Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)

Chapter 9: Weakness

fell, the common occurrence of a howling beast nearby became more frequent and closer to his location than during the day. The rustling of various beasts could be heard everywhere. The massive and swift Unicorn wolves dominated this section of the forest, patrolling with such speed and hostility. Resting on the ground for the night would be dangerous as a result.

”Fire magic! ” he exclaimed as he raised his right hand in the air. He shook his hand, but nothing occurred. ”Nothing from the prominent elemental magic? ” he asked, his eyes narrowing. ”And Im pretty sure its not also physical enhancement magic, ” he said, but he was cut off by a series of sounds nearby.

Gideon cautiously turned his gaze downward when he heard a sudden howl just beneath him. Holding the tasteless Ilagina fruit that he had just picked before dusk, he was perched on a branch at the top of a large tree.

”So, they won try to reach me when Im on top of a tree, even though they
e probably aware that Im here, ” he said as he took a bite from the tasteless, green fruit the size of his hand and looked up at the sky. ”At least, the moon and sun here are similar to those we have on Earth, so it still feels like home… to some extent. ” He said in a melancholy tone. ”I wonder what mom and dad are up to right now; Im sure they
e looking for me everywhere… and they
e worried… I want to go home… ” His voice broke again, but this time he interrupted it with a forced chuckle. ”Im talking to myself again; Id definitely lose my sanity if I stayed in this stupid forest for too long. ”

Some parts of the forest, particularly those not crowded by massive trees, had been illuminated by the light of the full moon. And, because of his elevated position, he could see the routes ahead. This included the unknown entities roaming the woods. He indicated the route he intended to take the following day with his finger.

”Only if I can, Id travel through that path right away, its properly lit up, and if I happen to encounter some wolves, Ill just climb and once they leave, Ill continue my journey again. ” He leaned his body against the trunk of the tree and groaned at the relief of resting his back against something. His supposed white T-shirt was stained with dirt, and his black pants had turned brown. ”Too bad I don have that kind of physique… the wolves would definitely catch me before I even started climbing… the disadvantages of being physically weak, huh? ” He closed his eyes. ”Ill just continue my journey tomorrow. ”

After a short while, serenity returned to his location. The sound of wolves howling all around him began to fade, giving way to the soothing sound of the wind caressing his grimy face as the moon hovered directly over him.

Gideon had fallen asleep. But after a short while, His eyes opened, and started to move around. And before he could move, a bright white light engulfed his entire body. This meant, in the world of Eteria, that he had learned a skill. All of his physical prowess was enhanced passively, making him stronger, quicker, and more resilient than before. His physical abilities improved, but only enough for him to embark on his journey. But as he became stronger, this skill would grow. The instant the light went out, his brain knew immediately what kind of present he had been given. Additionally, his subconscious knew right away what the name of the ability was and how it functioned.

”Will of the otherworldly hero. ” He mumbled the abilitys name in a low but soothing voice that contrasted sharply with Gideons gentle and humorous tone. ”Although I find it unfair and illogical that I am the only one who has this power up, it will be useful, so Ill gladly take it, ” he punched the tree. And the punch he delivered left a crater on the trees trunk slightly larger than his fist. ”A little underwhelming for a skill with an epic name, but for now, its more than adequate. ”

But he still lacked both mastery and power. Even with his newly gained skill, he would die if he attempted to fight the Unicorn wolves. Contrarily, outrunning them was a quite different matter.

His gaze was drawn to the direction Gideon intended to take. He stood up after a brief moment of silence, his face strict, in contrast to Gideons usual gentle expression. A side of Gideon that could only be seen when he was sleeping. The personification of Gideons physical abilities. Hunter Windleaper.

”Youve been doing an excellent job on your own; rest for the time being, but when morning comes, itll be your turn again… After all, you need to get stronger for your own good. ”

He clambered down the tree trunk without a second thought and sprinted in the direction Gideon had intended. To execute Gideons intended strategy.

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