ings wrong. ” Sal was already too deep in his excuse-making. His eyes were bugging out.

This wasn his usual self.

The mental state of Sal could only be described with one word…broken.

While Sal was sputtering, the little frog explained, ”Truthfully, Ive already slept for some while. Im completely awake. ”

”…Huh? ”

”Besides, ” glancing over to the pile with a slight frown forming on the frogs face, ”Perhaps maybe I did see incorrectly, however, what about the distinct smell? ”

”… ”

”Please, listen. I didn mean to intrude. Now that Ive seen it, Im just curious about you and your body. I am interested in learning, however I dislike blatant lies with no effort or evidence. I- ”

”Im..Im NOT lying! Im not… ”

A nervous laugh follows.

”Its just, its…um…simply…or more exactly just some…um…just something I- ”

The frog stares dead into Sals trembling pupils. The scarlet eyes made Sals parched throat become a drought land. The moist air only served to tickle and tease his throat, but soon evaporated from the bubbling erratic emotions, making Sal feel more unbearable.

”One lie creates another lie. With more and more lies, at some point, those lies will only serve as weapons to dig the truth out instead. Admitting fault isn failing, its the point of realization in which you are given a chance. Either you take the chance or continue being a fool. ”

”… ”

The tiny frogs not-so-tiny speech nailed the coffin shut. Sal couldn refute what the frog said, what could he say?

On the verge of tears, Sals hoarsely sputtered, ”Ill admit- I was wrong. I-I… ”

With a large wail, Sal couldn stop the words. Like a broken faucet, all the words surged out.

”I was wrong for lying! ”

”I didn want to face the truth! ”

”I wan doing experiments or anything else! ”

”I really was, was… ”


And with that, Sal confessed.

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