Knock knock! Dude open up we
e going to be late; shouted Jake. Dude we
e literally going to a night club; Said Emma. Yeah theres literally no way to be late you moron; yelled Hayden. Yeah yeah Im coming Im coming; I yelled. Bros its too early for all this yelling; said Holly. Right let go then before you guys wake all my neighbors; I said.

An hour later; wow this places so packed said Emma. WHAT WE CANT HEAR YOU; shouted Jake.I SAID; THIS PLACE IS REALLY PACKED. YEAH JUST TRY NOT TO GET LOST IN THE CROWD; yelled Hayden. LET ALL GO GRAB A DRINK BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE; Holly shouted. so we all went to the bar. Wow aren you a cutie, whats your name; said Jake. My names Molly; and aren you a little too young to be up this late. No way the nights just getting started, and Mollys a sexy name ;Jake said in a flirty voice. Whatever kid, so what can I get you all; asked Molly? Can we get ten tequila shots please; asked Holly. Wow! Sure thing coming right up; said Molly in excitement. She rushed over with a tray in her hands and sat down. So what are your names; asked Molly. After getting to know each other,Holly made all of us want to dance.

We all went to the dance floor and it was so wild. They
e were so many people of all different races, all gathered in one huge night club. It was amazing especially since the name of that night club was; ALL AS ONE.

About and hour later this DJ girl stepped on stage and yelled in the microphones; HOW WE FEELIN TONIGHT ALL AS ONE. And the entire building started to shake, it was incredible I had never seen or been anywhere like this in my life. Everyone started stamping there feets and screaming. I had never been there before but some how when that happened, it was as if I could feel what this place meant to them. It was a place where anyone would be welcomed no matter what race, color of skin or language they spoke. This place was somewhere any and everyone could be or feel free. Free from stress free from pain free from anything that they wanted to forget. And in that moment I too was free. I was free from myself and my life, and I forgot everything that caused me pain and anguish. It was truly amazing, but it didn last very long.

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