Heavenly pleasure.

My girlfriend\'s mum(Part-2).

I was just about to leave work when I received Helens text.

”Hey Tom at airport its snowing, hopefully leaving soon, can wait 2 get red d 4 u. ”

Then a second text

”Mums away use side door XXX. ”

That made me smile i still had 2 hours to go here and then another 15 minutes to get her place and couldn wait. it was Friday and I have two days of fun and pleasure to look forward to. My balls were full since my fabulous 21 year old girlfriend Helen had been away for the last week on a work conference and was flying back today.

Eventually it was time to leave and I washed my grotty hands and grabbed a clean shirt from a locker. Being a apprentice mechanic sure is dirty but at 19 and thats the job.

I grabbed my phone and wallet and raced out to my car- it was held together with tapes and bolts- but it got me where I needed to go and in truth i couldn afford anything else right now.

The drive to Helens place was slow. It seem everyone wanted to go her way for the night. I had checked my phone before I left but the battery was flat. I decided I would hook it up at Helens charger.

Each time i reached another set of red lights my cock pulsed just a little harder and by the time i pulled in her driveway and my cock was hard as it had ever been.

I walked around the back and went in the side door as usual- Its always open when someone is home.

”Hey sexy, where are you? Your man is here for some loving. ”I called.

I could see bags dropped by the front door. I was happy that my girl was home and hoped she was getting ready for a good **ing.

There was no reply. I walked into Helens room- it was a mess as usual bags and clothes everywhere. I put my phone on charge then went out to find her. Maybe she was upstairs I raced up and heard the shower going in the bathroom.I needed to get clean so I thought I should join her.

I quickly stripped off- my cock again hard sprung up out of jocks and pointed the way. I wanted to surprise her so i slowly turned the knob- it wasn locked- so i snuck inside closing the door slowly behind me. The room was full of steam and the glass was frosted.

I could see her silhouette in the shower and I stood just watching for moment- my hand pulling on my cock. It was then I heard her she was Cumming and cumming hard. I could just make out that she was sitting on the shower floor her legs spread wide and she had the detachable shower head in her hand running the water directly on her young sweet pleasure hole.

”Yeeesssssss thats it, thats it, yessssss aaaaarrgggggg **kkkk

aaaarrrrggggg! ” She screamed sounding muffled as the sounds of the water hit the floor and the lower parts of the shower wall.

I couldn wait any longer I walked over opened the door and got right in.



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