Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)

Chapter 10: Suspicion

battle screams.

They were human-sized herbivorous animals with white fur that resembled monkeys. They were standing on tree branches and had three black tails that dangled from their backs and had rough, black hands. They have powerful fangs on their upper teeth that could easily shred human flesh with a single bite.

Their piercing war cries could be heard all over the place. These monkeys were positioned on trees in groups of hundreds or even thousands, watching the area for potential threats. Because they could communicate with only their thoughts, they were coordinated and unrelenting. Because of the ability, Hive Mind.

Even though one of these things couldn achieve much on its own, they were the dominating species in this area due to their enormous numbers. They were so deadly in swarms, especially given their ferocious teeth and propensity to launch persistent assaults when disturbed, that even packs of neighboring Unicorn Wolves would be frightened to engage them. Any wolf that dared to enter the area would be attacked by them as they began to toss stones and jump in. If the Unicorn Wolves ruled the land from afar, they were the rulers here. The Noir Tailed Garavon.

Nonetheless, despite their terrifying approach, none of them attacked Gideon. They howled and whooped as he slowly walked away from them, keeping a watchful eye on everyone with his cautious eyes.

Surprisingly, they did not react violently when Gideon merely passed through them. Despite the fact that he was in the center of their domain, he was unaware of this when he woke up due to the tranquility of the morning. Fortunately, the Garavons did not immediately assault him; they only kept an eye on him as he passed. However, there were limitations to how much a neutral creature could tolerate ones intrusion, and Gideon was aware of them. That was why he was moving so quickly through their territory, with his hands covering his ears and trying to ignore the corpses of Unicorn Wolves who had been stoned to death by these creatures and were simply left to rot and nourish the soil.

Garavons, on the other hand, were well-known for their aggressiveness toward humans, and would attack humans on sight. There was only one way for the Garavons to be amiable toward a human: lure a certain number of Unicorn Wolves into the Garavons territory, the monsters they despise the most. But such a feat was fraught with danger because it required at least above-average running speed in this worlds standards in order to survive the relentless pursuit of Unicorn wolves, and most importantly, luck… tremendous luck. Because such a feat would be extremely difficult to pull off, very few people would attempt it. However, performing it by accident while unaware of the tactic was not impossible.

Gideons travel speed increased significantly, thanks to the Garavons unexpected protection. And with each passing minute, the Garavon following him became less and less, but not entirely gone. They were just lurking above the trees, watching.

Gideon held his lone weapon, a wooden branch, in his dominant right hand and bit into the bland Ilagina fruit with his left. He was sitting by the trees root, watching the horde of Garavons eating the insipid fruit on the tree.

He smiled as he saw a green variant of River Slimes jump on the ground like frogs, but without legs or a face, just a blob-like, liquid, and bouncy body. The Tree Slimes However, he was not lowering his guard; rather, the opposite was true. His guard was always up, watching his surroundings with his attentive eyes while squatting so he could stand up and flee if there was any sign of danger. Trying to remain calm despite being in the midst of a swarm of unknown creatures.

”Man, even though that green slime is cute, I don want to bet if its poisonous or not, ” he joked before taking another bite of the Ilagina in his hand.

His laughter was cut short when he touched his own lips, which were dry and starting to crack. Despite his obvious concern, he shrugged and forced a smile.

”I definitely need to locate some water soon. ”

Despite the fact that his situation had changed… It never got any safer. Dangers were just around the corner. Waiting.

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