Heavenly pleasure.


Without resistance Joan opened her mouth and took her stepson dick into her mouth.

slow and cautious at first.

Joan sucked and licked just the tip of his huge prick.

Ace stood there watching his stepmother in amusement as she sucked and licked the large head of his cock.

”Thats it. suck my dick . ” Ace said softly putting his hand on the back of Joans head and pushing her mouth deeper onto his hard prick.

closing her eyes.

Joan wrapped both her hands around ace hard prick and started stroking him as she bobbed her head up and down her stepsons prick working more and more of his tasty cock into her mouth

”ummmmm. ” Joan moaned in pleasure as she felt her pussy contract uncontrollably.

Never she had an orgasm from sucking dick.

Then again she never had on as big as Aces in her mouth.

”Thats it. suck me. ” Ace moaned in pleasure.

”Lick my nuts. ” Ace moaned in pleasure.

obeying Joan slid her lips down the large vein on the underside of Aces cock licking and kissing his veiny shaft as she went.

Stroking Aces hard prick.

Joan worshipped her stepsons large hairless nuts.

sucking one into her mouth.

Then the other into her savoring the taste of each one.

The she put both his large nuts in her mouth and swirled her tongue around trying to give him maximum pleasure.

Licking her way back up Aces large shaft. she looked up at ace and opened her mouth wide as cupped her hands around his big shaft.

with an intent look of lust in her eyes.

Joan bobbed her head up and she ardently sucked her stepsons cock.

When she tasted the first ozee of precum, Joan adjusted herself and sucked Ace harder.

Joan never swallowed her husband. she thought it was gross, disgusting, and belittling to let man cum in her mouth.

But, she was going to make ace cum in her mouth.

she needed her stepson to cum in her mouth.

she needed to feel and taste his warm nectar.

when ace put his hand on the back of stepmothers head.

Joan didn resist or pull away. submissively, Joan let him guide her mouth as his large. young cock started swell and his breathing got sharper and harder.

”Fuckkkk? ” Ace grunted his hard cock erupted in his stepmothers mouth.

Joan wrapped her lips around her stepsons cock

Joan swallowed hard and fast as blast after blast of salty, warm gloo

blasted down her throat and into her slim belly forcing her into her own orgasm soaking her white panties.


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