d fifth floor couldn’t be seen.
Tang Yibu quickly glanced at the pirate team patrolling on the fourth floor.
He didn’t want to alarm anyone, but the opportunity now was too good.

There was nothing that reflected the characteristics of a system better than “how they treat the dead”.

He hid in the shadows, stripped off his hypertrophic uniform, then threw the sleeping iron bead into the elevator and then followed inside.

Medical machinery was a common style in the human era.
Their size was close to half an oil barrel.
Tang Yibu had seen a few scrapped ones in the ruins of the hospital.
Although the two of them had been cleaned up nicely, metal patches and signs of old wear and tear were still clearly visible.
They ignored Tang Yibu, who was squeezing in, and directly pressed the “5” with the forbidden symbol.

The metal bead finally woke up this time.
It was obviously dissatisfied with the small confinement it was in at the moment and began to smash about frantically.
As the elevator door slid silently open, it slipped out with a whoosh.

The two medical machines lifted the body and kept up without delay.
Tang Yibu followed them closely and got out of the elevator with them.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see anything that could be used as an intelligence reference.

The rooms here were distributed close to the residential areas, but the glass walls were coated with opaque white paint, and the doors were all tightly closed.
The interior decoration was equally attentive, except that a thin layer of dust had fallen on the relief, which had obviously not been taken care of for a long time.
The walls were covered with reproductions of famous paintings, and the dining table was full of electronic papers for reading, which was unnaturally arranged.

Warm lights were lit in the corridor.
Compared with downstairs, the air here was more humid, and elegant living plant decorations could be seen everywhere.
At first glance, it was very close to a leisurely artificial garden.
The two medical machines carried the body around the dense indoor shrubs, and gradually disappeared at the corner of a certain passage.

Suddenly Tang Yibu felt a gun push on his head.
He raised his arms without the slightest intention of resisting.

“I haven’t seen you before,” a hoarse voice said.
“You’re not allowed to come up here casually.
Didn’t you see the warning in the elevator?”

“I’m new here.” Tang Yibu turned around obediently and blinked innocently at the muzzle of the gun pointed straight at his nose.
“My iron bead ran up, sir.
It chased the medical machines into the elevator.
The gentleman on the stretcher didn’t look very good so I was afraid of delaying their business and didn’t dare to stop.”

The eyes of the soldiers on the opposite side had dark blue eyes, but they looked more sober than the group of people on the first floor, and his eyes flashed with abnormal fanaticism.

“Iron bead?” The soldier’s voice was a little suspicious.

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“It definitely didn’t run far; I can guarantee it.
It’s a very small mechanical life and it’s usually very naughty—”

Seeing that the environment was unfamiliar, the iron bead didn’t dare to run far.
At this moment, it just rolled over with a grunt and began hitting Tang Yibu’s ankle.

“Attention all units, someone has entered the fifth floor.” The soldier glanced at the rattling iron bead and didn’t seem to buy Tang Yibu’s story.
“Which room are you in? Don’t move, I’ll check the surveillance.
If you lie at all…”

“I wouldn’t dare.
I live on the second floor, fifth room from the east side.
I forgot the door and house number.” Tang Yibu looked scared.

The soldier snorted hastily, holding a gun in one hand, turning on the mechanical device equipped on his wrist in the other, and began to look for monitoring records with one hand.

“Ouch—” Tang Yibu suddenly screamed.
He seemed to have tripped by the impact of the iron bead and rushed towards the soldier in front of him.
The soldier stepped back in time, but his wrist was brushed.

Without hesitation, he directly shot Tang Yibu twice in the thigh, and bright red blood gushed out quickly.

“Be honest!” the soldier roared.

Tang Yibu sat on the ground, his golden eyes slightly moist, groaning in pain.
The iron bead instantly hid behind Tang Yibu, too frightened to move.

Seeing that the other party was just covering the wound tightly, his face was confused and scared, the soldier narrowed his eyes and continued to check the surveillance records on the light screen.

On the light screen, the room on the second floor was arched open by the iron bead, and then the pretty boy in front of him chased after it and disappeared into the stairwell.
There were also clips of the two in the stairwell as well.
The soldier snorted, and finally brought the image up in the hall.
The iron bead rushed out of the shadows in the hall and squeezed into the elevator together with the medical machines.

There didn’t seem to be a problem with the other party’s confession, but just a faint blue light flashed from his wrist, which he hadn’t seen before.

Perhaps he was seeing things because he hadn’t had a break for so long.

The young man in front of him was empty-handed and looked harmless.
The soldier shook his head and cleared his throat.
“Take care of your pet! The people here are very important.
Not someone you can afford to offend… All units pay attention, the crisis is over! Let the medical machine send some emergency hemostatic medicine.”

After briefly stopping the bleeding, Tang Yibu was held up by soldier and thrown directly back to the door of his room.
The iron bead rolled honestly beside him with its mouth tightly closed.

After the soldiers left, Tang Yibu squatted at the door for a while before carefully opening the door…

“Do you mind explaining?” His partner was sitting at the head of the bed.
His linen robe was tied carelessly, revealing a smooth collarbone.
The other party’s expression wasn’t very good, and those dark eyes were aimed directly at him that Tang Yibu couldn’t help standing up straight.

Ruan Xian was full of a nameless fire.

For some reason, he suddenly felt cold in his sleep.
Instinctively, Ruan Xian shifted in the direction of Tang Yibu, trying to warm himself up—He endured for a while but still didn’t felt Tang Yibu and eventually inched himself all the way to the other end of the bed and rolled to the ground.

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There was still a little warmth left on Tang Yibu’s side, but his clothes and the iron bead were gone.
He had obviously been out for a while.

Ruan Xian’s brain was blank for a moment.
He was stunned for two seconds before he remembered to touch the earrings on his earlobes.
The hard metal made him feel lost for an instant, followed by vigilance, mixed with an inexplicable peace of mind.

He took a deep breath, let go of his senses, and began to listen to the voices in the mall.
As a result, before Ruan Xian officially started looking, he heard the sound of pain at the door, and the smell of blood was so strong that it was hard to ignore.

“You can hurt yourself here?” Seeing Tang Yibu holding the iron bead and moving to the sofa, Ruan Xian continued to ask, emphasizing the pronunciation of “here”.

“It just looks bad.” Tang Yibu took off his blood-stained trousers and took out the two bullets that was embedded in him, leaving two shallow holes.
“We have to stay for three more days, and it’s not suitable to take serious actions now.”

Ruan Xian crossed his arms and said nothing.

“You can’t perceive the structure of the building, so I briefly explored it.” Tang Yibu wrapped the wound with gauze, deliberately letting the blood soak into the bandage.
“There are the least people active at this point in time, and it’s relatively safe.”

“Truly safe.” His gaze swept across the blood-stained bandage.
Ruan Xian didn’t hide the sarcasm in his voice.
“Have you found anything, detective?”

“Of course, I had a great time.”

Tang Yibu cocked the corners of his mouth.

“You have passed your tactile exercises.
It’s time to start the next step of training— For example, determine how many living people there are on the fifth floor.”

The author has something to say:

Tang: Daily night tour (×

Don’t be fooled by his performance, XD he… is much harder than soft (.

Kinky Thoughts:

The iron bead is so cute.
Some fanart that someone found and shared with me on Discord to show you what the iron bead look like.
Also some Tang Yibu and Ruan Xian fanart.

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