Heavenly pleasure.

First attempt(Part-2).

d down and took his balls in my mouth. I kissed him deeply at the base of his balls and smiled at the feeling of him tensing up in pleasure. I could feel myself dripping wet from my unresolved orgasm.

I stopped a little and rested my head on his belly. He laughed a little, ”I know babe. ”I kissed his balls more and then took his full length in my mouth. feeling him in my throat, ” OHHH ”.

Massaging his balls, I sucked on the head and teased with little bites, driving him insane. Then in a rhythmic up-and-down and in-and-out motion, I felt him come up to meet my mouth.

I could feel his thighs tense and knew he was close. In and out as deep as my throat would allow, he finally exploded in my mouth. I sucked in as I pulled up and pressed my tongue hard against him as I went down. He held on to the side of my face with one hand and I could tell that hed had enough. I went on Little longer just for a little bit of naughty torture. Then I swallowed and came up to him.

”Ooohh babe, heaven ! ” Then he started laughing. ”You know baby, I don know anything about this submissive thing. I got seeing you like that, Im gonna look this stuff up to have some wished for you command next time. ”


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