Heavenly pleasure.

Next doors cousin.

t to show you my tits. oh okay. You
e safe. she took her t-shirt off to reveal her perky small tits. I felt them again and then I leaned in and begun to kiss her soft skin. so young and perfect. I licked her nipples and the second I heard her moan I stopped. would you like to see my cock? she nodded her head enthusiastically. I pulled my shorts down to reveal my, 7 ”. she was super shocked and a little shy. I took her small hand and placed it on my throbbing cock. How does it feel? she said weird. I have you touched one before and she shook her head. I taught her how to jerk me off. I told her it would be better if she got on her knees. she stroked it for a while all the time staring at it and then up at me. Would you like to taste it. she nodded yes. she smiled as though as she was waiting for me to let her. I told her to kiss my wet head and lick the shaft. I swear it was like she was a pro. she didn wait before she put my cock in her mouth. I just sat back and allowed her to do what was instict to her; pleasing a man. I told her that i was going to cum and had her open her mouth. I jizzed all over her face, gave a towel to clean her off and sent her on her way. I hope i get to ** her soon.

THE END_____.

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