Heavenly pleasure.


wo weeks. Its

like sticking a hotdog in a five-gallon bucket. ” Joan smiled.

Ace looked at Joan.

”You ruined my tight little pussy for any other man. ” Joan smile. ” Beside your father last about three minutes. Give four small squirts and roll over goes to sleep . ” Joan finished.

”Joan? what are you saying? ” Ace asking.

”Well. I would like you to keep **ing me. ” Joan smiled. ”Nothing seriously. Just casual **ing. ” Joan smiled.

”What do you mean nothing serious? ”Ace asked confused.

”Well, I mean I am married women. Its not like you can come to pick me up and take me on date. ” Joan smiled.

”Casual **ing. ” Ace smiled.

”FUCKKKK! ” Joan grunted hard forty-five later with her fingers clasped behind Aces head looking him in the eye witha screwed-up face and lust filled as she slid her stretched out up and down with his massive veiny cock as sweat dripped from her petite body and cum flowed from her now bald pussy.

”Im glad to see you and Joan have learned to get along. ” Aces father remarked as they watched Joan in the pool.

”We have found common ground. ” Ace smiled thinking about to three hours early with Joan underneath him begging for his cock as she held

her legs open wide as he pushed his large cock into her asshole.

THE END____________.

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