How to Get Caught Pooping

Pooping: The Experience

Rosas POV


Rosas scarlet eyes flickered in the night. Her eyes were like glowing pearls soaked in blood. A single stare could startle the souls out of animals, a piercing gaze sharper than a hunters most prized spear, a look that belongs in nightmares.

And her eyes shimmered in the moonlight as Rosa peered from the foliage to see…

Something long.

Something thick.

Something brown and green.

Something coming out of the…um…the… ”place ”.

And a face filled with pure bliss.

For a moment, Rosas red eyes became unfocused.

”What is- ” Rosa mumbled, dumbfounded. Crooking her head to the side, her white belly underside and her green outer skin twisted around like a candy cane.

Rosas mind was racing.

Around and around and around.

Combining, destroying. Infusing, extracting. Blending, separating.

The knowledge inside of Rosas brain was going through hundreds of experiments, processing into droplets of data, only to be thrown away.

Rosa was thinking, thinking in a way she never knew, entering a new dimension of intelligence.

Lost in deep, deep thought…

And with a hit of realization, like a burst of flashing lightning striking from the sky above, like a shiny, red apple smashing on her small noggin, like the discovery of the legendary, powerful Philosopher Stone, like the worlds energies rushing to a single place, swirling and rippling in the dense, moist air…Rosa finally understood what was going on.

She was enlightened.

But knowledge can be a dangerous gift.

This knowledge…is dangerous.

Taking the cue, Rosa tensed her little legs.

Pulsating, she was waiting to leap away and escape…


-I want to learn about this!- Rosa thought, her eyes seem to be emitting glitter, sparkling with hidden excitement.


-Because I want to know!-


With slight hesitation, Rosa thought sincerely.

-This is an invasion of privacy, I better go.-

But just as that thought formed, it seemed like the world was working against her. The old branch she was sitting on began to crack all of sudden, to then snap off, tumbling to the ground below.


”… ”


With a little moment to gather herself up, recovering from the unforeseen circumstances, Rosa propped herself up respectfully, and very gently asked, ”Excuse me? ”

The silence…was broken.

And that results in:

Eye contact.

One was calm, one was shocked.

”May I ever ask, when you are finished, a question? ”

”… ”

No reply.

”Why are you pooping during this hour, or more specifically, why are you down here when you should be in the trees, high above any enemies? ” Rosa glanced towards the creature, wide-eyed in a mixture of fear, shock, and absolute horror.

”Plop. ”

Breaking away from the…the-…the you-know-what, a long, quite impressive feat, of a piece of excrement hit the ground with a loud, announcing thud.

Rosas eyes followed the dramatic fall of the fecal matter, and looked back up, returning an intense eye contact.

”Mr. Sloth? ”

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