2 Hours before the Race would begin Asuka noticed a great deal of people gathering in one building, it had a large wooden sign hanging from gutter in the front.It was the image of a large glass of beer being poured, with the words Tully Lodge written over it. With a nervous expression on her face she took a huge gulp and walked in, it was hard to pass through the crowd in the front doors so she stumbled back.

How am I gonna get in now? Oh that might work… She thought while observing the balcony above her.

The staircase that would let her climb it was crowded along with the doorway but she didn even bat an eye to it, she closed the gap between her feet and jumped toward the back of the railing. With graceful acrobatics she scaled the railing and metal frame until she reached the top of the balcony where she landed softly.

Everyone seemed especially focused on a commotion inside the lodge that nobody had any reservations towards her display of skills. ”I wonder what all this mess is about. ” She said curiously.

Upon walking in through the balcony doorway she had a higher view of the entire interior. By the end of the room was a bar area with many stools lined up and people handling pints of beer. The frame of the bar was a light oak wood that matched the bar stools and seats.

In the centre of the room was where the commotion seemed to originate, a large fire pit with built in seats around it was surrounded by people and drinking men of all sizes. A few women were spotted in the mix but the vast majority of these men were either overly large and muscular or thin and athletic.

As soon as she saw their builds Asuka immediately knew what was happening. ”Woah~ all of them are in the race as well! Whos that though?? ”

She stared towards the centre of the lodges commotion, near the fire pit was a beautiful woman dancing gracefully around the fire with a large pint of beer swashing around as she moved. The cheering of the crowd was triggered from each time her drink would swash but never spilt, after watching a bit of the act Asuka also started to join in on the praise and cheered from the inside balcony.

She made her way down and towards the bar where she pulled up and sat alone in the corner. The bartender behind the counter trotted up to her and grabbed the glass that was lying face down in front of her.

He casually whisked out a white cloth from his back pocket and started to wipe it down thoroughly. With a charming low voice he took her order without breaking eye contact. ”You look a little young to have a poison, so what can I bring ye? ”

She glanced towards the large container of beer behind the counter and gulped with a nervous grin.

”Ill have a beer- I think. ”

The man walked back with the shiny glass he had finished polishing and held it under the beer container. A Large tap ran out from underneath, which he placed over the glass and started to pour in.

Golden beer started filling the cup as thick white foam hugged the edges of the cup when it was full. He brought it forward with a proud smirk and the feeling that he had created a masterpiece, while sliding it across the bar toward her.

She caught it with ease and watched a smidge of foam spill over and on to her hand. ”How did that other girl not mess from all that dancing… Well- here goes my first beer! ”

Asuka closed her eyes and began to chug it without hesitation, it went down smoothly but near the bottom of the glass she started to choke and opened her eyes with a distressed expression. She coughed up a bit of foam with an aggressive heave and then stuck out her tongue.

So gross~ how do grownups drink this stuff… She thought while placing it down on the bar.

Without any warning the bartender reached for the glass and replaced it with a pint of beer that was twice the size of the glass she had just finished. Asuka turned around with a worried expression and tried to grab his attention.

”H-hey guy, I didn want another! Hey are you listening- ”

As the bartender walked to another customer she felt someones arm tug around her shoulder and pull her backwards.

”Don tell me you
e stopping already, the party just started sweetheart! ” A sweet voice exclaimed.

The girl who had been performing dance moves without any spilling was now standing beside Asuka with an arm wrapped firmly around her shoulder. Any time she tried to resist or move away she felt a large squishy cushion press against her face and smother her.

”My names Alice; be sure to remember me okay! ” She said with a seductive smile.

Alice was dressed in a striped bra and baggy sweat pants, the only other thing she had on was the pins keeping her hair in two buns but beside that she was pretty revealing. Her large chest and bright yellow eyes were especially captivating.

”Whats your name sweet heart? Also what is someone so young and cute like you doing in a big girl place like this huh~ ” Alice asked in a cutesy voice while pressing her chest into Asukas face.


Asuka forced herself away from Alice with a hard shove and took a deep breath of air after finally getting the chance to breathe again. Meanwhile Alice stumbled back in surprise, her breasts bounced with a slight jiggle that caused a huge ruckus with the men at the bar.

Each of them were leaning to the full extent of their bar stools and watching as she danced around in place with her large chest swishing around. Eventually Alice found her footing and swiped away at her forehead with relief that she did not drop her beer.

”Im sorry if I scared you kid, I just get a little excited is all…hahaha~ Im really not a bad person, I hope you can forgive me? ” Alice pouted.

The people at the bar glared at Asukas response, it seemed that everyone had formed an unspoken fan base around Alice. Asuka noticed the heavy eyes lying on her and let out an unconfident response. ”Sure… I guess. ”

”Great, then lets finish that beer and hit the drinks hard okay!! ” She said while wrapping herself around Asuka again.

Asuka peered down at the large chest taking up majority of the space between them and looked slightly irritated. Compared to other people she wasn necessarily small at all but how could she not be intimidated by the beasts pressing against her.

For the next hour the two of them downed drink after drink, Asuka wasn able to keep up with Alice but that was to be expected. Even among the larger men that surrounded them by the bar Alice was able to outdrink them all and keep her composure the entire time.

The atmosphere was certainly cheery, loud music played as the different contestants of the race danced around the fire place with their arms linked together and shouting cheers filled the rooms.

By the bar Alice entertained the swooning men that looked over to her while Asuka tried to stay conscious, she had her head against the bar counter and started seeing stars after her 7 h drink.

Suddenly a loud crash by the front door stabbed through the chaos and quickly quieted the atmosphere as a tall burley man walked through the door. He was dressed in a long black coat and blue combat trousers and boots. He had the appeal of a real warrior along with the wicked blade attached to his waist. It was a regular sword with some finer details and design but for some reason everyone in the room felt an eerie vibe from it.

As soon as he walked in Asuka bolted up from her coma state and let out a massive burp which seemed to bring back the lively atmosphere to the room. Although nobody was quite as loud and cheery as before, people were definitely getting back to a fun state.

”I didn think we would be getting an appearance of the crimson killer in a place like this~ ” Alice observed.

She didn have her regular girly tone and vibe, she was turned in her seat to face the man that had just entered and had her eyes locked on him. ”Good job bringing back the room there Asuka- good job- good job! ”

Alice praised Asuka while slapping her back repeatedly with a big smile.

Asuka turned to the man and noticed the thick red hair and seemed especially curious, she didn mention anything out loud but it was obvious that she had been staring because she didn avert her eyes at any point.

”He is real bad news; I would stay away from him. Not just in the race, I hear people that get close to him tend to become pretty still if you know what I mean. ” She said while gesturing to a knife being poked into her chest.

”Is he a criminal?! ” She panicked while getting up from her seat.

”No- no nothing like that, he just has a bit of a history in battle. ”

Asuka looked especially hyped up after hearing that. ”So he is a warrior?! Wow I wonder what he fights like, I bet he uses that wicked cool sword right? ”

Alice didn seem to give any positive reaction; she actually looked a little bummed out talking about it.

e the only one who doesn know so I might as well tell you… ” Alice explained.

To cut it short Alice explained the brief history around the mysterious man which appeared with crimson flowing hair. His name is Ryuji Muramasa, part of a legacy of trained fighters that are known for heritage of battle and victories.

Ryuji was the most famous in his family, from the age of 10 he killed his first person in self-defence. Apparently something about their family is meant for killing, he described it to the police as an instinct that he let take over. By the time he was 20 he had earned a name for himself defending his country on the battlefield of the unions 4th war…as the last of his family name he continued training and fighting, earning more and more of a legacy to the point where people aren sure where the stories start and the facts end.

”Thats basically what everyone knows though, weird that you never heard of him…what have you been living in the mountains your whole life or something hahaha~ ” Alice laughed.

”How did you know that, wow Miss Alice you really know a lot don you?! ”

Alice bent forward in place as if she had received life threatening news. ”M-miss… Im not some old lady… ” She muttered.

”What about that sword then- I can explain it but it gave me chills just looking at it. ”

”Its a sword passed down in his family that supposedly has some ancient abilities…best not to think about it too much. Apparently the Muramasa are very strict about their swords and traditions, just stick with me and youll be fine! ”

”Thanks, I feel better already~ ”

The two smiled heavily with each other until a sudden announcement made its way into the lodge. A man carrying a clipboard and sleek glasses walked through the door and captivated the entire room. Everyone including Asuka seemed to instinctively know what was coming next.

”Ladies and gentlemen, please make your way to the starting point! The race will begin shortly. ” He said confidently.

The starting line took place not too far from the lodge which sat on the edge of town near the South was the Weary forest where Asuka had arrived from but near the Northern side of the town was another forest where they all lined up.

The brick road and pathways were all cut off by a dark green moss that sectioned off the forest from the town. It was not an intentional design, apparently the forest had such a strong overgrowth that it was impossible to trim or cut through it.

”Welcome guests from around the world, and everyone watching from home! This is the moment we have all been waiting for! The Weepnest Mountain Race!!!

A large stage with hundreds of cameras was focused on the man holding the microphone as well as peering over to the racers on account. This was the formality to the race, the press conference for the sponsors and donors but more so for the racers. This is the moment where their nerves sink in, where their true natures are formed.

Every friendship made before hand, every alliance planned or romance created. The Mountain will test them all.

Lets run through the rules quickly and get started, firstly all participants are to be 18 years of age or older. The use of weapons and dangerous objects are allowed, the use of abilities and martial arts are encouraged. Lastly, if you find yourself in a fight with another racer; be sure to win! With that Let the Race…Begin!!!! ”

A loud gong slammed at both sides of the stage where the announcers were standing, signalling the start of the race.

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