can really go there, you will die sooner or later.” The burly man shrugged, as if he had seen through Ruan Xian’s mind.
“The Sea of Ruins is a maze.
It’s absolutely impossible to traverse without a map and guide.”

Ruan Xian retracted his gun.
“…One has to try it.”

The burly man had the expression of “I’m used to hearing that” on his face.
He pointed to the two sets of metal clothes in the distance.
“Can your wristband still be used? I’ll pass you the information and data.
If you find enough things worth 2,000 points, you can hand them in.
I’ll contact you two when you’re done.”

Ruan Xian didn’t speak again.
He obediently received the information, put on metal spacesuit, and stood next to Tang Yibu, who had wrapped himself in his metal spacesuit a long time ago.

“Since Mr.
Ruan has a weapon, we will no longer provide one.” The burly man muttered, knocking hard on the old machine.
“There is no map under here.
Please help us explore the way.
Let’s go.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ruan Xian’s the ground under Ruan Xian disappeared.

The long metal tubes on their spacesuit whizzed and stretched.
At the speed at why they fell, it was close to free fall.
Their body was slightly hot, and the cross-sections of countless buildings and debris passed in front of them.
They were diving into countless ruins, passing through cement and bricks like ghosts.

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He didn’t know how long they were falling until they finally slowed down, then they stopped in the air and hung in a dark hall quietly for more than ten seconds.
As soon as Ruan Xian wanted to make a tentative sound, the spacesuit completely tore open on both sides and the two of them fell down.

Fortunately, they weren’t far from the ground to really become injured from the fall.

In the next second, the metal spacesuit gradually rose and disappeared on the decayed ceiling, leaving a few circles of ripples like water waves.

“Are you sure you want to deal with these people?” Ruan Xian coughed a few times among the ashes.

The other party’s intention was obvious.
In absence of a map, the only way out for ordinary people was to float up using those metal spacesuits.
In this way, they were thrown into the depths of the ruins that their own people had not reclaimed, and this was a test of their abilities.
If they were to return, the pirates would undoubtedly have a double harvest, both of materials and intelligence.
If they were unfortunately killed, Ruan Xian didn’t think Mr.
Tu would really feel bad about it.

This was the attitude of pirates.

“If it’s just observation, it’s the same anywhere.”

Tang Yibu unscrewed the lighting device on the communicator and wandered towards Ruan Xian.
The communicator looked like a flashlight for exploration, and it was thoughtfully equipped with a rope at the end.
“Don’t worry, they didn’t bug this thing.
It only has simple lighting, positioning, and image identification functions.”

“Whatever you want,” Ruan Xian responded flatly.
It didn’t make much difference to him.
After all, people didn’t write “I know Ruan Xian’s whereabouts” on their foreheads.
If they inquire for news about him, it was better that the other party was strong.

“But why did you do such an ineffective resistance just now?” Tang Yibu moved his wrist and carried the backpack used to hold loot.
He scanned the corners of the hall with the light, and his face returned to blankness.

“That person was too relaxed.
I wanted to know whether his backup was nearby or if he’s confident in his strength.” Ruan Xian sniffed, making sure he smelled the faint aroma of medicine.
“It would be weird not to resist.
After all, my guns were still on me and we just ‘crossed the dead wall’ and was full of resistance enthusiasm.”

“Is that what your indoctrinated human mind told you?”


“Very informative.
Thank you, Mr.
Ruan.” Tang Yi took two steps forward, avoiding a few drops of water dripping from the ceiling.
“It seems that my thinking angle is still a bit biased.”

Ruan Xian turned his head, didn’t speak again, and focused on the environment in front of him.

He didn’t need lighting to see the slightly tilted hall in front of him clearly.
They were standing in the middle of the abandoned hospital hall.
The consultation table was covered with black mold, there was glass broken into small pieces, and the infusion poles were lying in the corner.
A metal cart, which was crushed and deformed by the rubble, was lying on the ground, holding a dirty little bear doll.

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After temporarily stuffing the blood gun used for treatment back into the holster, Ruan Xian carefully pulled out the dirty doll.
The filling inside had rotted and exuded a thick, moist smell.
The doll had lost an eye and was staring at him with only one button left.
There was a red thread that hadn’t been pulled clean and was attached to the back of the button.

Ruan Xian raised his head and looked out along the glass window of the hall.
The other room was tightly squeezed out of the glass window of the hospital hall— A child’s bedroom, and several plush toys were stuck in the window connected to the hospital hall, pierced by broken glass.

There were no human corpses.

The entire space was empty, like a rotten insect shell.
Ruan Xian pursed his mouth and put the doll back in place.
After half a minute of silence, he turned on the electronic wristband and quickly scanned the “treasure” information thrown by the thieves.

“The most valuable are medicines, tools, and processed food, followed by waste parts and clothes.” Ruan Xian filled his head with all the information.
“Follow me, I can’t tell the difference between medicine, but at least I smell the food.”

Tang Yibu pulled out a few unopened syringes from the dust and threw them into his backpack.
When his backpack was opened again, canned drinks were thrown in.

“Affiliated convenience store.” Tang Yibu rubbed the dust on the metal bottle with his sleeve, “Yes, these things are still within the shelf life.
Would you like a can?”

Ruan Xian stopped throwing biscuits into the backpack.
He slipped across the shelf like a cat and pressed Tang Yibu’s head.

Tang Yibu was still holding the bottle of canned soda.
He was short and honestly hid himself behind the shelf.

“The pirates in the east sank Chen Ge’s ship,” a somewhat sharp male voice said.
“Fuck, I hope that the next time they ‘disinfect’, the Order Supervisor can send Yu Le’s things to the west.”

“He can’t run away,” a female voice replied to him.
“Look, it’s just his virtue.
Fan Lao* just doesn’t care about him because of us.
This kind of scumbag will sooner or later kill himself.”

*When Lao is used after a name it signifies respect to that person when addressing them (usually for someone who’s older).
Translated would be like Elder Fan.

“It’s a pity that Tu Rui couldn’t be pulled to our side.
That guy has a shrewd look and stands in line like an idiot.” A new voice joined in, which sounded a bit slick.

“Pity indeed! Have you heard that Tu Rui turned out to be from the rebel army? If he wants to come to our side, that would be a real disaster.”

“Hey… There’s more to this matter.
Didn’t Ruan Xian’s rebel army die a long time ago? Why is there still one alive?”

“Who knows?”

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