I blinked twice, to make sure I wasn hallucinating. But I know I wasn , but then she looked completely normal again. Are you okay;she asked in confusion. Im fine but before we continue can I eat least know your name? She paused for a minute then looked at me and smirked.

Maras my name, would you also like to know my favorite color as well. Or would you like to continue what we started. My mind went blank, and again like a little puppy all I could do was nod my head. Then she sat beside me on the bed and took off my shirt.

The next morning; Screams! What was that, was that all a dream. I had no idea or no memory of what had happened. I mind was as foggy as morning break.What had happened after the took off my shirt, thats the last thing I remember. What exactly dih the do, wait Im in my room huh.What exactly is going on here. Wait was it really all a dream, I can remember and Im in my room. No I has to be real, it just has to.

I decided to take a cold shower to calm myself down and think straight. After I went to brush my teeth, but noticed something weird in the mirror. Thats it the same tattoo, the same one she had on her lower back. But this time I had that peculiar tattoo on the left side of my chest. How could this happen I couldn have gotten a new tattoo. No it didn seem new not at all. It looked at least four months old, but Id remember getting a tattoo and I don .

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