How to Get Caught Pooping

Pooping: The Experience

ble toilet?


In an abandoned, sketchy toilet out in the middle of nowhere?


In the pants?


In the forest?

Thats a check for Sal.

In the public?

…Well, that may be a check for some of the readers.

Regardless of when and where the urges will never stop and they will never cease.

As long as we eat, we poop. As long as we poop, we eat.

Thats the law by which (almost) every animal abides.

And yet why do we feel shame in such a normal, everyday deed?

Why feel mortification from the natural process of the body?

Why does the face flush brighter than the blistering sun, the ear tinged with crimson? Why does the face become hot like boiling water bubbling and rising, sweating like the countless droplets of precipitation formed by the billowing steam? Why does the throat constrict upon realization, the voice stammer, stuttering more viciously than starting the engine up of a rusted car?

Why the shame, the embarrassment?

Ah, one of the worlds greatest questions.

What does pooping mean to you?

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