Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)

Chapter 7: Land Of Eteria

n front of him. He was speechless, and his jaw began to droop. However, the creatures he was observing disregarded him and continued with their activities. They were rubbing the stones with their bodies.

”They don seem hostile, ” he said to himself, trying to find something to say to calm himself down. However, as he moved his gaze to the opposite bank of the river.

He caught a glimpse of a large, long object diving into the river. It was unclear what he saw, but the huge, black and scaled serpent tail he caught a sight of drove him off the stream into the woods. He sprinted into the woods, hiding behind the trees as he cast a quick glance back in his direction of travel. He held his chest, trying to catch his breath.

”What the hell was that? ”

Once more, the beasts distant roars could be heard. His current position, already inside the forest, made the sounds more audible and clear. Gideon kept an eye out for any danger that might come his way as his sight roved the damp and shaded location he was in. Instantaneously, overwhelming fear began to take hold of him.

He stood up straight, his eyes were shivering, as were his arms and shoulders, but his face was determined. But when he heard another howl, he rubbed both of his hands over his eyes, chasing his own breath. ”Calm down, Gideon, youll make it out of here alive, ” he told himself in a crack voice. He inhaled and exhaled repeatedly before removing his hand from his eyes and smiling optimistically. ”Okay, time to get out of here; that river is off limits for the time being… Id end up being a delicious meal before I could even take a sip on that river, ” he muttered to himself as he walked deeper into the forest. ”Yep, go deeper into the dangerous forest, as if I had a choice. Keiram, you bastard… I understand you have faith in me, but at least send me somewhere I can survive. ”

For a few minutes he moved through the thick jungle with nothing but his resolve. He knelt down and made an effort to be quiet as he moved. Hide in every tree and watch out for any danger. Every howl he heard made him change his course in an effort to steer clear of the creatures creating the sounds.

He was forced to halt his travels, nonetheless, by a particular set of growling noises. He fled quickly and took cover under the tree. He let his eyes wander as he hid behind a huge tree. from above the treetops to the ground, and everything in between. And he found a magnificent but dreadful beast in the final place he looked.

Despite being on all fours, the majestic gray-furred monster was at least as tall as Gideon. It went about with its red eyes, its white fangs showing, and its savage growls audible. The only thing that distinguished it from other wolves on Earth was its solitary gray sharp horn on its forehead and its enormous size. The Unicorn Wolf.

When Gideon came into the Unicorn Wolfs line of sight. The chest of Gideon, who was hiding behind the tree, rose and fell rapidly as he covered his mouth with a hand. The nearby Unicorn wolf howled, and he could hear it running away from him. This caused his shoulders to tense up.

As the footsteps disappeared. Gideons quivering hands fell to the ground as he cast a shaky stare downward.

”What kind of world is this? ”

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