via voice.

“Gang Zi!” A thick voice rumbled causing the communicator to shake.
“Tie these two up and take them to the stronghold cell.”

Gang Zi didn’t answer.
Ruan Xian could feel a large hand directly grabbing him and wrapped him into a spring roll with a restraining strap.
He and Tang Yibu were carried on the person’s shoulder; one on each side as they rocked forward with the giant.

First the shaking motion was regularly, then it felt like some kind of wheeled vehicle similar to a floating motorcycle.
After being blown by the cool breeze for about half an hour, the big man known as “Gang Zi” finally stopped moving.
He opened something causing a bang…

Then came the fall.

First Tang Yibu, then himself.
They were thrown into a dark hole like garbage by the big man.
Within a few seconds, Ruan Xian confirmed his thoughts.
They were sliding down a garbage chute of a high-rise building and the speed was accelerating.

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Two dirty spring rolls ejected from the outlet of the garbage chute and fell to the ground one after the other.
Tang Yibu landed first and unfortunately became Ruan Xian’s meat cushion.
He gave a pitiful “ugh”, twisted his body, and got out from under Ruan Xian.

“There’s no one nearby.” Ruan Xian moved his shoulders and found that he couldn’t break free from what was restraining his body.
Fortunately, the garbage chute had been abandoned for a long time as there was no residual garbage left.
Otherwise, he would’ve gone crazy at this moment.

They were thrown into a strange room, which at first glance looked like a half-collapsed ordinary apartment.
The fine and hard iron bars were obviously installed later, and they were roughly inserted into the exquisite wooden floor.
Decorative paintings hung crooked on the wall, and a fabric sofa was overturned in the corner.
Most of the sofa cover was broken and covered with dust.

“I fell and I’m a little hurt,” Tang Yibu spoke deeply.

“Uh-huh.” Ruan Xian continued to observe the surroundings vigilantly.

“I need some treatment.” The android squirmed like a worm and approached him, obviously with no intention of unlocking his restraints.

“Come on, be strong.” Ruan Xian glanced at the stains on the other party’s lips and inched a few steps back.
“It’s good to feel more pain.
It’s more realistic.”

“You’re faking it—”

“Your mouth is stained with dirt and mold from the garbage.
If you dare put your mouth near me, I’ll make it hurt even more severely later.” Ruan Xian spoke very fast.
This time he almost poured out all the thoughts that appeared in his mind.

“I understand.” Tang Yibu nodded solemnly.
“Sorry, I’ll remember to wipe my mouth in the future.”

“…There is no future.”

The light suddenly snapped on.

“It doesn’t seem to be an android and he also seem to have the mind to flirt at this time.” The visitor was wearing a dirty jacket, but his hair was neat.
He wore gold wire glasses that had cracks on them and were frame on the bridge of his nose, having a svelte appearance.

“The great Tu Rui, deputy captain of the Walking Stones.
Good evening to you both.”

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