Heavenly pleasure.


Looking over her shoulder with a screwed-up face she looked at Ace as he pushed his large prick into her.

”oh, god! ” Joan whimpered with an intent looking at her stepson as her tiny hole gave way to his large member.

Holding Joans hips tight Ace slowly and methodically worked his large prick Joans tiny pussy as stretched open to accommodate his hard prick.

At the halfway point Joan started to feel pleasure that she never thought possible.

Another inch and Ace was deeper inside Joan than any man had ever been one more inches and Joans pussy contracted squeezing Aces cock so tight he couldn move.

”FUCKKKKK! ” Joan cried as orgasm blaster through her tiny body.

when Joan relaxed a bit Ace pushed again and hit the wall.

”Jesus **kkk! ” Joan almost screamed in pain and pleasure as Aces large dick rammed into her cervix.

Easing back. could Joans cum over his broad prick?

White and thick.

Ace pushed again with a bit more force.

”FUCKKKKK! ” Joan screamed in pain.

But, she didn want ace to stop. she wanted every inch of his prick in her.

”Don **ing stop ! ” Joan hissed.

Holding Joan.

Ace started working his cock in and out of his stepmothers stretched-out pussyas her cum pushed from her streached-out pussy.

Forming a white foamy ring around his cock and flowing freely down her tone thighs.

Joan burried his face in the back of the chair and held on tight whimpering and crying in pleasure as Aces large prick gaped her once-tiny ruining it for the rest of her life.

when Joan felt Aces large balls smacking her clit.

”Fuck ! cock ! cum ! ” Joan cried out in pleasure as sweet dripped

from her thin, petite body and her juices sprayed from her pussy uncontrollably soaking the seat of her husbands chair.

As Ace pumped into Joan tight pussy he admired her pulsing asshole.

Licking her finger her started to push it into Joan asshole.

”No ! ” she started to scream.

But, fear quickly turned into pleasure as Aces large finger bored deeper into her virgin asshole.

”Don stop ! ” Joan cried almost in tears from the overwhelming pleasure of the intrusion in her asshole.

Joan had never been so full in her life .The pleasure she was reciving she never dreamed of was possible.

Holding her stepmother with one hand, Ace shoved his hard prick into Joans now sloppy pussy as he shoved his finger deeper into her asshole.

Joan no longer cared about anything except reciving pleasure.

Joan wanted no other man pleasure again, she wanted only her stepson.

she wanted everything he had to give her.

But, it was whe Joan start to swell and his thrusting become sharp and more deliberate that she knew she was about to get ultimate pleasure.

”Fuck ! cum ! Pussy ! Fuck ! ” Joan cried in desperate need .

With his finger shover into Joans asshole.

Ace shoved his hard prick into his stepmother as deeply as could and erupted with a deep, gruntle roar as he pumped to overflowing with his seed.

Rockets blasted off in Joans head as her tiny body shook and convulsed uncontrollably as her world went dark.

She came to when she felt Ace pulled his finger from her asshole.

She started to protest.

But, she didn have enough energy.

stepping back Ace looked at Joans pussy.

It was a gaping blackhole of oozing white milk.

Rolling over Joan looked at ace ragged breath and wiping the sweat from her face.

curious about what he was looking at.

Joan looked down at her pussy.

”Jesus ! ” Joan almost whispered.

”You ruined my pussy ! ” Joan said in awe as she watched the mily juice flow like lava from her streached-out hole.

curiously Joan reached down and scooped up a large wad of mily lava with two fingers and stuck it in her mouth.

”Mmmmmm! ” Joan moaned in pleasure at the taster of their combined juices looking at Ace.

”Ace we need to talk. ” Ace read when his phone beeped almost two weeks later.

”Ok. When ? ” Ace texted back nervously.

”Ill be there in ten minutes if that is ok. ” Ace read.

Not really what to his stepmother mind.

But, Ace knew she was right.

They needed to talk.

Ace thought for a moment before he answered.


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