How to Get Caught Pooping

Unfinished Business

Sals POV


Sal felt very confused.

”A proposal? ”

”Yes, ” Rosa replied matter-of-factly, her throat bobbing.

”What is it? ”

”Would you like… ” Rosa stirred Sals interest by prolonging her words, her eyes twinkling with a hint of mischief.

Sal leaned in, hooked onto every word that was casted out.

”…To be… ”

His thick neck stuck out.

”…My…. ”

Sals eyes bulged out like a fish.

”…Talking buddy? ”

”A talking…Buddy? ”

”Yes, a talking buddy. ”

”Um, whats that? ”

”Since both of us need practice in social interactions and friendly communication, ” Rosa presented like a professional, ”It would be beneficial if we could both talk to one another. Not only are they two birds with one stone, but it would also be fun to learn more about each other. ”

Rosa tilted her head to one side.

”How about it? ”

Sal was stunned to the spot.




And any other word that would cause Sals brain to stop functioning.

-A talking buddy?- Sal thought.

-A..talking buddy…-

-I finally get to…be with someone.-

Sal was in a daze, the silence enclosing him, a thin and delicate veil draping over him.

So fragile yet so strong.

Rosa patiently waited, her eyes calm as she witnessed Sal in a rare state. It was an unspeakable form of understanding, a meaning that didn need writing or vocalization to achieve. It was perhaps the most powerful form of communication known to man or animal, or perhaps anything with a soul.

The soul.

A form of consciousness concentrated to a single moment, to a single place, is that a soul?

And one of the infinite amount of souls from this universe, this soul was born from a mother sloth, born upon this single tree, at that specific moment. The soul of a sloth, a sloth currently shrouded in a translucent veil.

And at that moment, the translucent veil stretched until its thin thread snapped, like a spider web, a delicate work of art, so tough yet so weak.

Sal looked straight into Rosas tranquil eyes.

Eyes the color of the sun roasting at dusk, the color of the prettiest flowers, the color some would compare to blood.

But to Sal, those eyes were hidden with an overflowing sweetness that metallic, salty blood could never provide.

With his eyes curving into crescents, his cheeks bulging, and a smile so big it seemed to be larger than his entire head, Sal was beaming.

”Of course! Ill be your talking buddy! ”

And with that, welcome everyone to the journey.

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