Rosas POV


The sun was beginning to set.

The sky, painted in brilliant warm colors, was preparing for a change. Weaving in and out, various shades and tints bobbed over and under the horizon, seeping through the fluffy clouds, making the bland, white clouds bleed with colors. Yet farther from the horizon line, the darker the colors became. Bright pink to dark pink, light orange to blood red, speckles of light gray to velvety blue…

The night was approaching, the moon was soon to dominate as the sun retires.

”It seems like its finally time. ”

Blood red eyes blinked awake, a color more gruesome than any slaughtered preys blood within this foliage.

The little creature, the size of a walnut, yet honing a pair startlingly eyes craned her small body. She was perfectly camouflaged within the trees as the green of her body fits right in with the leaves.

Shuffling her body, the creature slowly stretched her body out, taking a huge stretch. The good kind of stretch that makes the eye glimmer in a twinkle in satisfaction, the whole body twitching.

With a little pop, cobalt blue limbs appeared as her little, orange feet and hands also peeked out.

Originally tucking her little limbs under her body, the single tone of green ended up with some a company of colors.

”Aaah. ”

With a slow blink, the creature, a red-eyed tree frog, took a breath of the nighttime air.

”Ay, Rosa, are you prepared for some hunting! ”

Rosa turned to the noisy source calmly and slowly spoke, ”Rony, please tame your excitement. It just turned night. ”

”Whatever you say, Rosa! ” Rony exclaimed. He was exactly the same as Rosa. Bright green, shiny blue, striking orange, and…blood red.

”Anyways, Ill be going with the pack, the family. I guess I gotta use the technical name, you know, the Army! Defiantly know the ants ain happy with that one. Anyways, you know, the Army likes to have some nightly partying while the stars are coming out. You gotta come! ”

”Alright, Rony. Enjoy some family time then. Ill be taking a little hop around the place. ”

”Why? No family time?! Why go to other boring places? ”

”Rony, lets not be a frog in the well. Youve only seen this one tree, what about the hundreds upon thousands of other trees? Open the mind to the new of this world. ” Rosa gazed thoughtfully within the deepness of the never-ending barricade of trees.

”Cmon Rosa, you know the brain in here is smaller than a seed! Can . Understand. Nothing. ” Rony blabbered playfully, wadding up his little orange toes into a little fist, knocking at his brain on beat with every syllable, ”Ill be going now. Just don stray too far away! ”

”Don worry, I won , ” replied Rosa.

With a skillful leap, arcing in the air gracefully, Rosa started to make her way to the interlocking branches of the trees. Twisting and tangling, vines wrapped around the branches, tying them into a messy bundle. Thousands of leaves tickled each other, brushing past each other gently when the nightly breeze kicked in.

Rosa, using the intimately knotted foliage to her advantage, with great ability, soon disappeared into the greenery.

”Dang…What a badass, ” Rony murmured in a daze.

”… ”

”…Whelp, I better get going now! ” With much less skill than Rosa, Rony leaped up the tree, hopping by foot to every skew branch that look like broken limbs, until he finally made his way to a flat yet sturdy branch.

”Ayoo! Everyone! Rony is in the Army! ”

There was a hollering and croaking, an enthusiastic response to Ronys arrival.

And with that, the night began.

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