Heavenly pleasure.

My girlfriend\'s Mum(Part-1).

He got up to get his phone off the tripod and we started watching. I was lying next to him with my leg over his and he took my hand to his cock and said, ”I owe you. ” He put his phone back to tripod and laid me on my back. kneeling between my legs with his cock ready to enter, he motioned up and down. I raised my hips to him with impatience.

He got a hold of my ankles and tucked them under his knees to set me firmly in place. He slipped his cock in all the way and so hard that i had to catch my breath. He brought his full weight down on me. He rocked deliberately into me and I held tighter as I climaxed. The scream I held back could be felt throughout my whole body.

He slowed down just a little, then pulled my legs apart spread eagle and he hammered into me hard and fast. I lifted my hips onto him so that I could feel that thrust against my clit as a second orgasm arose. I let go of him and reached for pillow and screamed into it. I did not know I was screamer until that very moment.

THE END__________

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