Howl of Time

10. Poison

A week had passed since I kicked the living hell out Zack and his cronies. Since then they would avoid looking at me and actively kept thier distance.

Tania and I began dating and we would talk every day and even had a date planned for the coming weekend. To be honest, I wasnt thrilled about where she wanted us to go.

Kyle and I had also been training our bodies after school, but I had a hard time keeping him motivated. But mentioning busty elves seemed to always light a fire under his ass and get him moving.

After a week I was already seeing results in myself. My stamina had already seen some improvement and my muscles felt a little more toned. But it still wasnt enough. The amount of danger we will face when we go to Mythral was going to be high.

I had also begun constructing a device known in the future as a Void Bracelet. Although it wont be a completely functioning model, it should serve as proof of my abilities.

What the Void Bracelet should do when worn and activated would be to let the user phase into a dimensional rift for a moment allowing for short range teleportation.

However it cant teleport through objects, only whats within line of sight. But the device itself is powered through beast crystals, hence what Im making is a prototype without the batteries.

I havn told Tania anything about this yet. She has something of a complex regarding people pretending to like her to get closer to her family. And Im the asshole whos doing just that.

My plan regarding her is to have our relationship progress enough to get her help while maintaining a respectable distance to not let things get too intimate. I can still be dating Tania before I go to win over my future girlfriend Penelope next year when I go to college. Ill be graduating in a few months and then leaving Star City and starting college in Red Oaks.

It was now Friday and school had concluded uneventfully. My date with Tania was tomorrow and she suggested we go to the zoo of all places. Apparently she really likes animals but rarely gets to go. (Im sure she wont be as fond of animals when they start mutating and eating everyone she knows…) Well its fine by me if we go there but it does bring back some bad memories.

After school, I met up with Kyle and we began our routine. We ran for an hour and did basic strengthening exercises like push ups, sit ups, and used his parents gym equipment. He complained as usual but I could tell his condition is also improving.

Once we had enough I had him help me on the void bracelet. Kyle was curious and constantly asked questions regarding it. His basement was a great place to construct it as no one ever went down there except for me and him.

The void bracelet was just about finished except for one last component that would not arrive until Monday after this weekend. While soldering a wire in place to the outer chassis, an unexpected guest made her way into the basement. Malka. Kyles older sister.

She came down the stairs and entered the basement workshop where we were busy working. We were so lost in what we were doing we didnt even notice the door opening. Malka walked in and saw us working on the Void Bracelet. Her eyebrow arched up in curiosity.

”What are you two nerds doing? ” Her sudden question caused Kyle to jump in surprise and he stood between her and the void bracelet to avoid her seeing any more.

”Malka! This is top secret and the likes of you wouldn understand it anyway! ” I couldn help but sigh at his shameless words. (Its not like you can understand it much better you bastard…)

An annoyed look appeared on her face and she pushed Kyle out of the way and moved towards the work table. I also moved in front of her to try and divert her away as well. There was a time when I witnessed Malka destroying all of Kyles figurines because he pissed her off and I really didn want a repeat of that tragic day. (Well tragic for Kyle… I laughed my ass off at that time.)

”Hey Malka! Are you suddenly interested in our science project? I could tell you all about it if you would like! ” I tried to put my most charming smile on and I put my hand on her shoulder. A handsome smile and light contact is a powerful weapon Ive had to use in the past to distract female opponents.

(Works every time…)

…is what I thought, but Malka looked at my hand touching her shoulder and gave me the look of death. Her ice blue eyes narrowed and I could swear I saw blizzard brewing around her. ”Move. ” she only said a word but it was laced with clear killing intent. I felt a chill run up my spine.

But this wasn enough to phase me. My first attempt didn work, but Ive learned my lessons in the past. What do you do when you fail once? You either quit or double down…

Instead of backing off, I took a step forward and got in her comfort zone. While looking her directly in her eyes I said, ”I don want to~ ” a smirk plastered on my face.

Her eyes widened in surprise. In all the years shes known me, I have never stepped up to her. Malka took a step back unconsciously before realizing what she did. Her face went back to being cold before she turned on her heel, ”Whatever! You guys better not be doing anything illegal down here or else! ” She trudged out of the room leaving us to sigh in relief.

”*Whew!* Shes gone. Thank god! ” Kyle breathed out a breath of relief.

”Ya, shes gone. And we are lucky she didn Hulk smash our project to pieces. ” I sighed. ”Im going to take this home for safekeeping, just in case. ”

”Smart thinking! Just bring it back on Monday and we will finish it then! ”

”Alright, Its late. And I have a date tomorrow. Later! ” I waved my hand and left Kyles house after grabbing the Void Bracelet. The sun was setting and the sky was a bright orange. The shadows of the trees and houses began to darken the streets.

I noticed it again as I walked. The feeling of being watched. Ive been ignoring it and just kept my eyes open to see if they would make a move but so far nothing has happend.

I kept my walking pace as I headed toward my home. But instead of continuing to walk that direction I turned down an alleyway.

I walked into the alley and then stopped. ”I know you
e watching me. Come out so we can talk! ” I said loudly to no one in particular.

I waited for an answer. The silence was only broken by the sound of the wind and trees. Seconds ticked by and I was starting to wonder when I finally recieved an answer.

”Fufufu.. Figured you would have noticed me. ” A silky feminine voice rang out from nowhere.

(No… Not nowhere. its coming from the shadows!) I looked all around me but the voice was coming from what seemed all directions.

”Yeah, I noticed you. Who the hell are you?! ” I snarled. ”…And what do you think you know about me? ”

A few seconds passed before she answered, ”I know plenty. And Im disappointed you dont remember me… *sniffle sniffle* ” She made obviously fake crying sounds at the end of her sentence. (So annoying… But shes saying I know her? At this point in time I dont know anyone with abilities)

I stayed silent for a few seconds deep in thought before arriving at a conclusion. ”Oh my god… ”

”Kukuku It seems you remember now. ” She said mockingly. ”Didn you miss me? Didn you long me for me? Is your heart beating so fast right now because your happy to be with me again? ”

Sweat began to flood out of every one of my pores. (I gotta get away from this crazy bitch.) Thats the only thought I can even think at this moment. I took a few steps back but I can feel her killing intent grow with each step so I stopped nervously.

”How did you follow me?! You shouldn exist here! ” My agitation clear in my voice.

”~Fufufu~ you really want to know? Fine, Ill give you a hint… I hitched a ride with you. ”



”…what? ”

”Don worry my love. Soon Ill have a new body and we will be together forever❤ ” Shivers went up my spine as her presence disappeared.

(That crazy bitch must have learned a spell that allowed her to attach her soul to mine, so when I traveled here, she got pulled along with me. Thankfully, it sounds like she didnt get pulled into her current selfs body. Shes now a wandering soul that can do much in reality… Still scary as hell though.) I turned and resumed my walk home.

I had alot to think about and a dire need to gain strength as quickly as possible. Theres no telling when she would be able to assimilate with her current self. Unlike me who used technology to fuse my soul with my past self she doesnt have that luxury. which means… It will take time for her to attune her soul with its past self before a perfect union can take place.

I estimate approximately 2 months before she is able to get her body. I just have hasten my plans and try to avoid letting her know what Im up to. She will definitely know when Ive crossed over to Mythral. So until then she can find out about it as she may try to hinder my plans.

2 months… just 2 months is all I have. Ill now need to not only to get a working dimensional portal device built, but also use said portal device to enter a whole new world and get assistance from a foreign species that will definitely try to molest me. All of this to gain enough power to protect myself from future threats like my stalker yandere as well as other bastards and bitches that need to die. (Fuck…)

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