Chapter 1 – I Got the Wrong Script!

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Central Heaven Region, Heaven Territory, Eight Extremities World.

Outside Broad Creed Mountain, one of the few martial cultivation Holy Grounds of the present era, Yan Zhaoge stood with a black edged blue mantle draped over white clothes.
This outfit declared his identity as one of Broad Creed Mountain’s innermost core disciples.

And across from him stood an unconvinced and dissatisfied youth in yellow clothing, “Yan Zhaoge, don’t you freaking just have a good father?”

Yan Zhaoge replied expressionlessly, “What did you just say? Say it again if you dare.”

“I’ll say whatever I want.
You think I’m scared of you? Don’t you just freaking have a good father?”

Yan Zhaoge stared at the yellow clad youth and suddenly burst out laughing, “Very good, exactly what you said.
I just love it when people say that about me.”

The yellow clad youth became dumbstruck and speechless.

After a long while, he finally managed to regain his senses but he quickly transitioned into rage due to humiliation.
Without caring about the consequences, he jumped at Yan Zhaoge.

Full of indifference, Yan Zhaoge stated, “Restrain your blows and don’t kill him.”

The yellow clad youth faltered mid action.
Then he felt his entire body go numb and the vision distorted drastically.
A long while after, when he returned to his sense, he discovered someone had soundlessly grabbed him by the small of his back and lifted him high into the air.

A very burly man appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge with one hand holding the yellow clad man high in the air like an adult lifting a tiny child.

The large man was all smiles as he said, “Prince, please go ahead.”

Yan Zhaoge simply nodded.
Folding his hands behind his back, he leisurely turned and left.

The large man laughed cheekily while still holding the yellow clad youth with only a single arm.
Conversely, the youth could only wail.

Yan Zhaoge entered the main gate of his sect.
As he walked, the smugness he displayed earlier had already disappeared without a trace.
His expression had become completely tranquil.

At a glance, he appeared to possess a calm and steady demeanor.

But the true connotation behind his current state was…

he was absolutely stupefied.

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“This script is wrong.” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself.
As a member of the so called crossing worlds army, there must be a problem with his crossing over.

His first cross over landed him in a foreign world with a martial warrior civilization at the peak of prosperity.
He ended up in the book storage building of the Divine Palace, which collected classics of all fields from all over the world.

However, soon after, there was a world class calamity that destroyed even the Divine Palace.

What followed was apparently an unexpected second crossing over, where his soul arrived in the same world except countless years later.

At this point, people had discovered remnants that had survived the calamity and re-established a martial warrior civilization.
This new civilization was still in its growth phase far from the peak.

With his brain full of rare books and classics from the era of peak prosperity, Yan Zhaoge’s second crossing over to the present era was like a gamer who was used to playing hell mode suddenly finding himself playing the game on easy mode.

That was just way too awesome.

The only problem with the second crossing over lay in the terrible mess left by the original owner of his body.

“Prince, the materials you were searching for have all been found,” the large burly man had once again caught up, “Information about the locations of the ‘Li Flame True Fire’* fire seed has also been found.”

Yan Zhaoge slightly slowed his pace, “This information is indeed hard to come by.
Has the precise location been confirmed?”

“It is in the northeast region of the Dragon Sealing Pool.
The search area has already been diminished to the utmost.
It won’t take long for our people to send back news of a more precise location,” the large man replied with candid laugh.

“Not bad.
Not bad,” Yan Zhaoge nodded in satisfaction.

Yan Zhaoge’s father was not only an important elder of the sect with a lot of authority, he was also the current patriarch of the Yan family, which was an illustrious and influential greater clan whose fame resounded across the entire continent.  Those who called Yan Zhaoge prince as opposed to martial brother were all subordinates of the Yan family.

If Yan Zhaoge wanted something, he only needed to create a list and there would naturally be subordinates to carry out the task.

In other words, the current Yan Zhaoge is of high class birth, has a ridiculously bullshit dad, and is a genius himself.
Everything is perfect and there should only be smooth sailing from here.

But… something doesn’t seem right.

“Prince, there is one more thing-” the burly attendant had wanted to say something else but then suddenly cut himself off.

A middle aged man with a heavily profound aura walked towards them.
Each step seemed to shake the world around him.

Once he neared, he and Yan Zhaoge exchanged proper etiquette.
The middle aged man said with a slight smile, “It’s only been a few day, martial nephew Yan’s cultivation seems to progress daily.”

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Yan Zhaoge smiled and replied, “Skill from diligence.
Incompetence from indulgence.
I dare not slack off.”

The middle aged man said, “These days, there is movement at the Dragon Sealing Pool.
We are preparing to scout out the situation.
The elders have decide to send the younger generation first.
It so happens that the sect’s youth competition has just concluded.
The sect wants to send the eight top ranked disciples along to give them an opportunity to train.
“It’s just that, according to rumor, your old rival is also in the vicinity of the Dragon Sealing Pool.
If martial nephew Yan isn’t busy in the near future, you might as well act as squad leader for this expedition.”

He stared at Yan Zhaoge with eyes full of expectation and admiration.

The youth in front of him possessed extraordinary talent, a true chosen son of heaven.
He is a well known figure and an acknowledged leader among those of his age group.
He is the pride of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation.

Only geniuses among geniuses, as in those geniuses that stand most prominent over their same aged peers in the absolute best sects of the Eight Extremities World, can compare to him.
They were evildoers, freaks, and people who stand so far above the masses they no longer seemed human.

In the current era, there are four princes who are famous far and wide across the entire Eight Extremities World.
One of them is the Broad Creed Prince Yan Zhaoge.
Acknowledged by the masses as an elite hero, it is said that so long as he does not die early, he will definitely create a new legend.

“Dragon Sealing Pool is it…” Yan Zhaoge pondered a bit before accepting right on the spot, “There aren’t any important matters on hand, I might as well make this trip.
I will naturally look after my junior brothers and sisters a bit.”

Yan Zhaoge understood what the other man meant.
There were strong members of the junior generation from other sects also operating near the Dragon Sealing Pool.

If the sect’s disciples are suppressed during an encounter between the younger generation, it would be a blow against the sect’s glory.**

On the other hand, if a martial uncle led the squad, the younger generation obviously wouldn’t be bullied but conversely this would also weaken the prestige and influence of the sect’s younger generation.

In regards to himself, Yan Zhaoge would happily leave the sect more often.
After all, to him this entire world was brand new.
He wanted to collaborate the memories in his mind with the world outside.

He would need to go on an expedition to the Dragon Sealing Pool sooner or later.
Some of his plans required its unique environment.
His current objective was also located at the Dragon Sealing Pool.
So this time, he would just conveniently play along.

The middle aged man became even jollier after Yan Zhaoge accepted his request, “For this outing, martial nephew Yan can also act as an example for the younger generation.
I believe they can learn many things as a result.”

After taking leave of the middle aged man, Yan Zhaoge continued on his way.
The burly man followed beside him and resumed their earlier discussion, “Prince, earlier An wanted to tell you lady Lin’s close door training has apparently been extended.
She will not be coming out as scheduled.”

In his opinion, his master should react with regret and dissatisfaction after hearing this news.

However, in reality Yan Zhaoge at this time had the urge to roll his eyes.

This is the terrible mess left to him by his body’s original owner.

During a past training trip, the original owner of this body met a girl.

The girl originally had a childhood friend who also happened to be her sweetheart.
However, upon meeting the perfect Yan Zhaoge of that time, she

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