Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)

Chapter 1: Gideon Brangwen

As the sun rose in the sky, the sound of people sweeping the road and greeting those passing by could be heard, as could the sound of cars passing by. The birds were singing a sweet morning lullaby while perched on the roof of a house on the side of a concrete road. A two-story white house with a red roof and a balcony full of flowers hanging on a cream-colored wall. Where the Brangwen family lived.

In a peaceful, dark chamber as morning approached, an alarm clock suddenly blared. It took a few seconds until the piercing sound of the clock subsided. An indistinct grunt could be heard as a hand drew near the obnoxious clock and pressed it to stop.

A soft but annoyed voice in the room murmured, ”Damn it… why did I set my alarm clock when I knew it would be Saturday today? ”

However, he turned to answer the door when he heard a loud knock. ”Gideon, wake up. You
e going to be late for school. ”

”Mom, its Saturday, ” he said to the person on the other side of the door in a sluggish tone.

”Its Monday today, and you insisted on me waking you up yesterday, ” the voice from outside said.

Gideon raised his head. ”I did? ” he asked, his brow furrowed as he stared at the door. ”Monday? ”

As she left his room door, his mother remarked, ”Your dad and I will be waiting for you downstairs for breakfast. ”

Gideon got up, went to the window, opened the white curtains to let the morning sun in, and remarked, ”Im quite sure its Saturday today. ”

His white skin was quickly touched by the rising sun. He stared out the window, his palm covering his eyes. He mumbled as his eyes roved outside, ”Hmm, its finally stopped pouring, perhaps the typhoon has passed. ”

His jet-black, gem-like eyes resembled a starless night sky. Beautiful, but lifeless. His light pink lips twisted into a phony smile, fooling no one but himself. Before stepping away from the window, he brushed his wavy black hair up, almost concealing his eyes.

He extended his arms. He was tall for his age of 18, standing at 183 centimeters with a lean physique.

When he took off his blue pajamas, he instantly moaned in pain. He spotted a long bruise on his chest when he looked down. He checked his bed and scratched his head when he couldn find anything that could have caused the bruise. ”What the **? Where did I get this? ” he exclaimed. He gazed over his entire chaotic room, which was entirely different from his beautifully organized room, and said, ”Hmm, strange. ”

The walls of his room were all blue, big enough to hold his bed, a huge wooden cabinet of clothes, and two other smaller wooden cabinets next to his bed and beneath the window with white curtains, but yet giving him plenty of freedom to walk. The concrete floor was covered in books and manga. And recalling that he had hidden them some time ago, he was greatly astonished to discover them lying on the floor once more.

He got ready for school and went down the stairs to the dining room. He was carrying his black square shoulder bag and wearing his white school uniform with black jeans.

He entered the dining room and saw his mother and father

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