Sals POV


Sal was climbing up a tree.

Slowly and steadily.

Perhaps a little too slow and a little too steady.

After all, Sal was thinking deeply about the farewell he had with Rosa.


”Alright, Ill be going now! ”

”Wait, Rosa, where are you going? ”

”Home. My family will worry about me. Besides, the sun will rise soon. I need to go back and get some good mornings sleep. ”

”Oh- I see. ”

”Hmm, are you pouting Sal? ”

”Oh…no! I was just wondering… ”

”Wondering about what? ”

”…When we could meet again? ”

”I see, so thats what you were worried about? ”

”Worried? Me? ”

”How about every evening when the sun is starting to set well have a gathering? We will meet at the same spot, but perhaps a little farther up in the trees to avoid any inconveniences. How about it? ”

”Alright, perfect! ”

”Well then, see you later Sal. I hope you have a beautiful night. ”

”See you too Rosa. I hope the same thing happens to you! ”

”Bye Sal. ”

”Bye Rosa! ”

And with that, Rosa hopped away, deeper into the dark, back to her home.


”Talking buddies… ”

Sal clenched his claws.

His face felt warm with the blood rushing to his head.

”Ill make sure to be the best talking buddy in the rainforest. No, in the world! ”

”Im going to do it. ”

Sal pumped himself up. His cheeks bulged in delight as his eyes curved into a smile.

”Now then, what should I say when we meet? What topics should we discuss? How about some jokes? Oh, maybe I should say… ”

With that, Sals blabber trailed off. While Sal climbed the tree, one claw over the other, the sun raced with him, creeping up in the sky.

The clouds were the audience, waving their colorful flags and throwing vibrant confetti. The sky was the canvas, now entirely covered in blue with freckles of sparse clouds, the remaining colors disappeared, announcing the race has ended.

The winner was none other than…


Sals face twisted in realization. It was horrendous, to say the least.

”I was so preoccupied with the incident, and then talking to Rosa, and then thinking of a game plan, that I, that I- ”

Sal screamed in agony in his head.

”I forgot to finish my usiness! I still have so much of hat left! ”

Sal quickly scrambled, and the stomach started to gurgle once again. Ominously hinting at the torture that was to follow, Sals back was drenched with sweat, and it wasn from the humid air.

It was now a race to the bottom.

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