How to Get Caught Pooping

Let\'s Make It Official

Narrators POV


Awkward silence.

The power of the absence of sound, capable of crushing ones soul into paste.

A situation in which ”I want to die ” is chanted continuously.

As long as theres more than one person other than you in the setting, the power of awkward silence activates automatically, especially when there is a catalyst.

A fart in an elevator.

Dramatically falling to the ground in a restaurant.

Saying the wrong answer out loud confidently.

Mistaken a person for someone else with certainty.

Wearing something with a big stain or embarrassing print in public.

Making a joke at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or worse of all, the point of the conversation in which there is no continuation.

No subjects to talk about, no jokes to laugh at, no stories to describe about.


Just pure silence, pure eye contact, pure nothing.



Sals POV









Sal just realized something.

He was supposed to say something, to keep the conversation going.

Yet he didn .

Because he didn know how to talk to others.

He never had anyone to talk to.

He had no experience under his belt.

He never had anyone to talk to in a long time.

And now he had to say something, to break the ice, to smash the cold, and destroy the silence!

”Ah, so…Why are your eyes really creepy?

”… ”

Sal grimaced inside.

-…I want to die.-

Ah, once again, the thought.

Instead of being offended like Sal thought, Rosa warmly smiled.

”My eyes are a source of protection. It is a useful mechanism to deter animals away. After all, with my bright colors and deep red eyes, it makes me seem intimidating, or at least not the greatest source of energy. After all, why gamble with death when Im possibly poisonous? ”

Rosa joked a little, though her bright eyes dimmed with her following comments.

”Though it is unfortunate that Im ostracized due to my appearance. My looks are both my greatest fortune yet misfortune. Besides my family, I don have any other animals I talk to. Hence why Im here. ”

Rosa gave a little smirk.

”Family can get a lot sometimes, ” she said, ”Especially with my personality, I don mix well with the other frogs. ”

”Then… ” Sal questioned, ”Why don you try to make friends? ”

Musing, Rosa chuckled.

”Why bother? I can even get near them, much less converse with others. Talking with others unwillingly to change is the most useless way to utilize time. A plain waste, if you ask me. ”

”I mean… ” Sal hesitated, ”How do you know they aren open to change? ”

Rosa snorted.

”Shouldn you ask yourself? You were trembling when we met. Your body shook harder than the weakest tree in the most intense thunderstorm. ”

”Really?! ”

”What, you don believe me? I thought you were more open minded since you were willing to talk to me. ”

”No, no, ” Sal refuted, scratching his little head, adorably tilting his head down, obviously bashful yet brimming with bubbling joy. ”I just think- you
e really nice. I thought you were really popular with other animals. ”

Sals head bobbed down farther, hiding his dimming grin as he murmured, ”Unlike me. ”

Rosa was a very perceptive frog. Catching his quiet words blending into the background buzzing of insects, she closed her eyes thoughtfully.

”Oh! ” Sal snapped back into reality, apologizing, ”Uh, I accidentally led this conversation in a dead zone. Frankly, Im not good with talking too. I really need to work on this. ”

Rosas eyes fluttered back open. A flash of unknown emotion struck her, and before she knew it, Rosa suddenly blurted, ”Do you want to accept my proposal? ”

Sal peered curiously at Rosas sudden proclamation.

”Huh? ”

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