Heavenly pleasure.


”Wow! ” Joan gasped from her knees when Aces magnificent prickly finally quit pumping its nectar in her mouth and down her throat.

Joan was amazed at the amount of spunk that ace produced.

she never knew it was possible for man to cum that much.

Her husband never came anywhere close to as much as Ace did.

Looking at Aces dick in amazement at how hard it still was Joan could see a small dribble of cum coming from Aces large piss hole.

Without looking at ace.

Entranced by his hard cock and still needing to taste him.

Joan took hold of his cock and licked his pisshole like a lollipop till the last drop of cum quit flowing.

Reaching down Ace helped Joan to her feet.

Joan assumed their vial, nasty little sex session was over.

After an orgasm like that, her husband would need atleast an hour of rest.

But, instead.

Ace guided Joan to his fathers favourite chair.

Joan didn know what going on .

But, submissively she let ace guide her.

As they stood in front of large chair. Ace reached around Joan and snapped her shorts as her heart pounded in her chest .

”He is going to ** me. ” Joan thought ”He is actually going to ** me. ”

slipping her shorts down her shapely hips and sexy legs Ace admired Joans sexy ass.

Pushing her forward Joan put her knees on the edge of his chair and leaned onto the back.

putting his hand between Joans legs at the knees Ace spred her legs wide. The put a hand on the small of her back and gently pushed down

forcing her sexy ass and up putting her pussy in the air.

Joan shook in fear and excitement when ace pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Joan liked nothing to do with anal play. It was gross and disgusting in her mind. Only sluts and whores would let a man touch her asshole.

Joan admired Joans sexy little puckered hole. As it plused as she breathes in excitement.

”ohhhh! ” Joan moaned when she felt Ace tongue touch her pussy lips.

Then worry overtook her just as quick as the pleasure arrived when Ace didn stop at her pussy and continued to her asshole.

”Ahhhhh! ” Joan grasped her stepsons tongue slipped across her asshole.

By the third swipe of her tongue on her asshole, Joan worry and fear turned into pleasure.

Never had her husband touched her asshole. Hell, he had only eater her pussy twice the entire time they have been married.

Joan moaned in pleasure as Aces skilled tongue lapped and sucked at her mature pussy and sensitive asshole.

”s h i t t t t t t t ! ” Joan whimpered in pleasure as her orgasm overtook her.

But, what Ace did was over the top of Joan.

As Joan quivered and shook .

Ace latched his lips to Joans pussy and tensed her clit with his tongue as he swallowed her juices making Joan cum harder then she had ever cum in her life.

When ace quit sucking and licking Joans greedy twat she snapped around to protest in worry.

But, what she saw Ace smiling at her as he held his big cock in his hand lining it up with her little hole.

Joan was to far gone to care about anything except getting **ed now.


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