“I recall telling you to focus on resting in your bedroom.”

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“Oh, but I’m fine now.” A lot of time had passed since I took the poison.

My husband shook his head.
“You promised to listen to me until I said it was all right for you to walk around.”

I was afraid he wouldn’t say it was all right until I died.
Sadly, he, a duke, was the one with the actual power here.
If I fought back, the time it took for my recovery would take longer.

I had no choice but to admit defeat.
“You probably won’t believe me, but I was on my way back.”

Let’s hope this works.

“I believe you.” Despite that, he ensnared me in a hug.
I could feel his resolve to block every possibility of escaping.
“Patients must rest.”

“I’ve rested enough.
It’s to the point where my whole body feels stiff.” When I refused to return to bed, he sighed and turned me around.
His arms wrapped around my shoulders, then he leaned on me.
“Speaking of which, are you doing what you’re supposed to do? Is it all right for a duke to be this lazy?”

“It’s all right.
I have a good butler.”

“That poor butler.” It hurt my heart to think of Alan alone in the office, wondering when his lord would return.
Yet his lord, doing as he pleases, showed no signs of going back.

“Why are you worried about Mr.
Alan? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about me?”

“Who’s flirting in the middle of the hallway?”

“I confessed to my precious wife and got rejected.”


I didn’t know why that word in particular carried a lot of weight to it.
I gulped without realizing it.
Did he know about this strange feeling I couldn’t talk about?

“You’re quiet again.
Just let it go, dearest.”

“Actually, I—”

Damn it.
I tried to refute his words, but because he was leaning on me, the breakfast and snacks from Avery began to make a fuss in my stomach.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t feel so good… like I’m about to throw up.”

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“Oh, don’t do that.”

I thought he was going to let go of me, but instead, my body was lifted into the air.
Since my husband didn’t want to drop me, his arm supported my back and the other was under my legs.
Ah, yes, the bridal carry.

“It’s not bothersome if I hug you like this, no?”


“Is it not to your liking?”

When I frowned instead of answering, he chuckled to himself.

“Was this really necessary?” I glared at him.
Then, I thought I heard the sound of sweeping behind me and slightly turned my head.

The servants were cleaning the castle.
They were from House 3, whom I had gotten close to before long.
Everyone bowed politely as they passed, and for a moment, I saw smiles on their faces.

Feeling embarrassed, I glared daggers at my husband.
Expressionless, he looked straight ahead before glancing at me.

“Don’t look this way, my dear.”

Why was he saying that all of a sudden?

“If a person stares into the eyes of a witch for more than five seconds, the individual will be cursed.”

“Do you want that?” He had done all sorts of things.
There was no way he’d refuse to make eye contact with me, so I continued staring at him.
His ears turned red.

In the end, he was the one who surrendered.
“I suppose I truly am cursed.”

What is with this sudden talk about curses…?

“It’s hard to breathe.”

Huh? Impossible.
I tried to listen to his heartbeat; lo and behold, it was perfectly fine.
“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know.
It got worse.” His serious expression stiffened.
“I am being punished for acting rudely on a daily basis.”

It had to be a punishment, not a curse.

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Hmph, I felt it was well-deserved.


What was it?


Frowning, I felt a strange sensation as I slept.
Then I heard a soft laugh next to me.
I ignored it.
Because I slept late, I was too tired to open my eyes.
If you were to ask me why I slept late, I’d say the answer was simple.
My husband refused to leave the bed, insisting his “sick” wife needed a much-needed rest.
Thanks to him, I was forced to nap for half the day, so I couldn’t sleep on time.
I only fell asleep when the sun began to rise.

In other words, I wanted to sleep for a while longer.

“I know you aren’t sleeping.
Wake up for a moment.”

I refuse.
I was half-awake, but if I opened my eyes now, I won’t be able to go back to sleep.

“Do you still not want to wake up?” It was the person who put me in this situation in the first place.
He kept poking my face, tugging my hair, and doing all kinds of annoying things.
“You didn’t sleep when I told you to sleep, and now you don’t wake up when I tell you to.
You’re awfully bad at listening.”

He was whispering in my ear again.
I resisted the urge to react.
Only then did my husband think I was actually asleep.

He clicked his tongue.
“Ah, this is no fun.”

I was glad it wasn’t fun.
Having succeeded, I pulled the blanket over me.
If he continued to bother me, I’d get up and scold him.
I was going to do my best.

Instead, something warm touched my forehead, and something else fell on it.
He combed his fingers through my tangled hair and got off the bed.
There were footsteps, and the door closed with a click.
I opened my eyes, sat up, and looked around the room.
Fortunately, he had left.

My precious sleep was saved.
I was proud of myself and lay down again.
Yet an object landed on my face.

“What…” I stared at it with half-closed eyes.
It was a piece of paper with neat handwriting.

[Don’t do anything rash until I return.]

Huh? I looked at the back, expecting there to be more, but that was it.
Yes, it only had those words.

“What are you doing?”

He really was a man I couldn’t get used to.

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“He’s not here?”

Later that morning.
While eating breakfast, Betty, who was pouring tea, told me what happened.

“Where did he go?”

“My lord has gone to the border.
He received an urgent message of a fight breaking out at one of the villages…”

“Did he go by himself?”

“No, he brought the knights.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“My lady!”

Right, what part of “that’s wonderful” was appropriate to say during a possible enemy invasion? However, I couldn’t keep my mouth from twitching.
“Heh, this is an opportunity.”

“I know what you’re thinking.

“I didn’t say anything yet.”

“It’s very obvious, my lady.” Betty could guess what I was thinking based on my eyes.
“Do you know how I cry inside whenever your lovely red eyes do that? I pray to the gods every night for a normal day!”

“I see.” As soon as she began to shed tears, I quickly shoved the rest of my salad into my mouth and emptied my teacup.
“Let’s go!”

“My lady!”

Betty’s shout was behind me, but I ignored it.

“Miss Betty, I have to do something before he comes back!”

No husband? This was the perfect opportunity to do what I never had done before and wanted to do.

“My lord will scold me later!”

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“I’ll protect you.”

“…You also just recovered from being poisoned… What will we do if my lady gets sick again?”

“Even Mr.
Avery said I was better now.
I can’t believe I recovered so quickly after drinking poison.
It’s remarkable.”


“There’s nothing to worry about!”

Being overprotective was unreasonable at this point.
Normal humans thought witches were monsters, but the people here were different.
They fretted over me like a frail, sickly girl.
When I tried to go out for even a moment, I was chased around like a child they were taking care of.
It was the same now.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to talk to Sir Luen,” I said.

“Sir Luen?” Curiously, Betty, who had been following me, tilted her head.
“I’m sorry, my lady.
He isn’t here at the moment.
I told you how my lord went to the border…”

I did recall my husband brought the knights with him.
Why did he take Jade out of all people? “Then who’s left? He couldn’t have brought the entire order of knights with him.”

“There is one person…”

“Show me where he is.”

Betty hesitated, and she even sighed.

Soon enough, I understood why.

“What is it?”


“How may I help you?”

Why was it him? As soon as I saw the orange hair, I sighed in exasperation.
Forcing myself to smile, I glanced at Betty.
It was the look that meant to say “this was awkward”.
Betty had a sullen expression as if she agreed.

Yes, it was the Pumpkin Knight.
I thought he was unfriendly to witches, but he was a loner disliked by everyone.

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