My names Apollo, and i see and hear things that no one else can. It all started when I was just a kid. But now Im twenty-two, and well i can still see and hear them. Ive only been twenty-two for two weeks but It feels like three months. Its all good though, tonight me and some friends are going out. But I won let anything I see or hear ruin my mood. Because today I woke up feeling great. And I won let anything drag me down. Tonight Im going to have fun and let loose.

It was hard at first, because of everything I have going on in my life. I thought everyone was going to feel weird around me. So I kept distancing myself, from everyone and everything. I didn want to be around people who thinks I crazy or weird. I mean my own family have a hard time believing Im not crazy. So how could I expect other to believe Im not.

But I did it I made friends, who thinks Im special yet weird. And Im okay with that, theyve never not once held it against me. And never once judged me to make me feel Im crazy. So I consider myself lucky. Theres a lot of people whod wish for friends like mine. We
e a small group but I like it the way it is. They
e five of us: Jake hes nineteen, hes somewhat too outspoken.

Emma shes twenty-three, she shy but can be feisty at times.

Holly and Hayden they
e both twenty-five, and twin though there personalities couldn be more different. Hollys a free spirited person who loves adventure. While Haydens short tempered.

And me Apollo, whos moody and weird.

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