complete the registration.”

An hour and a half later, Tang Yibu said relatively tactfully.

Ruan Xian gathered his wet black hair together and finally managed to pull himself out of the hot water.
After a series of stimuli, comfortable relaxation was particularly rare, and he almost fell asleep in the bathtub.

“This water…”

“There will be housekeeping robots to clean up.”

Drying his hair, Ruan Xian first changed into the clothes prepared by the refuge, and then opened the shower curtain.
Tang Yibu stretched out a hand, politely supported him, and wrapped a bandage around his neck again.

“You under observation.
In theory, you’ll live here for a week.
The arrangement of the refuge can be viewed through the mirror.
In the refuge, you don’t need to act with me at all times.”

‘There’s no repeated warning,’ Ruan Xian thought.
Tang Yibu didn’t seem to be worried about him leaking information at all.
This wasn’t a good sign— It meant that Tang Yibu was very confident in his control of the situation.

However, the facilities here seem to be safe and sound.
He estimated that people should have been living here for a long time.
If he could get enough support, he still had the opportunity to get rid of Tang Yibu and settle down here temporarily.

“I see.” Ruan Xian brought his waist bag with the food cannister and lantern, then glanced into the mirror.

He was stunned.

Over the past two decades, Ruan Xian had occasionally guessed his own appearance.
His face was once covered by rashes and pigmentation caused by disease.
Compared to pursuing the extravagant notion of “beauty”, he only wanted to be a normal person at best.

Even if he relied on his observation and reflexes to get acquainted with everyone in the institute smoothly, he occasionally heard expressions like “wheelchair monsters”.

“They aren’t malicious.
Young people are always curious about geniuses of their same age.” Fan Linsong once persuaded him like this.
“I can’t help it, but Xiao Ruan, don’t take it personally.
Do you want to try an artificial skin? The effect is average, but your current condition, the possibly of recovery… alas.”

He refused at that time.

Artificial skin could indeed make him more like a normal person, but the artificial face couldn’t connect to too many nerves, so he would lose most of his expressions.
He wouldn’t even be able to make a natural smile.

Just like a robot.

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Ruan Xian supported himself on the bathtub with his left hand, stretched out his right hand, and held down the cold mirror.
There was no longer the terrifying-looking patient in the mirror; only a strange young man in a dark gray uniform.

Ruan Xian saw his real face for the first time.

It no longer had the appearance of illness.
The slightly raised tail of the eyes was exposed, revealing pupils that were deep, like an ancient well, just like his mother— The mother who was a famous beauty in her hometown when she was young, who was famously known for her attractive eyes.

Although he was very similar to his mother, the parts that follow his father added a lot of heroism.
From the perspective of public aesthetics, this seemed to be a face that couldn’t be faulted, but Ruan Xian couldn’t feel the slightly joy.
He was stared at by those familiar yet unfamiliar eyes and bitter emotions slowly filled his heart.

He stared at the face similar to his mother’s in the mirror, and the happy smile brought by the hot water completely disappeared.
For a while, his expression was consistent with that of Tang Yibu who was beside him.

“Let’s go.” Ruan Xian retracted his hand from the mirror and looked away.

The number of people who needed to be “isolated, monitored, and specially treated” was apparently small as Ruan Xian didn’t meet anyone else along the way.
A larger room opened at the end of the corridor, and the main tone was clean white as the corridor.
The entire room was divided by a half-person-high isolation barrier, folded into a maze-like structure, and the width of the path could only allow two people to walk in parallel.

The staff at the entrance knocked on the table.
His face was covered by a thick mechanical mask.
Ruan Xian didn’t dare to judge whether it was a human or a machine for a while.

“Stretch out your arm.”

The voice behind the mask was a bit muffled and held a lot of impatience.
Through thick gloves, he drew out a needless syringe and his tone was as if he was endorsing a book.
“This is the rule.
Please understand.”

It seems that this was a human.

Ruan Xian slowly rolled up his sleeves and glanced at Tang Yibu.
He didn’t know when, but the guy had put on the billboard-style smile again, and looked straight ahead with an innocent expression in his eyes.

“Excuse me, this is?”

“Auxiliary chip,” the man responded angrily.
“Haven’t you fought in a previous refuge before?”

“I…” before Ruan Xian could respond, he was interrupted by a shout—

“Old Zhang?!” A staff member who was also wearing a mask not far away suddenly stood up.

Ruan Xian stopped rolling his sleeves and looked a few meters away.

At the entrance of another passage, a middle-aged man was clutching his hair embarrassingly.
He looked a little haggard and his whole body was dirty, covered with dirt and grass.

“Lao Chi said he hadn’t found you yet.
We have to contact the boss quickly.
The boss is estimated to have to prepare a search and rescue plan for tomorrow.” The staff’s voice was full of joy.

“Don’t mention it.
Didn’t I rush back here in a hurry? I didn’t even dare take a bath.” Lao Zhang coughed.
“How are Lao Chi and the others? Damn, I ran into a ventral cockroach two miles from the wild cemetery and broke my communicator.”

“They also encountered ventral cockroaches.
Chi Lei hurt his back and Xiao Ding broke his foot.
Fortunately, it wasn’t serious.” The staff took out a syringe that was exactly the same the one in front of Ruan Xian.
“Come on, Lao Zhang, take the needle chip.”

“It’s not a seriously injury.” The middle-age man stretched out his arm cooperatively without a frown.

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“How about you, are you uncomfortable? Are there any abnormalities in memory?”

At the time of the attack, 231 wasn’t around.
I thought I was dead, so I directly detonated the energy tank and threw it over.” Lao Zhang patted his chest pocket.

The staff member huffed loudly behind the mask.

“…Then I was lifted up by a burst of wind and was knocked unconscious in the trunk of the tree.” Lao Zhang shrugged.
“It was dawn when I woke up again, but I felt fine.
It doesn’t seem like I’m hurt anywhere.
Speaking of which, I have to apply for another can.”

“Huh, you opened the one you had?”

“Well, if you’re weak, you can’t survive a catastrophe.
I just ate a day’s worth of this stuff and it won’t last long after it’s opened so the rest has to be sent to the kitchen for reprocessing.”

The unique number of the can is 09274.
The holder is Zhang Yazhe.
Please confirm.” The staff slid a light screen in front of them.
“There’s still inventory.
I’ll change the ration number to 09335.
Remember to go to the warehouse to collect it.”

“Confirmation is correct.”

“Old rule.
Full body scan.
You can go to the scanning room.”

“Where are Lao Chi and Xiao Ding? I’ll go and report later.” Lao Zhang rubbed his hands and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Medical Room No.
The boss is also over there…”

“Have you seen enough of the excitement?” The staff in front of Ruan Xian finally couldn’t help but speak.
“Don’t dawdle.
I have something urgent to do.”

Ruan Xian stretched out his arm and received the shot in silence.

“Primary perception enhancement? Not bad.
I can see that your previous refuge wasn’t good.
This model of nanobots was eliminated almost ten years ago.” The staff member looked at the panel jumping frantically in front of him and snorted.
“Now go to the scanning room.”

Ruan Xian silently withdrew his arm, allowing Tang Yibu to help him, and moved to the scanning room about five meters away.
While Tang Yibu looked elsewhere, he opened his pockets and secretly glanced at the food canister with a smiley face.

Whether it was the number, or the name just mentioned, he had a faint feeling of déjà vu, and now he had found the source of that feeling.

There was a slightly faded label on the side of the can— [No.
09274-Zhang Yazhe]

It had never been opened by anyone.

The author has something to say:

Ruan is also very good-looking now! The two are about to start living together (×).

Kinky Thoughts:

Me thinks that Zhang Yazhe is not really Zhang Yazhe.
Pretty sure he got blown to bits in the prologue.

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