Heavenly pleasure.

Next doors cousin.

I was working in my garage when I heard a tap on the door. It was my neighbours cousin. A cute young girl. Ive seen her few times and she always as these tight shorts over her small butt and a tight t-shirt showing her bra less budding tits. she asked me where her cousin was and I told her I had no idea. she had walked a few blocks to get there. I offered her ride back if she could wait a little. I was working in my mower at the time. she said sure and came inside the garage. she was pretty with what I would call bedroom eyes. and a small frame. I asked her what grade she was in and she said a low number. I knew it was wrong but I found it hard to resist. I was getting hard. I could see her notice it through my shorts. I was in a chair and she stood in front of me. I told her i liked her shorts she said thanks. I told her i liked her t-shirt too. I stared at her small tits. she asked if I liked them too. I told her yes. she game me permission to touch them. I wiped my hand and grabbed both of them. I fondled them for a few seconds and then pinched her hard nipples. she liked it but she was nervous. she looked over at the side door to my garage. I told her its ok if she wanted to leave. she said its not that; I wan

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