Then suddenly, there it was this unbearable pain. The tattoo, it felt as if it was on fire. It was so unbearable, all I could think about was I DONT WANT TO DIE. The pain only grew stronger, and I couldn think straight. I looked at the mirror but only got irritated. Then it got worse I tried holding on to the sink but it didn work out the way I thought. I guess I gripped too hard and it broke. What I can be that strong theres no way. Then suddenly I could feel myself growing weaker and weaker.

I guess I fainted, because I woke up five hours later laying on the floor. When I got up I could feel something was different.Although I couldn figure out what, or when the change had happened. I was so tired, although I had just got up. So I went to bed, but kept tossing and turning. Until finally I felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. But just I as I fell asleep, the tattoo started burning. It felt as if my chest was on fire. I tossed and turned until I fell of the bed. I didn know know what to do so I ran to the shower. Thinking that a cold shower would help, and it did. But when I got out of the shower the pain continued, but this time it was worse. I ran back to the shower, I sat down and and stayed there till morning.

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